Best Standing Desk on Wheels (Stability + Mobility)

Standing desks are the new normal. That’s the long and short of it. As more of us become more health-conscious, and with worrying declarations from health experts such as the old adage ‘sitting is the new smoking’, there are more and more office workers turning to the standing desk. 

With so many different types of standing desks, it can become confusing to know just what you might be looking for. Do you go for a pneumatic vs electric standing desk? Perhaps you’re on the search for the best corner standing desk converter. Whatever sort of standing desk you are looking for, the health benefits are guaranteed. 

Those who are looking for more maneuverability will want to get hold of a standing desk on wheels, though. 

But where do you even start? A cursory glance will dredge up thousands of hits, so it can be daunting. That’s where we step in! 

Read on for our deep dive into the best standing desk on wheels currently available on the market.

Here’s a quick overview of our picks:

Make & ModelManeuverabilityWheelsWeight CapacityPrice
SDADI Mobile Standing Desk**4120lb$
Stand Up Desk Store Computer Workstation***4154lb$$$
Techni Mobili Laptop Cart***466lb$
Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Standing Desk****4154lb$$$
TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart**4133lb$$

The choices we’ve made here are based on extensive market research and a keen understanding of what to look for with a mobile standing desk. 

For example, we understand that if you need to move your desk, you’ll want something that can move easily and smoothly, but you also don’t want to compromise on stability.

Let’s take a look at the best standing desk on wheels and which one might be best for you.

Best Standing Desk On Wheels

1. SDADI Mobile Standing Desk

SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk Stand Up Desk Height Adjustable Home Office Desk with Standing and Seating 2 Modes 3.0 Edition, Dark Grain S001WFDT

First on our list is the SDADI Mobile Standing Desk, and one of the cheaper options out there today.

With four wheels featuring a locking system and two different levels of worktop, the SDADI Mobile Standing Desk is the perfect companion for desktop, laptop, or tablet computing and working.

Made out of long-lasting steel and MDF, it’s really well built and can be used by both men and women as it can be quickly adjusted to whatever height you might need it.

There’s even a handy hidden power cord holder at the front of the desk which means your worktop is clean and uncluttered.

SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk Stand Up Desk Height Adjustable Home Office Desk with Standing and Seating 2 Modes 3.0 Edition, Dark Grain S001WFDT

It may not have the same size capabilities as other mobile standing desks out there, but it is really friendly on the wallet, and with its dual worktops, you’ll quickly find that you have more than enough space to get whatever work you need to get done.

In addition, its small size means at the end of the day, you can tuck it away easily. It’s also a great standing desk option for shorter users


  • Easy to assemble
  • Low price point
  • Dual worktop


  • Wheels can be a little unstable
  • Quite small

2. Stand Up Desk Store Computer Workstation

Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Adjustable Height Two Tier Standing Desk Computer Workstation (Silver Frame/Black Top, 48" Wide)

The next computer desk on wheels on our list is the Stand Up Desk Store Computer Workstation, and it’s a bit of a beast.

It has all the bells and whistles you could ever want or need on a mobile standing desk and is ideal for people who might use a screen alongside a laptop.

With two tiers, meaning that you can have your keyboard and mouse on one and your screens on the other, there’s plenty of room to keep everything you might need for a hard day’s work.

The two tiers are, in fact, independently adjustable, making it one of the most ergonomic options.

It also comes in two different sizes – the 40-inch wide version and the 48-inch wide version. So however you work, and whatever you use day-to-day, you’ll find a size to fit you perfectly. The wheels come with locking brakes, too, giving you that bit of extra stability if you need it. 

If you use more than 1 screen in your work, you might want to consider some of the best triple monitor standing desks instead, just for that extra space.


  • Separate keyboard and monitor surfaces
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Maximum ergonomic adjustments available


  • The bottom shelf can get in the way
  • Not suited for computers that come with lots of cables
Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Adjustable Height Two Tier Standing Desk Computer Workstation (Silver Frame/Black Top, 48' Wide)
86 Reviews
Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Adjustable Height Two Tier Standing Desk Computer Workstation (Silver Frame/Black Top, 48" Wide)
  • Tool adjustable height lets you raise and lower the desk in 1" increments to find the perfect fit
  • Two-level design enables comfortable, ergonomic placement of keyboard, mouse, and monitors

3. Techni Mobili Laptop Cart

Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Mobile Medical Laptop Computer Cart, Black

If you’re on a budget and looking for a computer desk on wheels that still packs a punch, or you’re simply looking for a rolling standing desk that doesn’t take up loads of room, then you won’t need to look any further than the Techni Mobili Laptop Cart.

The minimalist, sleek design means it can slot right into any modern office, and not take up too much space at the same time.

Plus, with four smooth gliding wheels, with two of them being able to be locked into position, you’ll have some good stability wherever you might end up rolling to.

The height of the main desk platform is adjusted manually and can hit heights of 43 inches. 

If you’re in a role that requires lots of presentations, or you want to keep working while on the move – or if you’re at home, while making some food to eat in the kitchen – then this is the perfect mobile standing desk for you.

Because it’s smaller, it won’t get in the way, and with a collapsible height of 27 inches, it’s pretty easy to tuck away too.


  • Very reasonably-priced
  • Easy to move around
  • Small in size


  • Can feel quite unstable without a weight on the bottom shelf
  • Not quite as large as other mobile standing desks

4. Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height Rolling Standing Desk (Black Frame/Teak Top, 60" Wide)

Yes, we have another product from the Stand Up Desk Store – but they’re undoubtedly key players in the standing desk scene, and when it comes to the mobile standing desk, they know what they’re doing! And the Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Standing Desk is potentially a surefire winner.

Another manually adjusted computer desk on wheels, this standing desk has a huge working area, and cranks up to a height of 45.25 inches.

It takes about 40 seconds to get it from 29.5 inches to the full height of 45.25 inches – so not too bad at all, though if you are looking for something speedier, an electric standing desk is for you.

Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height Rolling Standing Desk (Black Frame/Teak Top, 60" Wide)

Aesthetics in the workplace can make all the difference, and the Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Standing Desk is a beautiful piece of designing.

When compared to the Luxor Standup Electric Desk, you’ll find it clears the floor with its size as well.

It’s available in a veritable rainbow of color schemes, and comes equipped with four smooth-gliding wheels with lockable features.

One of the taller rolling standing desks on our list, you may find that it still isn’t tall enough for you. If that’s the case, check out how you go about finding the best standing desk converters for tall people.


  • Huge working surface
  • Strong and sturdy, capable of safely holding any monitor
  • At least half the price of its electric equivalent


  • Takes some time to assemble
  • Not suitable for smaller workspaces

5. TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart

Mobile Standing Desk - TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart - Stand Up Media Podium - Height Adjustable Computer Cart

Space is often a premium, both at the office or home, and if you don’t want to compromise for a normal, sitting desk, then you’ll want to look at a smaller standing desk.

And if you want to keep things fresh and keep on the move, you’ll want to try and get hold of a smaller computer desk on wheels – and you’ll be hard-pressed to find better than the TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart

It’s height adjustable, and comes replete with several different shelves for storing anything from printers to notebooks.

It has a 2 tier system so that your mouse and keyboard are on one level and your monitor is on another, making it a fantastic ergonomic purchase, and features a large base shelf that is ideal for your printer or hard drives.

Mobile Standing Desk - TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart - Stand Up Media Podium - Height Adjustable Computer Cart

With four supremely smooth wheels, what makes it stand out from the crowd is the lifetime warranty that comes with any TechOrbits product.

Easy to adjust if you’re changing heights, and with a slick and simple design, the TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart is the ideal standing desk on wheels if you want to watch your space.

If you’re worried that a computer desk on wheels might lack stability, you’d be surprised – the wheels don’t cause any lack in stability, as the wheels on a rolling standing desk frequently come equipped with a locking system.

If storage is a key concern when it comes to your choice of standing desk, take a look at the best standing desk with storage for our rundown of the best standing desks that have storage for all your necessary items.


  • Small and compact
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Plenty of storage space


  • No brakes or locks on the wheels
  • Shelves can get in the way while moving

Best Standing Desk On Wheels – What To Look For

Every office needs desks for its employees. And as the world becomes more health conscious, standing desks are becoming more and more accepted.

They are ergonomic, and can really help you throughout the day, giving you more energy and less aches and pains – as long as you try out some of the best standing desk exercises too!

Some people may not want to just go for any old static standing desk, and that’s where a standing desk on wheels comes to the fore.

Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk with Dual Monitor Mount - 40 Inch Wide Height Adjustable Rolling Computer Workstation with Four Wheels,

The ability to move about your workspace can be really important, especially if you’re taking part in presentations and the like.

Don’t just plunge straight in and get any old rolling standing desk though – there are a few essential bits and pieces that you should look out for. If you’re in the market for a computer desk on wheels that’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, keep these following criteria in mind.

Lockable Wheels

It may sound like a no-brainer to have lockable wheels on your mobile standing desk, but there are some out there that don’t have lockable wheels.

Being able to lock the wheels of your rolling standing desk is really important, as it gives you a bit of extra, all-important stability to proceedings.

This is the very first thing you should bear in mind when looking around for standing desks on wheels.

VWINDESK 2 inch M8 15mm Threaded Locking Caster Wheels, Set of 4, Swivel, Polyurethane PU Swivel Ball Casters with 360 Degree Top Plate 220lb Total Capacity, Brake, Used for Standing Desk

The best standing desk on wheels will come with easily lockable wheels, often just a clip or something that slides over the wheel itself which will make sure it is secured into position. 

One big thing to look out for is the strength of the lock on the wheels. Some rolling standing desks may come with lockable wheels, but the lockable part often isn’t as strong as you’d want it to be, so if you can, give the lock a test to make sure it doesn’t move about too much. 

You may be able to also limit how much your computer desk on wheels moves by using an anti-fatigue mat for your standing desk as well.

Surface Space

Space is at a premium in our day and age, but this doesn’t mean you should cut back on important desk space.

A couple of the rolling standing desks we’ve mentioned in this article are a little smaller, which can be an ideal choice if you’re using a computer desk on wheels as your second desk, but on the whole, we’ve chosen standing desks on wheels with good surface area.

Similarly with the smaller standing desk on wheels, if you have to do lots of presentations, it can be much more convenient to just quickly wheel your podium over to the meeting room or wherever – but this convenience means you lose out on surface space.

Unlike a static office desk, you don’t have as much liberty to spread yourself out on a rolling standing desk, and every inch of space is important.

It’s not just space you need for your monitor, keyboard and mouse, but also space for your water bottle, any documents you might need, or anything you might put down and pick up in the space of a working day.

Under-desk Space & Storage Options

If you’re losing out on surface space, then you may want to make sure you have plenty of storage or shelving space below the desk. It’s really important to make sure you look out for the lower shelves in particular, because if you’re moving about a lot, we found that they can get in the way of your legs. 

Again, it’s another thing you should try and test out before taking the plunge into the world of the standing desk on wheels, as you don’t want to kick over anything you might have on this shelf, or even hurt yourself! 

Tangkula Mobile Standing Desk, Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation, Movable Computer Cart with 4 Rolling Wheels & Footrest, Suitable for Sitting or Standing (Oak)

If you’re on the search for a standing desk that has well-designed and appropriate storage options (though without wheels), then take a look at our rundown of the best standing desk with storage.

It could even give you a good idea of what constitutes suitable storage for a standing desk as well.


This is one of the biggest things to take note of when looking at which rolling standing desk could suit you.

You really don’t want to have all your possessions flying all over the place whenever you try to move your desk, after all.

Plus, the wheels can make the whole desk a bit more unstable too, so keep the stability of the desk in mind.

Often the heavier the desk, the more stable it is – the same as to if it’s a bigger desk. At the end of the day, though, all desks will feel much more stable once you’ve loaded up all your necessary bits and bobs onto them. Nonetheless, make sure you get yourself a sturdy and stable computer desk on wheels. 

Height Capability

This is potentially the most important piece of criteria to consider when looking at the best standing desk on wheels.

After all, getting a desk that isn’t tall enough for you completely defeats the point of the reasons for getting a standing desk. 

If you get a desk that isn’t tall enough, you won’t get any of the ergonomic benefits and could end up causing damage to yourself, and your posture will end up in bad shape.

Look carefully at all the details and digits on the standing desk, as sometimes you might see ‘48” standing desk’. More often than not, this is the surface area of the desk and not the height.

Many standing desks are adjustable, either electronically or manually, so if you’re not extremely tall, you’ll be able to adjust the desk to the perfect height.

For those of you that quite literally have your heads in the clouds, you might want to consider a desk converter for tall people!

Best Standing Desk On Wheels – Final Thoughts

There’s our rundown of the 6 best standing desks on wheels. We went through and found a price point to match everyone’s budget, and tried to make sure that all types of standing desk on wheels were represented.

After all, not everyone has room or the funds to get their hands on a 60” electric standing desk!

If we had to choose the very best of the best standing desk on wheels, we don’t think you can get much better than the Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Standing Desk.

It’s got the height, it’s got great surface area, it’s big enough to be rock solid and stable, and it is really easy to move – plus the wheels lock into place!

Are you thinking of getting a standing desk on wheels? Or do you already have one?

We’d love to hear about your experiences with standing desks on wheels, so please drop us a comment below!

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