Best Standing Desk with Storage: Top 5 Picks

Finding the best standing desk with storage will help you stay organized while reaping the health and productivity benefits of standing at work.

If this sounds like a good combination to you, but you’re not sure where to start or what’s out there on the market that’s specifically designed with better storage, this list should help.

Read on to learn about 5 of our top picks with the specifications, pros and cons you need to know before making a purchase decision.

Safco Products Muv 45″H Stand-Up Desk

Safco Products Muv 45"H Stand-Up Desk Fixed Height Computer Workstation with Keyboard Shelf, Cherry

The Safco Muv Stand-up desk is the first pick on our list that gives you the benefits of standing up while you work without sacrificing storage space and functionality. You can put a computer monitor on the top and hide the cables behind the sleek molded side panels.

Just below the keyboard shelf, you’ll be able to store your supplies and belongings on the two shelves under the keyboard shelf. Plus, four casters make your workstation very mobile.


These are the key specifications you should keep in mind.

  • The desk height adjusts from 35” to 49”.
  • The total dimensions of 29 ½” by 19 ¾ “ take up minimal space.
  • Muv has a steel frame for strength and sturdiness.
  • The desktop has a 75-pound capacity, and the shelves can hold 25 lbs. each.
  • The retractable keyboard can extend 9 ½ inches.
  • The entire desk weighs 58 lbs.

Main and Unique Features

The highly adjustable shelf design is the key to the Muv’s ability to provide precious storage space without compromising your freedom to work while standing. These shelves are large and robust enough to hold books or stacks of files. Because you can adjust the racks in 5-inch increments, you can place them in several configurations.

What are customers saying?

Many Muv customers express their health concerns about sitting too long at work, and unanimously, they believe that the Muv standing desk is the perfect solution. Many of them report relief from lower back pain.

Most in-home workers like to create space by rolling their Muv workstation into a coat closet at the end of the workday. Also, a large percentage of customers comment on the ease of assembly. It takes an average of one to two hours.


  • High quality and well-built structure: It can take some punishment.
  • Mobility: The four casters allow you to move it anywhere you desire quickly.
  • Accommodating: The desktop can hold a monitor and a laptop.
  • Sturdy: It won’t buckle under loads within the specified limits.


  • No cable management system: If you still use many wire connections, it could get messy.
  • Sharp edges on keyboard slide: It can strip the wire to your keyboard.

VIVO Black Mobile Height Adjustable Table Stand Up Desk

VIVO Black Mobile Height Adjustable Table Stand Up Desk with Storage, Computer Workstation Rolling Presentation Cart (CART-V02DB)

The VIVO Black Mobile Stand Up Desk makes a great work companion in your office, home, or any workspace. It excels in adaptability, mobility, and space management. With a dark brown wood laminate color, the four storage shelves complement most work environments.

Key Specifications

  • With a black frame of solid steel, the VIVO Stand-Up Desk has a total weight capacity of 132 lbs.
  • The MDF-made shelves have a 33 lb. weight limit.
  • The dimensions of the desk are 28” by 27.5”.
  • The core weight is 44 lbs.

Main and Unique Features

VIVO’s most notable feature is the height adjustment system. With a range between 37” to 54.5”, you can easily alter the height to your ideal standing position. If need be, you can lower it to an ergonomic sitting position.

The two locking casters on the bottom wheel make for a smooth transition from a stationary to a mobile desk.

Insights from Customer Reviews

Here are a few takeaways from customer reviews.

  • The VIVO lives up to its promises. It is sturdy, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room.
  • It is very adjustable, even for exceptionally tall or short people.
  • It moves very well.
  • With less than an hour setup time, assembly is easy.
  • Some customers report relief from back pain.


  • VIVO has a superb adjustable height feature.
  • It has an excellent design for maneuverability and mobility.
  • This desk is compatible with the surrounding work environment.
  • The sit/stand option is an added benefit.


  • If you add a load that’s slightly over the weight limit, this desk will get wobbly.
  • Some customers had problems with missing or damaged parts upon delivery.

Stand Steady Joy Desk | Modern Standing Workstation with Storage Cubbies

Stand Steady Joy Desk | Modern Standing Workstation with Storage Cubbies | Pretty Standing Desk w/Spacious Desktop | Multifunctional Table - Great for Home, Office & More (White Wood Grain / 48 x 42)

The Stand Steady Joy Desk has a smart, ergonomic design that is likely to brighten and enrich your workday. It is a multi-functional table that is suitable for the office and at home. It has a spacious desktop area and roomie cubby holes.

Key Specifications

The Stand Steady is slightly larger than other desks in the category. It appeals more to someone who works in the same area. Among its most notable specification are:

  • Its overall footprint is 46” length by 23” width.
  • Stand Steady has a weight capacity of sixty pounds.
  • The desktop height is 41.5”.
  • The overall dimensions are 47.25” by 23.75” width by 48” high.

Main and Unique Features

If you like to have your office accessories at your fingertips, you’ll love this standing desk. The three big cubby holes provide a convenient space to keep your essential work-related materials. Another great feature is the Stand Steady cable management system.

Stand Steady’s other notable features are:

  • Built-in monitor stand
  • Stylish metal legs
  • Grainy wood finish

Insights from Customer Reviews

The consensus among Stand Steady owners is the cubby holes and cord management makes this desk very efficient. Having the monitor on a raised shelf is another favorite. Many customers like the simplicity and stylishness of this desk.


  • Time-saving design: It helps keep you organized
  • Cute appearance: This disk has a cheery presence.
  • Easy one-person assembly: The instructions are straight forward.
  • Huge desktop space: A co-worker can join you without feeling cramped.


  • This desk can get wobbly when slightly overloaded.
  • Not mobile

FEZIBO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Stand Up Desk Workstation, Full Sit Stand Home Office Table with Programmable Preset Controller, Black Frame/Dark Rustic Brown Top

The FEZIBO is a very sleek, professional-looking standing chair that is height adjustable and spacious. You will be able to enjoy the health benefit of increasing blood flow while getting your work done. Its elegant design includes a desktop dominant work area and smart storage.

Key Specifications

Weighing 64.15 pounds, the FEZIBO consists of a black frame and a jet blacktop.

  • The desktop surface measures 48”x 24”.
  • It has a height range from 28” to 46”.
  • Strong steel legs support up to 176 lbs.

Main and Unique Features

The FEZIBO has an electronic high adjustment system. It comes with a quiet motor and a digital display handset with four preset memory choices. Plus, this system has anti-collision technology that helps prevent damage to chairs and people.

The storage system includes a drawer under the desktop, a hook for hanging bags, and a cable management hook.

Insights from Customer Reviews

Most customers rave about the aesthetic appearance of the FEZIBO and its exceptional performance. Many are impressed with the quietness and powerfulness of the electric motor for the height adjuster. Some have observed it has no trouble lifting a heavily loaded table.

Many FEZIBO owners appreciate the solid construction and attention to design details, especially the steel frame. They report an average assembly time of less than an hour.


  • The FEZIBO has excellent construction and appealing design.
  • The height adjustment technology is a prime feature.
  • Almost wobble proof under normal circumstances.
  • It has a vast working area with enough elbow room.


  • It comes without a manual and customer service is so so.
  • The power supply makes a slight humming sound.

Mount-It Mobile Stand Up Desk

Mount-It Mobile Stand Up Desk / Height Adjustable Computer Work Station Rolling Presentation Cart With Monitor Arm (MI-7942B), Black

If you are looking for a completely portable workstation, look at the Mount-It Stand Up Desk. It’s an excellent desk for fully functional, room to room work requirements. You can quickly raise and lower your work surface to comfortable sitting and standing positions.

The Mount-It has a tiny footprint that allows you to position it in almost any configuration. You can use it at trade-shows, factory settings, schools, manufacturing facilities, and presentation halls. Plus, it has some added features that make your Mount-It a helpful workmate.

Key Specifications

This sharp looking desk has high-grade steel framing with powder coating long-lasting and consistent performance. Along with the asset, the essential specifications that distinguish the Mount-It are:

  • The top two platforms are adjustable in a range from 37” to 54”.
  • The total size of the unit is 28” in width and 27 ½ ” in depth. These dimensions give it a tight rotation radius.
  • The Mount-It weighs a light 50 lbs.
  • It has a weight capacity of 132 lbs.

Main and Unique Features

Mount-It stands out from its competition with some unique features, such as:

  • A monitor mount that you can tilt, swivel and change its height
  • A pair of effortless height adjustment knobs with eleven locking intervals
  • 132 lbs. of massive load capacity
  • A locking wheelbase for smooth portability
  • It has a wide bottom shelf that’s good for printers, CPUs, and small to medium file folders.

Insights from Customer Reviews

Among users, the Mount-It gets high marks for functionality and height adjustment. Because of its portability, many customers use the desk as a multi-purpose piece of office furniture. Most appreciate its easy assembly and operation.


  • The Mount-It is highly versatile.
  • It has ample storage space
  • It is sturdy and reliable
  • This desk has a wide range of height adjustment.


  • The corner edges are a bit sharp.
  • There is no instruction on how to attach the monitor mount.

Buyer’s Guide

At this point, we will attempt to answer the primary questions you may have about shopping for a standing desk with storage. We hope these answers help you make your decision.

Features to Consider

While deciding which standing desk to buy, you must choose between two features, hand-cranked or electric-powered adjusting.

Your choice between these features will depend on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. For instance, if you plan to adjust your desk frequently or have multiple users, an electric-powered adjustable standing desk may be appropriate for you.

However, your situation may not be so cut and dry. Let’s look at some characteristics of each of these options to help you decide.

Hand-cranked standing desks:

  • Generally, take thirty to forty turns to get from top to bottom.
  • Are often difficult to find the right height for you.
  • Are subject to load balance issues.
  • Often lack the sitting option. Standing all day is healthy, but standing all day can get grueling.
  • Are simple to operate.
  • Cost less than an electric sit-stand desk

Electric sit-stand desks:

  • Are the more popular choices.
  • Allow you to go from sitting to standing with a push of a button.
  • Come with a memory height controller that saves your preset settings.
  • It can make slight noises from the electric motor or the power supply.
  • Cost about one hundred percent more on average.

What to Consider

Think about these features when searching for the best standing desk with storage for your needs.


The standing desk marketers attempt to incentivize standing desk shopper by offering such integrated accessories as:

  • A power strip: It gives you the ability to plug in multiple devices.
  • Cord management: This accessory solves the problem of tangled cords and cables.
  • A keyboard draw: With this add-on, you can clear up a lot of space.
  • Modesty panel: This accessory conceals the lower half of your body.
  • Computer storage: If your work requires a full-sized computer, this addition comes in handy.


Primarily, standing desks are available in industrial and contemporary styles, with a little variation in between. The availability of traditionally styled standing desks ranges from extremely rare to non-existent.

The Right Standing and Storage Desk Combo for You

Your choice of a healthy alternative to a sedentary work life depends on your specific needs. For instance, the FEZIBO Electric Adjustable Standing Chair would be an ideal tapered, professional-looking workhorse for you. The Mount-It Standing Desk makes a fine workstation.

On the other hand, you may be looking for the convenient and efficient storage that the Stand Steady Joy Standing Desk can give you. Regardless of your preference, this stand chair shopping roundup should help you make your workplace a healthier environment for you.

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