Best Standing Desk Converter for Tall People (Buyer’s Guide)

Updated August 2, 2022
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Standing Desk Converter

Bottom Line

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Editor's Favorite


  • Popular, sturdy unit that’s easy to set-up
  • Sleek modern styling for your home office
  • Smooth height adjustment for easy sit-to-stand transition


  • Some users feel the keyboard tray isn’t deep enough
  • Some customers have issues with stability and wobbliness on the keyboard tray


VariDesk Tall 40

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Runner Up


  • Vari is a top and trusted brand in the stand up desk market
  • Sturdy and durable unit designed specifically for taller customers
  • Cable management, added space and deep keyboard tray
  • Overall simple and reliable design


  • These models, made by VariDesk, are on the higher price side

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Best Standing Desk Converter for Tall People (Buyer’s Guide)

Sitting at a desk all day is bad for the back and can be even more uncomfortable for tall people that need more space. But there is a solution – a standing desk converter.

Most offices are kitted out with standard desks and chairs. It’s basically a one-size-fits-all approach to office furniture. Each person is different though, which is why it’s important to customize your workspace.

A standing desk converter designed with taller customers in mind is a great way to do this without having to completely change the office set up.

Best Standing Desk Converter for Tall People (Top 5 Picks)

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Keep on reading for the details of each desk followed by handy buyer’s guide to help you in your search.

G-Pack Pro

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This is an easy-to-use standing desk converter kit from G-Pack Pro, a manufacturer of modern office furniture and accessories.

It has an ergonomic design to improve comfort during the working day. It’s compact so you can use your workstation to its full potential. And it has a gas spring mechanism for adjusting the height.

In fact, this converter has 22 different height settings, so there shouldn’t be a problem with finding the right one for you.

Here’s a summary of the G-Pack Pro:

  • Can be adjusted up to 20.5”
  • Large 37” workspace to accommodate two monitors
  • Maximum weight capacity of 33lbs
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Silicone pads to protect desk surface
  • Removable ergonomic keyboard tray
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting a monitor
  • Built in tablet slot

The G-Pack Pro also promises a one-step assembly process for the kit, which makes it really easy to use.


  • Popular, sturdy unit that’s easy to set-up
  • Sleek modern styling for your home office
  • Smooth height adjustment for easy sit-to-stand transition


  • Some users feel the keyboard tray isn’t deep enough
  • Some customers have issues with stability and wobbliness on the keyboard tray

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FlexiSpot M7

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The M7 model by FlexiSpot is recommended for home offices, which is where most of us are now working.

This model is especially useful for people that use a monitor and a laptop. The M7 has a two-tier design, meaning your desk can be organised so that both screens can be viewed at all times. Or, you can use the handy lower tier for a keyboard.

With a gas spring mechanism to adjust the height (up to 19.7”), you can customize the way you work throughout the day.

For example, you can spend the morning sitting and the afternoon standing, or vice versa. The choice is yours.

Now for the full overview:

  • Adjustment range from 4.7” to 19.7” (from tabletop)
  • Top tier: 28.4″ W x 16.3″ D
  • Base tier: 28.4″ W x 12.1″ D
  • Weight capacity 33lbs
  • Single-handle operation
  • Removable keyboard tray

This is an easy-to-install standing desk converter that will suit most work stations.


  • Great desk-top converter for a home office
  • Easy to assemble and basic design for a reasonable price point
  • Sturdy unit with smooth gas height adjustment
  • Quick release keyboard tray with U-shaped design


  • Some customers complained of wobbliness and had a harder time lifting the unit to their desired height
  • Not as smooth or sturdy as the Varidesk perhaps (below), but a good deal if you need basic converter

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This ergonomic standing desk converter by FEZIBO has been designed so that two monitors can fit side by side on the workstation. If you need two computers for your work, this is a useful feature.

As with most standing desk converters, this model offers a range of positions and it can be easily adjusted throughout the day. Plus, it has a gas spring hovering system for smooth transitions between the height settings and a sturdy structure.

The FEZIBO specs:

  • Adjustable range from 5.3″ to 20.5″
  • Spacious work area: 36.2″ W x 15.7″ D
  • Weight capacity 37.5lbs
  • Fully collapsible for storage
  • Two-tier design for a monitor and laptop set up

With the FEZIBO model, you also get a 10-year warranty and friendly tech support.


  • Simple and sleek, budget-friendly standing desk converter
  • Easy to set up
  • Spacious work area for multiple monitors


  • The biggest complaint with this unit is that it can be hard to lift. If yours comes with a faulty gas height adjustment mechanism, be sure to contact the manufacturer

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VariDesk Tall 40

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Vari is a US manufacturer of flexible office solutions based in Texas. It’s a well-known brand for making quality products and is committed to making the office a more comfortable place to work.

The VariDesk Tall 40 is designed specifically for taller people (hence the name). It has a simple structure, which means it can be taken out of the box and placed on a desk. Ready for you to start work.

It has a heavy weighted base and it’s made from quality materials that are UL certified to BIFMA standards. The result is a strong and sturdy desk converter that won’t wobble or shake with different height settings.

Plus, with Vari you get a 30-day risk-free guarantee and a five-year warranty.

Here are the specs:

  • Suitable for people up to 6ft 1in tall
  • Rowing lift raising mechanism
  • Can fit two monitors
  • Weight capacity 35lbs
  • Work area: 40” W x 28” D
  • No assembly needed

For taller people, this is a great option for converting a regular desk into a standing workspace.


  • Vari is a top and trusted brand in the stand up desk market
  • Sturdy and durable unit designed specifically for taller customers
  • Cable management, added space and deep keyboard tray
  • Overall simple and reliable design


  • These models, made by VariDesk, are on the higher price side (but you get what you pay for )
  • This unit is large. If you have a simple monitor and keyboard set up with no need for additional space, you might be better off with a smaller, less expensive VariDesk alternative that still meets your height requirements.

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The ABOX is an electric-powered standing desk converter. As a result, you can adjust the platform with the push of a button and watch it glide into position. No manual adjustments needed.

As with the other models, it has been ergonomically designed and has several different height settings. It also has a curved removeable keyboard and a charging port for a phone, tablet or laptop.

In a nutshell, it’s the most high-tech standing desk converter on the list.

Here is the overview:

  • Weight capacity (table) 44lbs
  • Weight capacity (keyboard) 4.4lbs
  • Dimensions: 33.5” W x 20” D
  • Keyboard tray dimensions: 32.3” W x 12.4” D
  • Height adjustment: 5.9” to 19.6”
  • Rising time: 16 seconds
  • Falling time: 14 seconds

The only downside with the ABOX is the need for an electrical connection. But for ease-of-use, this is a minor inconvenience.


  • The ABOX has some cool features: charging port, anti-slip base, and powered height adjustment
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Sturdy, durable and reliable unit for a reasonable price


  • If you prefer a manual lift converter, without the added expense and complexity of an automated unit, look at other options

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Benefits of a standing desk converter

There are many health benefits to using a standing desk instead of a regular seated desk.

The biggest, and most obvious, is a reduction in back pain. Sitting all day can lead to bad posture and pressure on the disks in the spine. It can also result in neck and shoulder pain, as well as problems with hips and legs.

Next, sitting all day can lead to fatigue through a lack of movement. Plus, inactive people are more prone to other health issues like cardiovascular diseases.

Note: In this post we’re talking about standing desk “converters”. This differs from the height adjustable desk units, such as the Jarvis and UPLIFT desks.  

How a Standing Desk Converter Works

person using a standing desk converter

With a standing desk converter, you have the ability to smoothly transition from sitting to standing. The two-tier platform simply rises with you, taking your monitor, keyboard, and mouse up to your preferred standing height.

From here, you can adjust the angle of the monitor to get the alignment just right and use your keyboard and mouse while maintaining good posture. You can even do some standing desk exercises to get more out of this new working position.

To engage the height adjustment, there are typically two levers underneath the top desk portion. Just squeeze these and rise-up.

For me, personally, adding a converter to my workstation was a game changer.

It allowed me to combine the benefits of a quality ergonomic office chair with actual movement. When I feel the need, I get up and stand for a while. When it’s time to relax, I sit back down. Pretty simple transition, but my energy levels and productivity have improved dramatically.

What makes a good standing desk converter?

Height Range

Well, this post obviously focuses on finding the best standing desk converter for tall people.

So, the first thing we look at is the height adjustment range.

You’ll want something that adjusts to a height close to 20” from the surface of a standard desk, as with most of the units we’ve included in this guide.


Second, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room on the desk for your stuff, including your monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, notebooks, etc.

Keep these space requirements in mind, especially if you use dual monitors for your work or extra-wide computer screens, fancy gaming keyboard that are a little wider and deeper than normal, or external speakers.

Agreatca Stand up Desk Converter 32 Inches | Sit to Stand Desk Riser Computer Workstation Height Adjustable with Keyboard Tray for Laptop and Monitor, White

Check the reviews and dimensions to make sure it will have enough room for your equipment.

Note: Be sure to check if the model comes in different widths depending on your needs (i.e. 28”, 32”, 35”, 42”).


The base of the converter needs to be even, sturdy and solid for both the weight of the monitor and equipment, as well as the weight of our hands when typing and using the mouse.

When you use a standing desk converter, the keyboard usually sits on a separate tray beneath the top desk surface.

Since it hangs by brackets below the main supports, in some cases, the keyboard tray is more susceptible to wobbliness.

So, we want a converter that is stable on all levels, from the monitor down to the keyboard.

You don’t want a shaky surface when you’re hammering away on those keys. Make sure you check the weight capacity of the unit (i.e. look for over 30lbs) and the customer reviews.

Height Adjustment and Transition

Since you’ll be using this to move from a sitting to standing position, sometimes frequently throughout the day, you want to make sure the lifting process is smooth and easy.

This is especially true for converters designed for taller customers.

FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter | 35 inch Stand Up Desk Riser, Black Home Office Desk Workstation for Dual Monitors and Laptop (M8MB)

Lifting the unit from your desk to your desired working height should be almost effortless.

For this reason, the best standing desk converters are designed with a sturdy, smooth and reliable adjustment mechanism (usually a pneumatic gas spring adjuster) so you can move freely between sitting and standing positions.

A good lifting mechanism also means you can make smaller tweaks to find your optimal standing height depending on posture and added components (like an anti-fatigue desk mat that adds a couple inches).

Note: Most lifting mechanisms are manual, but some are electric. With an electric height adjustment, you can simply push a button to raise or lower the unit. See the Abox below for an example.

Size Relative to Desk Space

We already mentioned the size for fitting your monitor and desk accessories. But you also need to consider the size as it relates to where the converter will be positioned. This needs to fit squarely on your office desk, table or other work surface. So, make sure the converter dimensions will fit within the surface area.

Also, if you have an oddly shaped desks (i.e. corner unit) you can find converters that are either specifically designed to fit in these spaces.

Added Features

In addition to the physical benefits of adding a converter to your existing desktop, some of  these units also come with cool added features like phone holders and charging stations, powered height adjustment, and cable management.

You can also strip away these added features and get a simple, sturdy unit that meets the height requirements for tall people. . .  for a little less money. It depends on user preference.

Other features to look at include ergonomic design elements (i.e. curved keyboard tray allowing for a more upright posture), non-slip and non-marking features (i.e. rubber on the “feet” of the unit), and easy installation or pre-assembly.


Since your adding a piece to your current set-up, make sure you verify the color of the unit.

Mostly likely, you’ll want something that’s consistent with the color of your desk or styling of your home office.

You can find most standing desk converters in black and white, and some are also available in wood veneers like mahogany.

Just make sure it’s the right look for your workspace.

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So, now you know why a standing desk converter can be good for your health and how it can improve your workspace. Especially for tall people that need extra room.

Being able to stand can really make a difference to the working day and a converter allows you to have the best of both worlds. The option to sit and stand.

For that reason alone, it’s worth investing in a standing desk converter.

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