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5 Best Foldable Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs tend to have plush features, like extra padding and support, that make them perfect for longer sessions at the computer. It also makes them bulky, and not all of us have the right amount of space to cram in another large piece of office furniture.

Foldable gaming chairs allow for the best of both worlds. Although designed differently, and lacking some of the flashy race car styling found in standard gaming chairs, these stashable alternatives offer a comfortable space-saving option for those of us gaming in tighter spaces.

Luckily, there are many choices out there. And to save you some time, we’ve taken to the market to find the five best folding gaming chairs for your continued gameplay success.

Following that, we’ve provided a brief summary of the factors to take into consideration when choosing the best chair for you.

In a hurry? Our Top 3 Picks:

Best Foldable Gaming Chairs


X Rocker Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Rocking Video Gaming Floor Chair

X Rocker, 5172601, Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Video Gaming Floor Chair with Bonded Faux Leather and Mesh Upholstery, 36.81 x 32.28 x 20.89, Black with Red

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The X-Rocker Surge is a gamer’s dream chair. It’s marketed at teens, but the appeal doesn’t stop at age 19. This chair has the bells, the whistles, and probably a few klaxons, too. For such a compact seat, it contains a startling number of mod cons.

What earns it a spot on this list is the ease with which you can fold it forward and stow it on its side (control panel facing up, of course).

It’s hefty, which is important because you don’t want to pull it over with you if you lean heavily while playing, but surprisingly compact given that it can support a 275 lb adult.

In its unfolded state, it’s 36.8 inches (93.47 cm) long, 32.2 inches (81.79 cm) wide, and 20.9 inches (53.09 cm) high. It won’t take up too much space when packed away.

Now let’s talk about the makeup of the chair. The rocker chair separates your gamer’s rear from the floor with a generous supply of plush cushioning.

The back is high enough to deflect those involuntary backward lunges, and the design is ergonomic, providing just enough support at the small of the back when you’re upright.

If you’re a fan of role-player games, then there is a great deal of sitting around to be done while other characters launch into informative monologues. This is a good seat to rest in while you contemplate your next move.

It provides its very own sound experience with two forward-facing speakers and a powerful subwoofer for that realistic sensation of impending threat.

The X-Rocker surge houses an inbuilt wireless Bluetooth receiver, like the GTRacing chair, but also the connectivity options of the RCA outputs and the headphone jack.

It’s compatible with nearly all gaming devices and systems (like Nintendo, XBox 360, PS4, PSP Vita, Wii U), and also just about every form of gadget capable of transmitting audio; think smartphones and tablets, TV, CDs, Blu-Ray and standard DVDs, and even MP3 players.

Even cooler, it can link up with other X-rocker chairs in multiplayer mode. This is a popularity chair.


  • Easy assembly and folds neatly
  • Crammed with novelty value
  • Excellent value for money
  • Comfortable for extended playing


  • It’s tried to be a little too futuristic: there are still a great many people using systems which depend upon HDMI leads for connectivity, and it’s surprising that they will need to use an adaptor with this chair
X Rocker, 5172601, Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Video Gaming Floor Chair with Bonded Faux Leather and Mesh Upholstery, 36.81 x 32.28 x 20.89, Black with Red
  • ROCKER GAMING CHAIR WITH SPEAKERS: Video gaming, race seat designed chair can be used for playing video games, watching movies and TV, listening to music, reading, and relaxing.
  • IMMERSIVE MEDIA EXPERIENCE: 2 forward facing speakers with powerful subwoofer, provide great sound and a low rumble intensifying your game, movie, or music


Playseat Challenge Racing Video Game Chair

Playseat® Challenge Black | Popular foldable budget racing chair | Set up in several seconds| Unique foldable design| Seat is very compact, stable and adjustable

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This chair is very specifically designed for racing fiends. Whether Forza is your passion or Grand Theft Auto is more your speed, this is a dream seat to which you attach your pedal set and steering wheel.

If taking corners at 120mph is not your idea of a good time, then you might want to hop to the next recommendation on this list.

At first appearance, the Playseat looks like an adapted deckchair with a complicated and extended frame.

But this is no modified deckchair. Deckchairs do not have front-pivoting supports upon which you can set up your wheel (and swing it out of the way when you have to answer that pesky doorbell). They do not have support racks to which you can fix your pedal kit.

Do you have to assemble this yourself? Yes. But the assembly instructions and color-coded material tabs make this a quick and easy job. You put together the lightweight, powder-coated, fully adjustable steel framework, and then snap the nylon mesh seating fabric into place. It’s fully adjustable for a generous range of heights.

Our one note of caution is to be skeptical about the extremes of size which this chair will reportedly accommodate; it’s recommended for 14 years and above, for people of 4’ to 7’ tall, and up to 200lbs.

Quite honestly, there won’t be many gamers of 6’4” and over who are lighter than 200lb, or 14-year-olds under 5 feet tall. If you are of an atypical height, we would just advise you to seek opinions from others who have bought this chair to ask about the comfort levels if you’re working through a championship.

You might want to divide your time between game customization and racing until you get used to the seat.

There are so many bits of kit you can lock onto this chair. The Playseat supports 3rd party wheel and pedal sets from Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and MadCatz. It’s also compatible with your PC, Playstations 3 and 4, XBoxes 1 and 360.

In terms of its folding power, the mechanics of the frame are pure genius; not only can you fold it virtually flat and tuck it under a tall bed or in a corner, but you can actually fold it up with your pedal and wheel still attached.

Yes, you’ll need to remove the power leads, but it’s otherwise ready to roll for your next F12020 outing.


  • Designed by a racing game enthusiast
  • And given the thumbs-up by F1 racing teams in training
  • Highly compact
  • Quick and easy to assemble


  • The Price: while excellent value for money, it’s the dearest on this list by a considerable margin
  • May grow uncomfortable for some


Best Choice Products 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair

Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair 360 Degree Multipurpose Floor Chair Rocker for TV, Reading, Playing Video Games w/Lumbar Support, Armrest Handles, Adjustable Foldable Backrest - Blue/Beige

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This swivel chair is in what is known as the ‘pedestal’ chair category, which is essentially a mounted rocker seat with arms. Before we talk product specifics, there are a couple of bonuses of this design right off the bat.

First off, you’re a little higher up off the floor, which is a distinct advantage if your screen is set at a 2’ height or so.

Secondly, there is nothing much more rewarding than having a quick spin when you’ve defeated your foe and finally cracked through to the next stage of the game.

It’s essentially a budget version of a more expensive item. Okay, it does not come with the technological connectivity features of an X-Rocker (no light, sound, etc.). However, it’s like having a pet throne, which is awesome for a gamer. So, let’s look at the details of this seat.

There are three reclining positions in the ergonomically designed backrest. You can sit, retreat or recline, depending upon your stretchiness (and angle of the sun on your screen).

The backrest is ergonomically designed with an adjustable cushion for lumbar support. It does, of course, spin the full 360 degrees. Sometimes a little fist bump of victory is not enough.

It’s easy to clean with removable polyester covers. The armrests feature wraparound foam padding, which is gentle both on your elbows and forearms, and on your ribs (if you’re a leaner).

If you’re a serious leaner, you’ll be pleased to see how broad the base of this seat is; it’s designed for reliable balance so there is very little chance of tipping this over sideways even in your more excitable moments.

This seat compresses easily for storage. The back-cushion folds forwards onto the padded seat, and the whole weight is 17lbs, so it’s easy to carry using the arm rests as handles. Though light, it can take up to 287lbs in weight.

You can choose between three color schemes for your gaming decor: white/blue; dark and light gray, or red and black.


  • Great design for end-of-stage celebrations
  • Sturdy and stable for big leans
  • Off the floor but still comfortable for driving game gear
  • Accommodates a heavier weight than many competitors in the folding chair market
  • Good value for money


  • The padding foam wasn’t considered particularly durable for some customers
  • Though the seat depth is great for tall players, it could do with a waterfall edge or a little more padding across the front bar
Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair 360 Degree Multipurpose Floor Chair Rocker for TV, Reading, Playing Video Games w/Lumbar Support, Armrest Handles, Adjustable Foldable Backrest - Blue/Beige
  • MULTIPLE ADJUSTABLE POSITIONS: Enhance your experience with six different positions so you can sit, relax, recline, and more on a stylish piece with adjustable back cushion for lumbar support
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Experience your favorite shows, games, or books with the added support of padded armrests that double as handlebars for easy transport

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair – Padded Gaming Chair

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair - Pillow Gaming Chair - Comfortable Back Support - Cushion Dorm Rocker - Comfy for Reading Game Meditating - Fully Assembled - Eggplant

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The Birdrock chair essentially works like a plush mattress built into a steel frame. The frame operates like a fabric-and-steel sun lounger, the upright section operating on a ratchet system so that you can achieve the perfect slothing angle.

To release the ratchet and push the seat flat, you have to double it all the way over and then return the leading edge to the floor. You can fix this seat into 14 positions according to your lounging needs. For gaming, you might want to sit at 110°.

You can recline more to read, or go 160° back to catch up with a YouTube walkthrough video on your iPad (balancing it on your tum) when a particular round on your game is driving you a little nutsy.

These super-light seats (10lb!) are so comfortable, particularly for players of racing games which involve steering wheel controls. The base seat is around 6” thick, filled with high-quality, chopped memory foam. The outer fabric is soft, making any floor a pleasure to sit on. Come to think of it, it’s also perfect for jigsaws spread out on low coffee tables.

A really appealing aspect of this seat is that there is no assembly required whatsoever. You take it from the box, figure out your perfect angle, and begin your gaming. That’s all. In terms of storage it can be opened out to a full 180° and slid under the bed, or doubled over, and then propped against a wall.

It’s a dream seat for games which involve extended watching and learning as well as actual playing.


  • Light and portable
  • Ready to use on delivery
  • Inexpensive in comparison to racer-style/office seats
  • Easy storage
  • Creates comfort at ground level, making it suitable not just for gaming but many other past times too


  • The fabric isn’t exactly wipe-clean
  • No technical game-focused features (sound, light etc.)
  • There is little head and neck support
BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair - Pillow Gaming Chair - Comfortable Back Support - Cushion Dorm Rocker - Comfy for Reading Game Meditating - Fully Assembled - Eggplant
2,754 Reviews
BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair - Pillow Gaming Chair - Comfortable Back Support - Cushion Dorm Rocker - Comfy for Reading Game Meditating - Fully Assembled - Eggplant
  • COMFORTABLE: designed with high quality chopped memory foam and soft plush fabric to give a comfortable seat on any floor. The memory foam conforms to your body giving you a perfect seat. Provides back support when sitting on the floor.
  • ADJUSTABLE: easily adjust the floor into 14 different positions allowing you to lay the chair flat to take a nap, lounge to watch your favorite movie or use at 90 degrees to play board games

Zenithen’s Gray Hexagon Folding Dish Chair

Zenithen Limited Hexagon Folding Dish Chair, Gray Corduroy - Pack of 1

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When you’re done with gaming for the day, you can take this chair out into the yard, or onto a rear balcony. You can even take it camping with you. It’s truly a universal chair which happens to be comfortable for gaming and easy to stow away.

It couldn’t be a simpler thing: a folded, cushioned chair which provides good lower back support at a gentle incline so that you can lean back from the screen and conquer your game in comfort.

In terms of aesthetics, the design is gently perennial rather than fashionable. The gray shade is unlikely to clash with your decor, but you can also buy it in: blue, teal, green, plum, black, dark pink, brown, or navy blue. The fabric is wide wale corduroy. This fabric has its distinct advantages for gamers.

Although it’s not wipe-clean (like high-quality faux leather), it is way more breathable in hot weather, which is good news if you’re working your way through a game to keep out of the sun. Like denim, it can fade a little in the sun.

That said, the natural oils that the upholstery picks up gives the fabric a lustrous sheen instead of making it look grim, which is a very good thing considering the amount of sweat involved in getting through just one round of Evil Dead.

The frame is made from a lightweight alloy steel, so it’s exceptionally robust for its weight (10lbs), taking up to 225lbs capacity. The seating area is generous, just a little under 35.41 inches (89.94 cm) wide when you take into account the depth of the arms. The width gives the seat more stability, which is handy if you’re one of those very physical players who moves around in the seat a lot.

It’s nicely padded, too. Although feedback about the comfort is enthusiastic, we would caution taller players (6’3” and over) that there is no waterfall edge over the front of the seat.

Although the seat is pretty deep, you may eventually feel the pressure of the front bar behind your knees.

Some customers have taken up the ‘pairing’ recommendation of this seat with this little footstool. The one we’ve linked is cute, inexpensive, and has storage capacity for controllers and game discs. Even with the footstool, the total cost is a shade under $100.


  • Comfortable for long sessions
  • Light and portable
  • Compact
  • Fits any room
  • Inexpensive: you could buy 2 for siblings


  • Even the black fabric version doesn’t scream ‘SERIOUS GAMER’, which might be an issue if ambience is critical to your performance
  • There is no upper back or neck support
Zenithen Limited Hexagon Folding Dish Chair, Gray Corduroy - Pack of 1
  • You will receive 1 chair per order, and it measures 28" x 32.5" x 35"
  • Foldable dish chair is easy to transport and rearrange in your room

Best Foldable Gaming Chairs Buying Guide

In the interests of saving you from experimental frustration, time and money, here’s a few things to take into account when balancing the benefits and snags of the various foldable gaming seats on offer. This is a brisk list to help you with your own pros and cons debate with each seat that takes your fancy.

Chair Size and Dimensions

At the risk of being somewhat personal, how tall and heavy are you? Do take the time to check out the dimension of the product with particular regard to the depth of the seat. If climbing off the floor is not a job of joy for you, then perhaps focus on the rocker or pedestal seats with armrests. They can at least give you a little forward momentum as you rise from your throne.

What’s Your Budget?

The most universal seats are the least expensive, generally speaking. You could still buy two multi-purpose, robust, padded bucket-style folding chairs and alternate their use for the price of a dedicated rocker seat.

If you’re sharing funds, then it’s easier to sell the wider use of these to whoever’s supporting your bank balance.

The Comfort Factor

If you have a cool room with reliable air con then you probably don’t have to worry quite so much about the upholstery.

Just take into account that a lot of the rocking game chairs come with a leather/faux-leather covering which can stick to you after a while. Not comfortable.

For hotter climates, look at coverings largely composed of breathable mesh, or natural fabrics. Also check out the nature of the padding in the seat. Cold foam or memory foams are the best for extended game play.

Back Support

Yes, this is a comfort issue, but for some it’s a serious health issue. Check for lumbar support. Figure out whether you can hold your own weight upright comfortably with good lower back support. If so, you have a wider range of options.

If not, check the dimensions of the upright portion of the seat and make sure it is high enough to support your upper back or shoulders. You ideally want a chair back that’s high enough that you can keep full contact.


Will you have to put this together yourself? Are you happy about this if that’s what’s required? If not, don’t write this option off. Just plan well: bribe a friend and win their assistance. Then turn the construction of your seat into game day.

The Need for Armrests

These can greatly enhance your comfort if you’re an RPG player who’s not so mobile while playing, but they could be a little restrictive for racing games. Have a think about the games you play the most, and how much you move around.

Consider whether your folding gaming chair should have adjustable armrests. If so, some armrests are just height adjustable, while others also include the ability to adjust the width, angle and rotation of each armrest independently.

This should have a strong bearing on the seat which is best for you.

Dedicated Gaming Features

Finally, decide how important the specific game-enhancement features are to you. If you’re buying a seat to connect more directly into the game’s ambience, then do a wider X-rocker search for foldable versions which feature sound and Bluetooth receiver capacity. There are several others beyond the make suggested.

Finally, make sure you choose something which is going to make you proud to look at, even when you can only see the corner of it tucked under the bed.


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