Best White Leather Office Chair for a Stylish Workspace

The focus of this guide is to help you find a white leather office chair that matches your style, budget and comfort needs.

We’ve looked at some of the best models out there and have compiled a list of 5 of our favorites.

If this is the look you’re going for, we think this post will give you some great ideas.

In a hurry? Here’s a summary of our favorites:

Why Choose a White Leather Office Chair?

Yaheetech White Desk Chairs with Wheels/Armrests Modern PU Leather Office Chair Midback Adjustable Home Computer Executive Chair on Wheels 360° Swivel

This is a specific style of chair, so there must be a good reason why you’re searching for one. While color and material are important, you must also make sure that the chair’s ergonomics and comfort level meets your needs.

Along with that, here are some other reasons you might want to look at a white leather office chair to spruce up your home office environment:

Leather as a Material

Most chairs in this category will be upholstered in a faux or PU leather. This is a durable, attractive, comfortable and less-expensive type of leather often found with chairs of different colors.

For example, many gaming chairs, which can come in vibrant colors such as red and black, purple, pink and more, are made with PU leather.

In fact, a white office chair made from this material, with the right comforts and ergonomic design features, can easily double as a high-quality gaming chair.

The faux leather is much easier to clean too. This is especially important when purchasing a white leather office chair which, as we all know, will show marks, stains and wear more than a darker fabric color.

All About the Style

A white office chair evokes a modern and minimal style. This might work well in a home office space where you’re trying to keep the colors basic and monotone, or where you’re trying to create some contrast with the darker accent colors in the room.

Either way, it’s a striking color for office furniture that is much less common than the standard black mesh office chair found in most office spaces. It can also match really well with a white office desk or standing desk converter, and a white laptop or computer monitor. Keeping it clean and modern might just inspire you to do better work!

We also find that white faux leather blends reality well with other office chair materials. For example, many of the chairs featured on this list, and others you’ll come across when researching these styles, include a chrome base and/or frame.

You Still Have Many Options

As you’ll notice in this post, even though the color and material choice is unique, there are still a range of chair styles available with your desired white leather aesthetic.

For example, you can find a nice ergonomic mid-back task chair, an executive office chair design with more cushioning and higher back rest support, a minimal and budget-friendly white leather office chair, and pretty much any other style out there on the chair market.

5 White Leather Office Chairs We Love

After looking at dozens of chair options on the market, we’ve curated a list of 5 great white leather computer chairs.

We base our selections on several criteria, including customer reviews, material quality and ergonomic features, and our own personal preferences when it comes to finding chairs with sufficient comfort, quality workmanship and support, and modern styling for home offices.

1. AmazonBasics Leather Padded Chair

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The AmazonBasics padded swivel office chair is the first pick on the list. Not necessarily because it’s the best of the bunch. Rather, we think this is a great starter chair for someone who is looking for a small and budget friendly white leather desk chair.

This chair has basic adjustability options, including a standard pneumatic height adjuster and the ability to adjust the tilt angle of the chair back. It also includes a standard 360 degree swivel 5-star base that’s durable enough for most office users, with smooth casters for multi-tasking and mobility

Like all chairs in this list, the AmazonBasics model is upholstered in PU leather that’s easy to clean and comfortable.

The stated dimensions of this chair are 24.2 x 34.8 x 38.6 inches (L x W x H). Keep in mind that this is a smaller chair, with a backrest that is only 19 inches high. The chair weighs 26.5 lbs, so it is relatively lightweight and easily portable.

This chair lacks some of the additional ergonomic features we usually like to see, such as seat tilt or depth adjustment, integrated or adjustable lumbar support, and adjustable armrests.

However, for a less expensive chair that is small enough for tight office spaces at home, this offers the looks of a sleek white leather computer chair with the basic comfort and support you need for a day’s work.


  • Small chair that will work will in tight office spaces.
  • Less expensive but includes the basic ergonomic and comfort features you need.
  • Nice looking, soft and easy to clean faux leather upholstery.


  • A basic chair with a shorter backrest. This might not satisfy the comfort and ergonomic support needs of larger customers or those using the chair for long periods at the desk.

2. Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel Chair

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The Alera Neratoli white leather desk chair is made with comfortable, dense padding and offers a chic modern style.

This chair has a well-designed waterfall seat edge. This feature will reduce pain and pressure beneath your thigh when sitting for long periods of time. It provides more comfort, and improves your circulation.

The Alera is upholstered in a stain resistant faux leather fabric. One of the main advantages of faux leather on white office chairs is that it is easy to clean. With the stain resistance, and lower cost than genuine leather, this is a nice plus. And it doesn’t take away from the modern looks.

This model also comes with padded armrests. This is a nice feature to find, especially on modern office chairs that typically focus on style over comforts, as it will reduce arm fatigue over long periods when you’re typing at the desk.

Like a few other options on this list, the Alera also has a chrome metal base, which provides a very nice, shiny and clean aesthetic, along with stability and durability.

The Alera offers some basic adjustment options, including height adjustment, tilt angle and tilt tension.

The stated dimensions of this chair are 34.84 x 15.94 x 25.79. It weighs in at 47.3 lbs when fully assembled, which is a little on the heavy side.

The weight capacity is 250 lbs. This is average, and not nearly enough for many customers who seek stylish chairs like this with the support and stability found in high-quality big and tall office chairs.

While we really like the looks and general comfort level of this chair, the Alera is lacking in some areas to take note of.

For example, while we appreciate the padded armrests, they are still fixed to the frame of the chair. Without the ability to adjust, fold up, or otherwise remove them, you can only hope that the height and placement is suitable for you and your office space.

This is a minimalist chair for the most part. So you’re also not getting some of the thickened padding that you might find in a good leather executive chair, nor the lumbar or neck support other chairs offer.


  • Nice sleek and modern look that will look very nice in a home office.
  • Soft and durable padding covered in stain-resistant white leather.
  • Soft padded armrests for increased comfort throuhgout the day.
  • Appealing chome base and frame.


  • The Alera Neratoli is a minimal chair, so don’t expect the full scope of ergonomic adjustability options.
  • Fixed armrests might not be the right height or depth for some users of this chair.
  • At just under 50 lbs, this chair might be a little heavy to move around for some.

3. Flash Furniture Executive Style Leather Office Chair

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The Flash high-back model is made with soft PU leather with ample padding throughout the entire design, including on the armrests.

This chair has a unique style, and even the frame and base of the chair is white. Specifically, the base is constructed with durable white nylon.

The Flash High-Back Executive Office Chair has basic adjustability options, including pneumatic height adjustment, tilt lock and tilt tension adjusters.

It also offers a unique fold-up armrest feature. This is great when want to create some extra room on the chair or slide it under the desk in a tighter working space.

The Flash has a high back chair design. This allows for full contact with the backrest while working, which is one of the main principles of ergonomic design for better work posture. It provides both upper back and neck support throughout the day.

This chair also has thickened padding and contoured lumbar support. This will help reduce pain and fatigue in your lower back when sitting for longer periods.

The cushion is made with thick 3” padding. Combined with a nice waterfall edge design, this will increase comfort and reduce soreness during the day.

The stated dimensions of the Flash High-Back model are 30” (L) x 28” (W) x 48” (H). The seat weighs in at 38 lbs.

What’s also cool about this chair is that it can easily double as a slick white leather gaming chair. This is due to the full back design and thick cushions, plus the foldable armrests, which can come in very handy during certain gaming situations.

The casters are made from a rubber that rolls smoothly on hard surfaces, such as hard wood floors. However, if you have this chair on carpet, you might want to look for replacement casters.


  • Comfortable executive office chair design with stylish white frame and base.
  • Unique design features such as foldable armrests and smooth rolling casters.
  • This Flash has nice contrast accents, including black insets on the chair and base.


  • The armrests, while foldable, are not adjustable in terms of height or angle.
  • Some long term users of this chair are not happy about the padding, as it can wear out over time.

4. Orveay Leather Mid-Back Office Chair

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The Orveay white leather office chair features a nice ergonomic frame design, high weight capacity and smooth rolling casters.

One thing that owners of this chair love is the quick assembly time. In most cases, using just the tools included in the package, you’ll have this chair assembled and ready in 15 to 20 minutes.

The Orveay also features some unique design elements. First, there are the downward sloped armrests. These are ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on the arms when sitting in the chair.

Also, the sides of the backrest and seat, which are upholstered in a white bonded leather material that’s durable and easy to clean, are covered in a perforated mesh like fabric. This gives the chair a modern and distinctive look compared to typical faux leather designs.

The stated dimensions are as follows:

  • Seat Width: 19.09”
  • Seat Depth: 16.54”
  • Back Width: 19.09”
  • Back Height: 21.65”

It’s not a bulky or roomy office chair compared to larger leather executive chair models, but it does have a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. And the height has an adjustment range of 3.5” inches, so there is room to accommodate different sizes and body types with this chair.

The cushion is 2.4” thick on the Orveay, providing a nice, firm and comfortable base for long hours at the desk.

This chair also has an adjustable tilt range of 90 to 120 degrees, so you can recline while working and find the optimal angle based on your desk and computer setup.

Some things we were less impressed by include the lack of any padding on the armrests. And while these are sloped at a downward angle to relieve pressure on the forearms, they are in a fixed position. We prefer an adjustable armrest option for most ergonomic chairs.

Also, because it is a mid-back style chair, there is no headrest or neck support. If this is important to you, be sure to look at high-back models or chairs with an attached or integrated headrest design.

The weight of this chair is just under 24 lbs, so it’s rather light compared to other models in the mid-back or executive style range.


  • Quick assembly
  • High weight capacity and nice support for a mid-back office chair
  • Ergonomic frame design and pressure relieving armrests
  • Durable, soft, easy to clean bonded white leather upholstery


  • Armrests are fixed and not padded
  • Lacks headrest or neck support

5. Modway Escape Ribber Faix Leather Chair

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The Modway Escape is a very attractive faux leather white office chair.

This chair has a unique channel tufted design that give it a chic and modern look. Plus, the contoured backrest includes built-in lumbar support and thich cushioning to maximize long term comfort.

This is an eye-catching chair. Nevermind the white leather upholstery and channel tufted design. There’s also a nice chrome frame that continues from the base of the chair and curves uo to the seat cusion, all the way to the top of the backrest.

It also has a stylized seat lever with a chrome knob to control both the tilt and height of the chair.

This chair has very firm and supportive cushioning. Perhaps too firm for some customers. If you’re looking for a soft leather cushioned seat, it mught not work for you over longer sit times.

The armrests are fixed on this chair and located about 9” from the seat cushion. This might work well for some. But the lack of adjustability could be frustrating for different sizes and body-types.

The Modway Escape has a weight capacity of 280 lbs. The chair itself weights about 38 lbs.

You get a 1 year warranty with this chair as well. Even though it looks very sophisticated, the assembly is actually pretty straightforward with this one.

  • The chair comes with the backrest and seat as a single unit.
  • You then attach the armrests to the chair unit.
  • Next, you attach the cylinder component to the base and casters. And then you connect the seat to the base. Here’s an overview of basic chair assembly if you want a general refresher on this process.

The stated dimensions of this chair are: 27” wide, 19.5” deep and 43” tall.

This is a high-end office chair with a beautiful white faux leather look. While the ergonomics and comfort will be sufficient for most users, the price tag might be a little higher than you’re willing to pay for a mid-back model.


  • This is a high-quality chair with a very attractive design and channel tufted cushioning
  • Built-in lumbar support and ergonomic chair design
  • Chrome frame, base, and tilt knob
  • Easy assembly


  • Cushioning might be too firm for some
  • Beware: The price tag is higher on this one


White leather office chairs present a clean, modern, creative and professional office vibe. They are typically made with faux leather, which makes them easier to clean and maintain. There are tons of styles available at each end of the price spectrum with this chairs.

Hopefully this guide will give you some ideas and a starting point so you can setup your home office or workspace in comfort and style.

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