How To Assemble An Office Chair / Gaming Chair

You were really excited to get that new gaming or office chair through the door for hours of blissful comfort. What happened? We think we can guess - you’re not really sure where to start with assembling the chair.

We’ve all been there - DIY and assembly of items always seems a lot easier until you have to actually do it, and sometimes the instruction manuals just aren’t that helpful.

Thankfully, where there’s a will there’s a way! Ditch that shoddy manual and read on to find out how you can assemble your office or gaming chair in no time - all you need is a wrench and a little sprinkle of organization! 

Do You Have A Vision?

Before we get into how you can assemble your office or gaming chair, here’s a quick tip. Before you open up the box and see all the wondrous glory of your new chair in a hundred tiny (or not so tiny, in some cases) pieces, you should first try to visualize the chair that you are about to try to build.

As we’ve already mentioned, even some of the most well-thought-out instructions can leave you utterly baffled - that lever goes where?! 

It’s worth bookmarking a photo from the manufacturer’s website for easy reference or you can take a couple of photos close-up of the floor model when you are at your local office or gaming supply store.

If you do this, you will have a clear visual reference if any instructions confuse you during the assembly process. 

Step One - Unboxing! Unpack all the materials that the chair came with and put them all onto the ground.

Your first task in your quest is fairly simple - just open the box carefully and lay all the materials in front of you onto the floor. Ultimately this will help to ensure that you have everything you need in front of you, and it really helps to make sure that you don’t miss out any parts in the assembly process. 

Keeping everything organized is a no-brainer when you’re assembling any kind of furniture item, because one lost piece could cause a catastrophe.

Once you have done this, grab hold of your almost useless instruction manual and confirm that all of the pieces that you need to assemble your office or gaming chair are all at your disposal.

 If you do find that there are some missing pieces, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer or to completely return the gaming or office chair for an adequate replacement. 

Step Two: Lay out the pieces in an orderly fashion so you know where you can find them when you need them.

When all of the gaming or office chair parts have been accounted for and when you have removed the plastic covers from the parts, you will then need to get your pieces organized so that you know where they are when you need them further down the line. 

Usually when you are assembling a gaming or office chair the first thing you need to do in the vast majority of cases is to get to the underside of the seat, which you then have to work to set up.

 You should also make sure that you give yourself a wide and open space to work in so you don’t lose any parts and there aren’t any obstructions caused by other objects in your way.

Step Three: Try to connect the main chair mechanism with the underside of the seat

The next step is to connect the underside with the mechanism for the main chair, then use the four screw head bolts included in order to bolt the mechanism to the seat.

When you are bolting, you should ensure that you tightly bolt the chair. This is the key connection that is going to be carrying pretty much all of your weight so it’s important that it’s as sturdy as it possibly can be. 

When you have done this, you can then slide the chair right back onto the mechanism.

This is fairly easy to do, as all you need to do is hold the chair upside down which is what makes it easier for you to slide it onto the mechanism.

Step Four: Bolt all of the pieces together using the bolts that come with your kit. You can also attach the armrests if you need to.

So, this is where your 12mm open end wrench steps into the limelight! You should ensure that you bolt each piece together as the instruction manual shows using the bolts that are in your kit. When you have finished this, you must then attach the armrests into the holes that are positioned on the underside of the chair.

Step Five: Put the Casters into the 5 star chair base

Here, all you need to do is connect the casters on the 5 star base of the office or gaming chair. On occasion, you may find that you need lots of pressure so the casters will pop over the plastic socket bracers properly. You will know when everything is in place when you hear a click sound.

Step Six: Connect your gas strut onto the chair

At this point, you will need to put the gas strut cover over the gas strut. Then, put the gas strut onto the 5 star base of the chair. You can then connect the chair mechanism with the gas strut that’s on the 5 star base. If you do end up having some difficulties, you can have a look at some videos online on how to assemble your chair.

Step Seven: Put the headrest and backrest on

This may not be a necessary step if your office or gaming chair doesn’t have a headrest or backrest attachment. If you do have a detachable head and backrest though, the attachments will need to be attached onto the parts of the chair. When this is done, you will need to test out how the backrest and headrest attachments work and think about whether they are in the correct positions.

Step Eight: Time to Sit! (and...jump?)

This step may make you a little bit nervous - heck, you’ve just spent a lot of money on your new gaming or office chair and you’re almost frightened to sit on it in case something goes wrong!

Once you have assembled your chair though you will need to make sure it’s been done correctly - sit on it, and then sit on it harder. You could even jump on the gaming chair to make sure everything is solid. 

We should probably add a quick disclaimer though, your chair is not a trampoline - don’t go and jump on it from about 2 meters high! 

Is There Any Way to Speed Up the Assembly?

The short answer is yes. Make sure that you have a lot of space available to you so you can organize the components properly and make sure that you have everything that you need. Your job is going to be ten times more difficult if you have to head off to your DIY store because you realize that you don’t have a certain tool that you need. Be prepared!     

How Many People Do You Need to Assemble Your Gaming or Office Chair?

This largely depends on a variety of factors, like how heavy is the chair? If your instructions say that you need 2 people to assemble then you should follow those guidelines. Most office or gaming chairs will recommend for just one person to assemble though,

You should try to avoid putting a piece of furniture together on your own if it recommends that 2 people assemble the chair. Doing this could increase your risk of getting injured or it may damage the furniture. You may find that you won’t be able to complete the assembly or it could take you even more time.                                       

Removing the Chair Base

It’s important to be able to remove the base from your chair so that if anything breaks you will be able to replace the parts. The process of doing this is going to be different from chair to chair, so you should check the manual. Usually the process is similar for most chairs though.

Tip the chair over so the back is resting on the floor. You should think about maybe putting a newspaper or a towel underneath the chair because the pneumatic cylinder may have oil that can leak from it. Make sure that you use the correct tools, and then inspect the chair to see what the offending part is. You can also remove the casters from the base if you need to. Your manual will usually have some troubleshooting tips to show you what to do when things aren’t working too.     


So, that’s all you need to know about assembling an office or gaming chair! Not too tricky, huh? No worries if it’s a little bit too complicated for you though because a lot of stores tend to offer a furniture assembly service.

Hopefully this guide has helped to make assembling your new chair much easier!                                                                                                     

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