SIDIZ T80 Review: Ergonomics and Comfort (At a Premium)

With its striking features and overall ultra-modern aesthetic, there’s no denying that the Sidiz T80 is a unique-looking chair that’s practically guaranteed to become a talking point in any office you place it in.

SIDIZ T80 Home Office Desk Chair : German Ultimate Sync Mechanism for Precise Adjustment, Adjustbale Headrest, Fresh Mesh Back, Lumbar Support, 3-Way Adjustable Armrests, Seat Slide/Slope

So does that mean that this popular ergonomic office chair is all style and no substance, or is there much more to the T80 than simply great-looking design?

To find out we’ve looked closely at this chair to see how well it does in terms of all the things that really matter when choosing a good quality office chair: SIDIZ T80 Review: Ergonomics and Gaming Level Comfort (At a Premium)

Curious as to how it stacks up? You’ll find everything we discovered about the chair in this complete Sidiz T80 review.

Sidiz T80 Review

SIDIZ T80 Home Office Desk Chair : German Ultimate Sync Mechanism for Precise Adjustment, Adjustbale Headrest, Fresh Mesh Back, Lumbar Support, 3-Way Adjustable Armrests, Seat Slide/Slope

First Impressions

We may be here to see whether the Sidiz T80 has more to offer than aesthetic appeal, but even still, there’s no getting away from the fact that this is one very beautifully designed office chair.

In their marketing materials, Sidiz boasts that the T80 is a work of art, a claim they can back up thanks to the numerous design awards they won for this chair in their native Asia.

That’s not the only interesting thing to notice about the way the brand pitches this chair.

Indeed, while most high-end ergonomic office chairs are pitched at top-flight CEOs, The Sidiz T80 is marketed as much -if not more- as an alternative to your standard gaming chair as it is for putting in a hard day at the office. It was even selected as the official chair of choice for Gen G, a successful eSports team in Korea.

That’s something we kept in mind as we put the chair through its paces and considered how it holds up as both an office chair and a gaming chair.

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Taking the Sidiz T80 out of the box, we thought we might be in trouble as the instructions were written primarily in Korean and the English speaking instructions left a lot to be desired.

While that could have been problematic, we did find that Sidiz have created a very handy assembly video which talks you step-by-step through the process with clear, easy-to-follow, English-speaking instructions.

Following the video, it took us no more to put the whole thing together, though we’ve seen some T80 users boast that they got the chair ready for use in under five minutes.

Either way, it’s not going to take you very long to get the chair set up to sit on.

Size and Specifications

SIDIZ T80 Home Office Desk Chair : German Ultimate Sync Mechanism for Precise Adjustment, Adjustbale Headrest, Fresh Mesh Back, Lumbar Support, 3-Way Adjustable Armrests, Seat Slide/Slope

At 49 lbs, the T80 is a much lighter chair than its dynamic appearance would have you believe and is certainly much lighter than you’d expect a chair with a 250 lbs recommended weight capacity to be.

Since the best office chairs for big and tall users often have a weight capacity of 300 lbs – 400 lbs, 250 lbs may not be the biggest around, but it should definitely be more than substantial enough for the majority of users.

Other key dimensions you may want to know about include:

Overall Chair Width 26.4”
Overall Chair Depth 22.6”
Overall Chair Height 45.9″ – 52″
Seat Depth 19.6″ – 22.6”
Seat Width 19.8″
Adjustable Seat to Floor Height 18.1” – 22”
Adjustable Backrest Recline 90° to 114°.


When it comes to choosing the best ergonomic chair for either gaming or office work, it’s fair to say that few things matter more than comfort.

Fortunately, the Sidiz T80 more than delivers in that department.

The padded seat is made from a combination of high-quality memory foam and elastic sponge. That provides an ideal mix of soft, inviting comfort and firm support, ensuring that the seat itself adjusts to the way you sit so that you can avoid the build-up of sore spots and pressure points even if you’re sitting down for hours at a time.

This combines with the premium-blend polyelastomer mesh back which offers ample ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable.

Throw in multiple adjustable features (more of which in a moment) and it’s fair to say that the T80 offers a level of comfort which rivals its main competitors such as the Herman Miller Embody.

Adjustability and Ergonomic Features

SIDIZ T80 Home Office Desk Chair : German Ultimate Sync Mechanism for Precise Adjustment, Adjustbale Headrest, Fresh Mesh Back, Lumbar Support, 3-Way Adjustable Armrests, Seat Slide/Slope

While it may be the T80’s striking design that first captures your attention, where this chair really shines is in its ergonomic adjustments.

Every aspect from the headrest down to the seat can be moved, adjusted, and repositioned to create the most comfortable seating experience for you.

That aforementioned headrest can be raised up and down and even tilted back and forth. If you’d rather not have one at all, it can even slip right off with ease.

Moving down to the adjustable arm-rests, these can be moved in three different ways, including height, width, and depth.

Really though, it’s the adjustable backrest which serves as the chair’s pièce de résistance.

Sidiz famously put the lumbar support a quarter inch from the backrest for maximum support before using synchro-tilt to allow you to adjust the recline and maintain a healthy posture.

The backrest can recline almost 25°, with a helpful tension tilt mechanism allowing you to determine just how much the chair responds to your movements.

Meanwhile, the floor to height and seat depth adjustments are superior to many other models we’ve seen, especially at this price range.

Build Quality and Durability

The Sidiz T80 is often described as one of the best high-end office chairs under $1,000 and we have to believe that the build quality has much to do with that.

User reviews praise its solid construction, and despite its lightweight design with predominantly plastic components, it boasts a level of durability that, again, is almost unparalleled at this price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sidiz T80 come with a warranty?

Yes, Sidiz offers a three-year warranty for what it calls “quality-related issues” on all of its products. This covers you if you buy the chair directly from Sidiz or from an authorized retailer such as Amazon, but may not cover you if you buy from an unauthorized third-party.

Is the Sidiz T80 available in multiple colors?

Yes. The two most popular Sidiz T80 color choices are a dark grey backrest and seat with a black frame or a white frame with a light gray seat and backrest.

Other design options, including some very cool, limited-edition Marvel Iron Man and Captain America designs are available directly from the Sidiz website.

How is the Sidiz T80 different from a regular gaming chair?

The T80 offers more adjustable ergonomic features than your standard gaming chair, has a more understated design and uses a mesh back and memory foam seat to respond to your movements so that you always maintain good posture no matter how you sit.

Sidiz T80 Alternatives

If you’ve read this far and decided that the T80 just isn’t for you, here’s a few alternatives you might want to consider.

Sidiz T50

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If you like Sidiz’ passion for striking visual appeal and high-level adjustability but find there’s something about the T80 that just doesn’t do it for you, then the Sidiz T50 may be a good alternative.

This popular chair offers a wider range of color choices than the T80, but more importantly features a backrest with an S-Curve design to help you maintain the natural shape of your body throughout your working day, making it a perfect choice if you suffer from back pain from sitting too long.

Steelcase Gesture

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The T80 is often compared to the best-selling Steelcase Gesture and we found that lots of users checked out both models before deciding on which one to buy.

The Gesture combines the adjustable headrest of the T80 with the S-curve backrest and stylish color choices of the T50. It also boasts a 400 lbs weight capacity, making it a much better option for larger users.

Herman Miller Embody

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The Herman Miller Embody is another chair that the T80 often finds itself compared against. Since Herman Miller is one of the more popular brands on the market, this tends to be the chair that most people look at before they even realize that the T80 exists.

If those same people do decide to go for the T80 instead, it’s often because it’s a much more affordable option (as it is compared to the Steelcase Gesture), and offers a similar level of comfort without offering all of the Embody’s proverbial bells and whistles.

You can read our side-by-side comparison of the Herman Miller Embody and Steelcase Gesture here

Is The Sidiz T80 Worth It? Our Verdict

So, is there more to the Sidiz T80 than simply stunning design? Absolutely yes.

An ideal choice for both gamers and office workers alike, the T80 offers a superior level of adjustability that is rivaled only by top-of-the-range chairs like the Herman Miller Embody and Steelcase Gesture, yet boasts a reasonable mid-range price tag that is every bit as attractive as the chair’s unique sense of style.

Add in an exceptionally comfortable seat and durable construction and what you’ve got here is a chair that will serve you just as well if you’re working hard on typing up that big report as it will if you’re spending the day kicking butt on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

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