Your Chair Comes with Synchro-Tilt! What Does that Mean?

It’s a technical sounding term that crops up in the features list of every office chair you look at lately, and you’ve even seen it mentioned in the reviews here on Office Chair Picks.

But exactly what is synchro-tilt?

More importantly, what does it do? Why does it matter? And is it really a worthwhile feature to look for when choosing a chair for your workspace?

Below, we’ll answer these questions and more in this guide to everything you need to know about synchro-tilt.

What is Synchro-Tilt?

Synchro-tilt means that the seat and the backrest of your chair are linked and tilt back together as you recline at a backrest/seat ratio of 2:1, meaning that for every 2 degrees that the backrest reclines, the seat will tilt back one degree.

This is useful as it means you can keep your seat pan relatively level to the floor while still adjusting the backrest to find the most comfortable position.

Is Synchro-Tilt a Good Feature for an Office Chair?

There’s a good reason why synchro-tilt is a common feature in a number of the world’s best selling chairs, including the Herman Miller Embody and the HON Convergence; it proves a host of benefits for your health and wellbeing.

The biggest benefit of synchro-tilt is that it enables you to keep both feet firmly on the floor so that even if you decide to recline right back, you can still enjoy a relaxed sitting position without the edge of your seat pressing into the back of the legs.

Another reason why synchro-tilt features in so many of the best ergonomic chairs is that it can improve circulation.

The seating position of a synchro-tilt seat encourages proper posture and lets you stretch the chest and torso area in a way that is safe and comfortable, all without putting pressure on the legs and thighs.

This promotes proper circulation which can be a big game-changer in terms of reducing the fatigue and fogginess that can sometimes occur after long work sessions.

Using synchro-tilt also increases your body movement while sitting which means that pressure points are redistributed throughout your working day, so you won’t be lumbered with sore spots as you would with other chairs.

What are the Best Office Chairs with Synchro-Tilt?

Along with the Herman Miller Embody and HON Convergence that we mentioned earlier, synchro-tilt can be found in scores of the most popular office chairs.

Personally, we really like the synchro-tilt mechanism in the AMQ Zilo Task Chair which is a great option if you’re looking for an option which combines the simplicity of an everyday task chair with the ergonomic features of a more high-end seat.

Final Thought

Although it sounds technical, synchro-tilt essentially means that when you adjust your chair, the seat will tilt one degree for every two degrees that you recline the backrest. In doing so, this simple yet invaluable feature helps you to stay comfortable, healthy, and alert throughout your working day, making it an essential ergonomic feature.

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