Jarvis Vs. UPLIFT V2 Desk Comparison

If you are looking into buying a new office desk, you might be slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options that there are to choose from.

There are more options these days than the simple rectangular tables. Since a lot of people are now working from home a lot more, or even more research has been done into the whole area of ergonomic and healthy desk chairs.

It has since been found that sitting at a desk all day, when you work full time, can be quite damaging to your spine and neck. It is recommended to take regular breaks and also to occasionally work standing up.

The benefit of this is that pressure is reduced on your legs from sitting down for hours on end, and you can alter the way that you work throughout the day.

In this article, we will be comparing two of the top standing desks on the market, both with bamboo tops: the Jarvis Standing Desk and the UPLIFT Desk (V2).

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First, we will go into the details of each of the brands that the two tables come from.

Then we will break the descriptions down into different categories and discuss which of the two desks are better in each category.

Jarvis Standing Desk vs. UPLIFT Desk V2

The Brands


The Jarvis desk is made by the manufacturer Fully. They are a brand dedicated to keeping your body moving throughout the workday.

The whole range that they sell of office furniture is designed to promote movement and social interaction.


At Uplift, they design office furniture that helps to keep you healthy both physically and mentally by promoting blood flow with movement and promoting social interaction with the movement that a standing desk would provide.

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The Jarvis table has a sleek, almost Scandinavian aesthetic to it. The light wood bamboo mixed with the silver legs give a calming feel to the desk, something that is welcomed in an office setting that can usually induce stress.

The control panel is simple and easy to use, but there is more detail on that in the adjustability section.

For example, there are two wire management grommets in the back corners of the desk for tidiness and organization.

Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top - Electric Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk - 3-Stage Extended Range Frame with Memory Preset Handset Controller by Fully (Silver, 72 x 30)

Because the Jarvis desk is so simple and sleek, any ornaments or work decorations that you add to it will not clash. The desk already has a minimalism aesthetic to it. The Jarvis also gives you three color options for the legs of the desk.

And there are three size options for the bamboo desktop, so you can pick the perfect size desk for your home office or work office.


The UPLIFT standing desk has a similar sleek appearance to the Jarvis in that the bamboo wooden top is simple and the legs are a similar shape. UPLIFT Desk - V2 2-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame (Black) with Advanced 1-Touch Digital Memory Keypad

The main difference seems to be that the color of the legs is a darker gunmetal compared to the Jarvis.

The UPLIFT desk also comes with a Bamboo Motion-X Board that looks like a smaller version of the desktop. This will be detailed further in the ergonomics part of the guide. The UPLIFT only has one option for the leg color, unlike the Jarvis.



The whole design of the Jarvis promotes ergonomic working. The fact that you can sit to work at the desk and then adjust the height to stand and work at it promotes movement. This desk encourages you to get up out of your chair and work without sitting down.


This desk is ergonomically similar to the Jarvis, but the feature that sets it apart is the Motion-X Board that is included.

This board is designed to stand on while you are working, you have to balance on it to keep it in motion. This movement promotes blood flow in a situation where it would have otherwise been decreased.

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This desk is operated using an OLED touchpad which allows you to program in four separate height preferences that it will remember, similar to the way that speed dial works on a phone. This control pad is slim and is to the right of the desk at the front, it will not interfere with your daily work life.

The Jarvis can be adjusted from 24.5 inches in height to 50 inches. These are the measurements without the desktop. The motorized adjustment works at a speed of 1.5 inches per second which is ideal for a busy workday.


The UPLIFT has a control panel that is not touch screen. It is located in the same place as on the Jarvis, but there are buttons that you have to physically press in as opposed to tapping a touchscreen. Much like the Jarvis’ touchpad, you can lock in four height settings for the desk to remember.

The UPLIFT can be adjusted from a height of 25.5 inches to 51.1 inches, this includes a 1-inch desktop in the measurements.

Framework and Desktop


The frame and legs on the Jarvis desk are strong and reliable because they are made from steel, with the bottom of the legs thicker than the top so that the center of gravity is lower, reducing the risk of the desk tipping.

The exterior hardware that is necessary to the lifting mechanism is hidden away for a sleeker and less busy look.

Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top - Electric Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk - 3-Stage Extended Range Frame with Memory Preset Handset Controller by Fully (Silver, 72 x 30)

The Jarvis can manage a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds on top of the bamboo desk. So, it is perfect for office use if you have a laptop or desktop monitor.


The UPLIFT desk has a three-stage leg system, but the larger sections are at the top nearer to the desktop. The dual design motor allows for a quieter movement when you are altering the height of the desk.

UPLIFT Desk - V2 2-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame (Black) with Advanced 1-Touch Digital Memory Keypad

The unique thing about this desk’s frame is that it has 48 separate mounting points for a variety of things. You could mount a shelf for your PC to rest on, there are even options for you to hang a hammock under your desk when you need a break at work.

The UPLIFT desk can support a maximum capacity of 355 pounds, higher than the less expensive and popular Air Lift Pro, and making it slightly better than the Jarvis in that department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since you know a little bit more about the Jarvis and the UPLIFT desk thanks to this guide of the two, you will more than likely have some questions about standing desks.

Here we have compiled some frequently asked questions that we have researched and answered so that you don’t have to spend time looking yourself.

Why are standing desks becoming so popular?

The main reason that desks such as the Jarvis and the UPLIFT are becoming so popular, both for people at home and for work offices, is because they are both innovative and healthy. The way that they encourage you to stand and work promotes a healthy lifestyle.

These standing desks are not just a popularized trend that will become unpopular after a while. They are actually ergonomically designed with blood flow and movement in mind. This is the main reason that they are so popular.

If you want to encourage yourself to alter your body position throughout the workday, then a standing desk is going to work well for you. You can even try some of these standing desk exercises to get the most out these designs.

What is the difference between the legs on the Jarvis and the UPLIFT?

Both the Jarvis and the UPLIFT have a three-step system on their legs. But, interestingly, they are the opposite way around to each other.

The Jarvis has the larger parts of the legs, that all of the other segments go into, at the bottom. And the UPLIFT’s legs have the larger part towards the top nearer to the desktop.

The Jarvis is arguably better in this respect, since having the heavier and larger parts at the bottom will lower the center of gravity and reduce the risk of tipping the desk.

What are the dimensions of these desktops?

The dimensions of the bamboo desktop on the Jarvis are 72 inches by 30 inches. But there is a choice of three sizes.

The dimensions of the UPLIFT desktop are 48 inches by 30 inches.

So, the Jarvis has a larger desktop are which is idea for working on.

Overall Thoughts

Out of these two standing desks that we have put forward, it is easy to see how similar they are at a first glance. But when you delve deeper into the details that make each of them slightly different from one another, you can see how the designs set them apart.

In most of the categories, the Jarvis desk wins. It is available in more options, both color and size so is easily more customizable. It also has a better framework in the legs since they are bottom heavy as opposed to top heavy which could be knocked off balance.

Although the UPLIFT can support a slightly heavier load on top of the desktop, it is not significant enough a difference to warrant it a win in the framework category.

In terms of ergonomics, they are similar, but the UPLIFT comes with a Motion- X Board. So if this is something you would consider, maybe the UPLIFT Is for you.

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