What’s the Best DXRacer Chair Model for You?

You’ve probably heard about the brand DXRacer if you are in the market for a new gaming chair.

They are quite high up there as an option for gamers when it comes to chairs. But if you are set on buying one and are not sure which chair to get, this guide is the one for you.

It can be difficult to know which chair to buy based on your own specific needs and wants from a gaming chair. So, this guide will clear up some of the confusing jargon that sometimes comes up when you are searching for gaming chairs to potentially buy.

We have five gaming chairs to look at from DXRacer in this guide, here is the list to begin with:

The Brand

Since you are probably set on buying from the brand DXRacer, as you have clicked on this guide article, here is a brief explanation and backstory about the brand.

The company itself was started up in 2001, and the focus back then was on luxury car seating. DXRacer designed, made and produced these luxury car seats for four years before their curiosity and research took them in the direction of gaming chairs and office chairs.

When they began to design gaming chairs, they were one of the first on the market to do so, meaning they had innovative designs from the get go when it came to racing style gaming chairs.

The Chairs

In this first half of the guide to DXRacer gaming chairs, details of the chair descriptions will be laid out, as well as pros and cons that will make comparisons a lot easier to make between all five of these gaming chairs.

Since a lot of the chairs will be similar in some ways, these pros and cons will help to differentiate them.

DXRacer Racing Series

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The first on the list from DXRacer is the Racing Series.

This is the equivalent of their core series and is the chair that covers all of their basics in terms of features. Aesthetically, this chair is striking, featuring paneled PU leather that is sewn together to create a unique cover.

The black and vibrant red color combination is the classic racing gaming chair choice and really looks the part on the DXRacer Racing Series Chair.

The shape resembles a car seat, something that is very common especially with DXRacer and their brand aesthetic. The red accent color is carried through to the wheelbase for continuity, and the cut-outs at the top of the chair’s backrest offer an interesting design feature.


  • Stylish mix of vinyl and PU leather material that creates the look of stitched together panels and is easy to wipe clean after a gaming session.
  • The armrests are 90-degrees adjustable and are also adjustable in four different ways.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the frame of the chair, and a two-year warranty on the other parts.
  • Can recline to 135-degrees.


  • Nylon wheelbase may not be as secure as a metal one.

DXRacer Formula Series

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The second chair is the DXRacer Formula Series chair.

This chair is very similar in design to the Racing Series chair, but the way that the PU and vinyl covering is paneled is slightly different. The color combinations are also slightly different in the upholstery between the two.

This chair is recommended for smaller people of a height up to 5 foot 8 inches and can support a weight up to 200-pounds. This is something to bear in mind if you are considering buying a DXRacer chair. This chair is adjustable in all the same ways that the Racing Series is, but this chair is designed differently.

Since this chair is aimed towards gamers as well as to office/desk workers, the chair’s aesthetic reflects that. The simpler color combinations are reflective of an office chair, but the gaming chair bucket-seat look still remains.

So, this would be a great chair to buy if you need it for the office and for gaming.


  • Could be a better option for more petite people since this is suitable for people up to 5 foot eight inches. So, you won’t need to buy a chair with an unnecessarily high backrest when this is designed for smaller frames.
  • The vinyl and PU leather combination is easy to clean.
  • The frame is made from metal so is sturdy enough to support you when working or gaming.


  • The wheelbase is nylon and the wheels are 2-inch castors, on the smaller side for this brand

Note: If you’re on a tight budget, check out some of these cheaper alternatives to the DXRacer series.

DXRacer King Series

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The King Series is one of the larger chair models from this brand.

It has a bulkier appearance and a wider backrest than the other two chairs previously mentioned. It is suitable for people up to 6 foot 3 inches according to the manufacturer, and the maximum weight that it can support is 275 pounds.

This chair is available in five different color combinations, and all of the classics  – like red and black – are in the mix. You can even opt for the all black version for a more professional and formal look, especially if this chair also needs to be used for an office setting. Or if your gaming set up also happens to be the home office.

The adjustment features are all accounted for in terms of the basics. You can adjust the height of the chair, recline to 135-degrees, and adjust the armrests in four ways. This is the same for most of the DXRacer chairs. The levers for most of the adjustments can be found under the seat within reach when you sit down.


  • Ideal size for taller people since the recommended height limit for this chair is 6 foot 3 inches.
  • All of the same adjustability as the other chairs.
  • Some panels of the upholstery have a unique texture to them, so even if you opt for the all black version, your chair will still have some interesting features.
  • Wider seat option for those who desire or require a larger seat.


  • The armrests are not padded.

DXRacer Tank Series

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The fourth chair on our list is the Tank Series.

This is the big beast of the DXRacer world and is definitely the chair to pick you are worried about a chair supporting your weight. The manufacturer designed this chair with taller and larger people in mind, which is ideal since a lot of chairs only come in one size.

Aptly named the Tank, this chair is wide, large and bulky. It has all of the same useful features as the Racing Series and the King Series, but on a slightly larger scale.

DXRacer recommend this chair for anyone up to the height of 6 foot 6 inches and say that it can support any weight up to 400-pounds thanks to its class 4 gas lift and sturdier wheelbase.

The wheelbase itself is 31.5 inches and made from aluminum in order to support the 400-pound weight that it claims to. So, you can sit comfortably without worrying that your gaming chair won’t support you.


  • A great option for taller and larger people.
  • Aluminum five-star wheelbase for extra stability.
  • A two-year warranty for accessories, and a lifetime warranty for the frame of the chair.


  • Because this isn’t as bought as much as the average size, there are only three colors available.
  • The recline angle is only 120-degrees.

DXRacer Sentinel Series

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The last chair this guide will be looking at is the Sentinel Series Chair.

This is aesthetically very similar to the Formula Series, but it is designed differently. The material that the chair is upholstered with is PU faux leather and mesh. This mesh fabric is far more breathable for gaming sessions than PU leather.

The color combination on this chair follows the PU leather to mesh ratio, in that the accent color is in PU leather and the mesh is black. This accent color is then used on the tips of each prong on the five-star wheelbase with a gradient to black closer to the gas lift of the chair.

All of the adjustable features that are present in a DXRacer chair are also present in this one. The backrest of this chair is also taller since this chair is designed for people up to 6 foot 6 inches and up to 275 pounds in weight, since that is the limit that this chair can support. The recline on this chair can reach the usual 135-degrees.


  • Perfect for average weight, taller people since this chair can support up to 275-pounds and is recommended for people up to 6 foot 6 inches.
  • Strong aluminum base keeps you upright and sturdy.


  • The armrests are hard and not padded.

Best DXRacer Chair Reviews Buyer’s Guide

This last section is going to make use of all of the research into each chair you have read.

You may be wondering why each category is so important in a gaming chair, and this section is going to tell you just that while also highlighting which of the chairs we have put on out DXRacer list are the best in each category.


Definitely the most important feature of a gaming chair is the ergonomic design of it. The whole reason you will be in the market for a gaming chair is to stop sitting in your basic, uncomfortable task chair that is not even designed with sitting at a desk (and gaming) in mind.

All of the DXRacer chairs are padded and upholstered with PU faux leather, with the exception of the Sentinel Series, which is a combination of PU leather and mesh. But all of the chairs have the same seat design and a similar backrest shape, which is ergonomically shaped to fit the curve of your spine.

All of the chairs also come with a detachable head pillow and a detachable lumbar support pillow. So, if the ergonomic back is not enough for your needs, you can attach the lumbar support pillow and increase your comfort even more.


All of the DXRacer chairs are adjustable in the same way. You can adjust the armrests in four ways: up and down to change the height, in and out to change the distance between the two armrests, forward and back, and also pivot.

You can also change the height of the seat using the gas lift and the lever under the seat.

Using the other lever under the seat, you can recline the backrest. Four out of five of the chairs we have put forward can recline up to 135-degrees. But the Tank Series, being the chair for larger and taller people, can only recline to 120-degrees, as the weight makes it slightly more off-balance than the other chairs.


As mentioned above in the guide, all of the DXRacer chairs that we have put forward are suitable for people of different sizes. This is extremely inclusive of DXRacer, since a lot of gaming chair companies only cater to the average person, adopting the mentality that one size fits all.

DXRacer has chairs to fit the average person, as well as chairs to fit anything from a petite frame to a larger and heavier frame. So, you can rest assured that the chair that you choose will support your weight and cater to your size.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which chair will be the right gaming chair for me?

Firstly, you will need to decide what is actually important to you when it comes to gaming chairs. In the Buyers’ Guide above, you may find some categories that you did not realize are important to you. Check that section out and then come back to this answer.

Once you have decided what is important to you, be it the aesthetics or the ergonomics, you will then need to know some things about yourself. Namely your measurements. And even more specifically, your height and weight.

Since this is a chair that you will be spending long hours in due to gaming and/or working at your desk, it will need to be supporting your weight nearly every day.

Most manufacturers, like DXRacer will recommend some of their chairs to you based on the height and weight they can support. Your height comes into it when you look into the height of the backrest. This is important since you want your head to meet the headrest, otherwise you might encounter some neck pain that you never realized you had.

In this guide, we have included five chairs that are all designed to handle different weights and different heights. DXRacer is a brand that attempts to cater to all.

What makes DXRacer different from other chair brands?

Since DXRacer first began as a luxury car seat manufacturer, they are accustomed to the design features that make a chair stand out from the crowd. They are also in tune with the ergonomic design specifications that gamers will find appealing after spending hours sitting on the sofa or a dining chair.

They also paved the way for a lot of other gaming chairs since they were among the first companies to branch out into chairs that were outside of the car. This means they have their design eyes keenly peeled to create anything that would cater to the gamer as much as it would to the office worker.

Final Thoughts

Given all of the information we have provided in this guide, it is clear that DXRacer is definitely a brand to consider getting your gaming chair from.

Their designs are taken straight from luxury car seats that they themselves manufacture. This crosses over well because both car seats and gaming chairs benefit from a generous ergonomic design.

DXRacer are also very conscious of their clientele, they know that the target audience that they are producing these gaming chairs for are not going to all have the same dimensions. People are obviously different weights and heights, so they have made chairs that are also different dimensions to cater for this.

The adjustability of each of the chairs is the same, so are most of the aesthetics. With this in mind, the size difference and the color options are the only real things to consider if you are looking to buy a DXRacer chair. This is a good thing, since it eliminates the extra time it would take you to choose between any different specifications or features.

Overall, DXRacer chairs come in all different shapes and sizes, which is perfect because no two gamers are ever going to be exactly the same.

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