Top 7 Best Replacement Casters for Your Office Chair

When you are working in an office, it becomes especially important to do everything quickly and efficiently. Sometimes you might need to hustle from one desk to another to grab a file or discuss something with someone else.

You will notice that after a few years, the caster wheels of your chair will slowly start becoming squeaky. Also, you will need to apply some force to move the chair as the casters become worn down.

Or, perhaps, you bought a chair with the wrong type of casters for your flooring surface in the first place.

For example, if you have hard nylon casters, they would be best on softer surfaces such as carpeted floors, but too hard for wood floors. You would be better off with a urethane-based caster.

That’s why, in this list, we’ve chosen replacement wheels that can be used on all types of surfaces.

With the right set of casters, you can swap out those old or incompatible wheels with a new set that allows your chair to move with ease.

But like many other office chair accessories, the market is flooded with caster wheels that have different specifications and features in them.

If you’re having trouble finding the best replacement casters for your office chair, we’ve done the research to build a list of 7 excellent options.

We have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of all the caster wheels in detail and the features they have.

7 Best Casters for Your Office Chair

#1 SlipStick 2-inch Chair Caster Wheels

Slipstick CB681 2 Inch Floor Protector Rubber Caster Wheels (Set of 4) 5/16 Inch Stem or Top Plate Mounting Options - Black/Gray

If you have a black office chair and looking for a contrasting caster wheel, then Slipstick’s matte black and grey colored replacement casters will go perfectly with your chair.

Their slip-free design and sturdy build can easily tolerate the weight of up to 330 pounds. Another prominent factor about this Caster wheels is its versatility. Not only can you use it in your office chair, but also in your tables, file cabinets, or even racks to make them mobile.

No need to worry about the damage on your floor while using these replacement caster wheels – they have a  smooth base that ensures zero scratches on the floor.

You can use these on wooden floors, vinyl floor, stone, concrete, or an office chair mat.

The grey finish makes it even neater and attractive. Coming with a set of 5 wheels, it is perfect for your new office chair, even if there is not a mat present.


  • Very smooth wheels that move without squeaking.
  • Perfect for all the floor types because of its fine material.
  • It has a 5-mm stem and thus perfect even for chairs with thick stems as well.
  • It is pretty easy to assemble this chair.


  • Although it is perfect for all the floor types, yet it is recommended to place these caster wheels on the mat.

#2 The Office Oasis Caster Wheels with A Universal Fit

Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) - Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood - Perfect Replacement for Desk Floor Mat - Rollerblade Style w/Universal Fit

If quality matters you the most overpricing, then The Office Caster Wheels are the perfect replacement you can have. Made up of soft polyurethane material, these wheels provide very smooth motion without leaving any scratch at all. These wheels are perfect on tile, floor, concrete, mat, store, or vinyl.

With a smooth rollerblade design, it is sturdy enough to hold up to 650 pounds of weight. Yet, the most crucial thing this chair has is its versatility. It is perfect for a wide range of chairs, tables, and desks.

If your noisy chair disturbs you, then its perfect time to replace your caster wheels. You will get rid of your squeaky chaise after installing these wheels. This set of five wheels not just last longer but is perfect even for heavy-duty furniture as well.


  • Without any damage, it is suitable for all kinds of floors.
  • As its name suggests, these are caster wheels, thus perfect for a wide variety of chairs, tables, etc.
  • Made up of very high-quality material, these wheels have a relatively large weight holding capacity.
  • Very stylish and exquisite design.


  • These caster wheels are slightly overpriced in our opinion.

#3 SunnieDog Ergonomic Office Chair Caster Wheels

SunnieDog Ergonomic Office Chair Wheels Roll Just As Smooth On Day 1000 As They Did On Day 1 - Heavy Duty Protection for Hardwood & Tile Floors Without Mat - Roller Blade Style w/Universal Fit- Black

The worst thing about using cheap or incompatible casters is the potential floor damage they can cause

Well, with SunnieDog, you will not need to worry about your floor while moving your office chair.

As the wheel has a very smooth finish, it will not damage the floor while moving. These wheels also produce minimum vibrations while moving, which makes of r a quiet and smooth roll while working.

Although almost all the replacement casters are available with an 11 mm stem, this is an exception. It is available in a stem of 10 mm and thus suitable particularly for a specific fitting.

Like all the replacement casters on this list, they are designed for easy assembly. Just remove your old ones and pop these in.

They have a matte black color with shiny silver edges providing a unique, modern look to the chair’s overall appearance.

These castes are also durable and will work well for higher weight capacity and heavy dirty applications.


  • The best thing about these replacement casters is their easy assembly. It hardly takes 5 minutes to assemble these wheels.
  • They glide very smoothly on the floor, leaving no scratch behind.
  • They are versatile caster replacement wheels perfect for all kinds of floors and chairs universally.


  • They get a little squeaky as they get older.

#4 Office Owl Chair Caster Wheels

Office Chair Wheels, Caster Wheels - Set of 5, Replacement Wheel for Desk, Office Chairs - Rollerblade Casters for Wood, All Floors - Universal Fit - Office Owl

If you want caster chair wheels that produce minimal sound and provide a very smooth motion, then Office Owl Chair Caster replacement wheels will be perfect for you.

Not only does the rubber construction make them last longer, but because of the soft texture, it is never going to damage your floor as well.

With zero vibrations, it will maintain the level of comfort that you expect from your office chair.

So, if your focus is on reducing the noise that your chair wheels cause, these are a no brainer. They will work well to cut the sound and improve mobility on other types of chairs, tables and racks.

With a weight tolerance capacity of 650 pounds, they are very durable and sturdy caster wheels.

Yet, the most promising thing about these caster wheels is their pocket-friendly price and the ultimate quality assurance you get.

These are made up of polyurethane, one of the most versatile materials for your office chair, with a black interior with see-through holes, and a shiny silver exterior wheel.



  • Being very versatile, they are the universal caster wheels that fit perfectly in all the stem-size chairs and tables.
  • Its premium quality makes them a long-lasting and heavy-duty.
  • It doesn’t damage the floor because of its smooth movement, so no mat is required.
  • Pretty stylish in design.


  • Because of their rubber bottom, it becomes hard to move on this chair within a few years of purchase.

#5 BF Brightfield Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels

Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels Set of 5 Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood 3' Rubber Replacement for Desk Floor Mats

With BF Brightfield Universal Office Chair wheels, there is no need to worry about installing these replacement casters in your office chair. No doubt, these are the most reliable caster wheels because of their premium polyurethane material build.

Because of their soft and fine base, they are suitable for all kinds of floors, avoiding the need to redoing the floors repeatedly. You can use this with or without a mat.

The internal parts of these caster wheels are made up of durable steel, and thus, it can tolerate up to 650 pounds. These heavy-duty caster wheels will be perfect for your office chair.

Being versatile, not just an office chair, you can fit them in computer tables and racks as well. Also, not only smooth, you can move them without any vibrations. Unlike traditional caster wheels, you are never going to complain about tangling hairs,

threads, and other things on these wheels.

In its packaging, you will get five 11 x 22 mm wheels with an 11 mm stem.


  • It provides a very smooth and vibration-free movement with damaging your floor.
  • These are heavy-duty replacement caster wheels that can tolerate the heavyweight.
  • They are very quiet wheels and provide smooth glide without squeaking.


  • They are well-made, but after long-term frequent use, some customers have reported issues with durability

#6 8T8 Office Chair Caster Wheels 3-inch Replacement Heavy Duty

8T8 Replacement Chair Caster Wheels 2'', Heavy Duty Wheels with Plug-in Stem 7/16''X7/8'',Quiet & Smooth Rolling, No Chair Mat Needed, Safe for Hardwood Carpet Tile Floors,Set of 5 (Black, 2 inch)

8T8 replacement caster wheels for office chairs are 1 x 22 mm in dimensions and can hold up to 100 pounds of weight per wheel. That means this set of 5 wheels can hold a weight of up to 500 pounds.

Apart from this, it has several features that you might be looking for in your replacement caster wheels. Not just is it vibration-free, but it also provides shock absorption providing you great comfort while gliding.

Apart from this, they are made of rugged and durable polyurethane. They also have very high mechanical strength and don’t produce squeaking sound when moving. And because of their quiet nature, they are perfect for any office environment.

Are you worried about scratches on your expensive flooring? As 8T8 office chair

Caster wheels are reliable for all kinds of floors. Whether you want to use it on mat, stone, concrete, wooden flooring, these cater wheels will never leave scratch behind.

The most prominent feature of these replacement caster wheels is a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with these replacement casters’ quality, you can get a full refund from the company.


  • Being versatile, you can use them in 95% of the chairs.
  • They are very sturdy and reliable wheels.
  • With a rubber base, they provide anti-dirt and self-cleaning actions.


  • They are quite expensive.

#7 Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheel Universal Standard Size

zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheel Universal Standard Size 11mm Stem Diameter X 22mm Stem Length (7/16' X 7/8') Pack of 5

Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheels, as its name suggest, are universal and thus suitable for all the kind of chairs, computer tables, and racks.

Made of polyurethane material, these wheels are scratch-free and thus will not cause any damage to the floor. Available in a matte black color, their rubber base provides an exceptionally smooth glide.

They also provide roundabout rotation on all kinds of floors. Varying from stone to concrete, wooden floor to the mat, they are suitable for all the types of floors.

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the quality or functionality of these wheels, you will get a full refund when you return it. If you want quality wheels with quiet mobility for your office chair, then this chair is perfect for you.


  • They are relatively easy to clean and maintain replacement caster wheels.
  • Made up of premium quality material, they are long-lasting as well.
  • There is no need to use the floor mat because of their soft base; they don’t damage your floor.


  • Some users complain that it is hard to install these wheels.


Q: Can we install replacement caster wheels in a simple chair that doesn’t have pre-installed wheels?

A: Yes, you can install the Caster wheels in a simple chair if the legs of your chair are sturdy enough to hold considerable weight. You simply need to drill wheels in the legs of your simple chair.

Q: What is the basic weight limit of each wheel of the Caster?

A: One caster weight can at least hold 100 pounds. Come caster wheels can tolerate even more weight.

Q: Is socket and drill machine also required while replacing caster wheels in a wooden chair?

A: If you buy a socket, then well and good. But if you don’t have a socket right with you, you can use an aluminum or copper tube with the same size as that of the socket. You can then fit the socket or tube in the chair using a hammer or a drill machine.

Q: Can these replacement caster wheels get rusted as well?

A: The caster wheels that have a rubber base and a plastic body are not prone to rust. But the polyurethane caster wheels that have a steel base can rust as well.


It becomes convenient to move any furniture with the help of caster wheels. Depending upon different applications, you can choose a specific kind of caster wheel.

But, without knowing the exact features of caster wheels, it will be challenging for you to decide which one is suitable for you. We have mentioned some of the best replacement casters for your office chair, along with their features.

As these caster wheels handle your weight for almost all day, it’s pretty crucial to choose replacement caster wheels that are sturdy and promising.