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The 5 Best “Cheap” Alternatives to DXRacer Gaming Chairs

If you are in the market for a new gaming chair, the DXRacer chairs may have caught your eye.

But since DXRacer are one of the top brands manufacturing racing style gaming chairs, they can be on the expensive side. And if you are on a budget for your gaming chair, the DXRacer series may be out of your price range.

So, to help you find some decent alternatives, we have put together a guide for people who want the aesthetic and vibe of a DXRacer gaming chair, but at a lower price point.

These chairs share similar design features and ergonomics. They are not “cheap” gaming chairs per se, but relatively speaking, they are on the budget-friendly side.

Before we get to the list, here’s a quick run-down of the chair we think deserves the top spot in this list of alternatives:

The Homall Gaming Chair is a comparable chair and worth a look for the following reasons:

  • Made from a lightweight, breathable material.
  • Adjustable in many different ways, including the headrest, to accommodate for neck pain.
  • Metal frame and wheelbase.

Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair Leather Desk Chair Racing Executive Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Task Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support (Red)

The first on our list for the best cheaper alternative to DXRacer gaming chairs is the Homall Gaming Chair.

This is mainly down to the fact that it looks the most similar aesthetically, with the vibrant contrast between the black PU leather and the striking red. There are also six other color options to choose from if the classic red and black combination is not for you.

The Homall also has very similar functionality to the DXRacer Racing Series gaming chairs. The bucket seat shape is classic to the DXRacers because they are made by the same manufacturers that made car seats for luxury cars. The Homall has a high-density foam padding that maintains its shape for a longer period of time.

In terms of adjustability, the Homall can recline up to 150-degrees.

Just like the DXRacer, there are lumbar and head pillows included which can be adjusted and removed whenever you feel.


  • Looks the most similar to the DXRacer in terms of a racing style chair.
  • Cheaper than the DXRacer by a significant amount but has a lot of the same specifications.
  • Is padded with high-density cold cure foam that molds to your shape and retains structure even over time.


  • The armrests aren’t padded or adjustable in the same way as the DXRacer Racing Series.

Hbada Gaming Chair

Hbada Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back Computer Chair with Height Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support E-Sports Swivel Chair, Grey

Second up is a gaming chair from Hbada.

This chair looks the business for gaming with its curved backrest silhouette, the ergonomic back and the padded seat. This chair comes in four different color options, all of which are made using PU leather which is easy to wipe clean and cool to the touch on your skin, ideal for gaming.

Similar to the DXRacer, the Hbada comes with two removable cushions, one is for added lumbar support and one is for the top of the headrest. These are great for boosting your comfort as and when you need to throughout a long day of gaming.

In terms of adjustability, this chair can recline up to 155-degreesm, making it easier to relax between gaming sessions. Thanks to the sturdy frame of the Hbada Gaming Chair, it can support a total of 330-pounds.


  • In a choice of color options, it is easy to find a perfect match for your gaming set up.
  • The additional lumbar support and head pillow are detachable and adjustable up and down the backrest of the chair.
  • Recline up to 155-degrees for a relaxation mode.
  • Upholstery material is PU leather, so it is easy to wipe clean.


  • The armrests are not padded and are only adjustable by height.

Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Hughouse Big & Tall Gaming Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support,Adjustable High-Back Computer Chair, Heavy Duty PU Leather Office Chair…

The next chair on the list, in third place, is the Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

This chair comes in third place mainly because it veers slightly away from the traditional look of a DXRacer Racing Series chair. But the overall look of the Musso chair is enough for it to still make the cut of the top five.

The silhouette is a little bulkier than the DXRacer, this thicker sides on the backrest. This provides more stability for the gamer when they are sitting in the chair, since each segment of the chair has been padded separately.

In terms of ergonomics, there are two pillows that can be attached and adjusted for extra lumbar support.

The Hbada Gaming Chair can recline to an almost flat 170-degrees, making it more impressively adjustable than the DXRacer in that respect.

Available in six different color options too, this chair is easy to customize from the very beginning, making it easy to choose the perfect option to fit into your home.


  • Recline up to 170-degrees, which is more than the DXRacer. Fully relax in between gaming sessions and rest assured that you will not tip over.
  • Larger caster wheels than the chairs Hbada have brought out before, make a smoother roll.
  • Aluminum five-star wheelbase means that a weight capacity of 300-pounds can be supported.


  • Not the most similar to the DXRacer chair in terms of aesthetics.

Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair

Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair Racing Office Ergonomic Computer Chair with Fully Reclining Back and Slide-Out Footrest in Black and White LeatherSoft

At fourth place is the most budget-friendly on our list.

This is the perfect chair if you are looking for something that imitates the look of a DXRacer chair but on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Aesthetically, this Flash Furniture chair has an almost identical shape to the DXRacer Racing Series. The shape of the curves on the side of the backrest are very close to the original.

The backrest can only recline to a limit of 145-degrees, making this the least like the DXRacer, when it comes to reclining, on the list. The material used to upholster the chair is a PU faux leather, just like the DXRacer, which makes it easier to clean and cool to the touch.

The additional lumbar support pillow and headrest pillow are exactly like the DXRacer, adding another level of adjustable support. The Flash Furniture gaming chair does have the bonus of a footrest. This footrest can be extended and folded away to conceal it when not in use.


  • Additional footrest sets this chair apart from the others in terms of adjustability and ergonomics.
  • Adjustable lumbar support pillow is detachable and adds an extra level of support when you need it.


  • Can only recline up to 145-degrees.

AutoFull Gaming Chair

AutoFull Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Office Chair High Back Computer Chair PU Leather Adjustable Recliner (Dark Red)

The last chair on this list of the best and cheap alternative for a DXRacer chair is the AutoFull Gaming Chair.

This chair is the most expensive on the list but appears to be the most accurate to the DXRacer aesthetically. This is down to the ergonomic shape of the backrest, as well as the cut-outs at the top of the headrest.

The material that the chair is upholstered in is PU leather for an easy to clean result. Available in three color options, it is easy to find a color that will fit into your gaming set up at home.

The accent color of the variation you choose is also continued onto the wheelbase, with stripes of vibrant color for a cohesive look.

The wheelbase itself is a nylon material, this is unlike the DXRacer’s sturdy metal base. Buy nylon can still adequately support a recline of 155-degrees when the chair is in relaxation mode.


  • The appearance is probably most like the DXRacer on this list.
  • Recline up to 155-degrees just like the DXRacer.
  • The additional lumbar support pillow is the best shape we have ssen on this list from any of the chairs.
  • The armrests are adjustable as 3D armrests.


  • The nylon wheelbase does not have the same look as a metal one.

Best and Cheap Alternatives for DXRacer Buyer’s Guide

Because it is difficult to navigate the market when it comes to gaming chairs, it can also be difficult to know what specifics and criteria are important to you personally.

In this Buyers’ Guide, we have sectioned off each category that we deem important in gaming chairs, and we have gone into detail about why you should consider them.


The ergonomics of gaming chairs are extremely important. You are buying a gaming chair because you will probably be spending hours at a time witting at it in the day. When you are spending that long with something, you want it to be able to support you without compromise.

One of the main ways that the chair can support you ergonomically is through lumbar support.

All of the chairs on our list have additional lumbar support pillows that come with the chair. These pillows can be added or removed as you please. But they provide an extra supportive element to the gaming chairs. The chair with the best lumbar support is the AutoFull, because the shape of the cushion fits the chair flusher.


Since these chairs are such a big product that will sit in your home visible at all times. It isn’t just the ergonomics that are important. The aesthetics of the chair are also worth considering if you want something similar to the DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair.

DXRacer are known for their racing style bucket seat shapes and all of the chairs that we have chosen as cheaper alternatives follow this same design.

As mentioned before, the most aesthetically similar to the DKRacer is the AutoFull Gaming Chair. And since this chair also performs well in the ergonomics category, it is a great option as a dupe for the DXRacer chair. The only reason it isn’t higher up on the list is because it is the most expensive of our five. Still cheaper than the DXRacer, but on the pricier end of our top five list.


All of the chairs on our list, like the DXRacer, are upholstered in a PU faux leather. This material is easy to clean and cool to the touch, meaning you don’t need to worry about sweating during a particularly heavy gaming session.

Simply wipe down the chair and carry on with your day. Chairs that are upholstered in mesh or polyester can be harder to clean and end up staining.

Most of the chairs also come in the red and black color combination which is classic to DXRacer chairs. So, you can choose your color combination based on getting your gaming chair as close to looking like the DXRacer chair vibe as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading all of the in-depth product descriptions, you probably have some questions.

We have pulled together some frequently asked questions about gaming chairs and have answered them so that you don’t need to do the research.

Is lumbar support necessary in a gaming chair?

Since it is a chair that you are likely to be spending hours at a time each day sitting in, we think that lumbar support is absolutely necessary when it comes to gaming chairs.

All of the chairs on this list, like the DXRacer Racing Series gaming chair, come with additional lumbar support pillows that can be attached to the chair, removed when desired, and adjusted to fit your lower back measurements or height along the backrest of the chair.

Lumbar support will definitely make your gaming experience more enjoyable and reduce the risk of developing lower back pain.

Which of these chairs looks the most like the DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair?

With all of the research that we have done for this guide, we think that the most aesthetically similar to the DXRacer gaming chair is the AutoFull Gaming Chair, since the accent red color panels are places in a similar way and the overall silhouette is very close.

If the aesthetics are the many thing that you want to have similar to the DXRacer chair, then the AutoFull gaming chair is the choice for you.

What is the most similar to the DXRacer gaming chair in terms of framework?

The DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair is constructed with a metal frame that is padded in a high-density foam and upholstered in PU leather. Most of the chairs on our list follow this same specification.

The DXRacer can support a weight of 225-pounds, the closest to this is the Homall, at the top of our list, which can support 300-pounds.

Interestingly, all of the chairs on our list can support more weight than the DXRacer chair itself.

Final Thoughts

After reading this whole guide, you should now be in a better and more knowledgeable position to make a decision about what gaming chair to buy.

All of the top five chairs that we have picked as cheaper alternatives for the DXRacer chair are great options. Some of the chairs perform better in certain categories, when compared to the DXRacer, than others, and this is how we came to the order that we did.

The top slot goes to the Homall Gaming Chair because overall it is the best-looking chair and has a great price point. The AutoFull chair is also a great option but sits at the bottom of our list simply because, even though still an excellent gaming chair below the $500 mark, it is the most expensive of the five chairs.

Although we have ordered these chairs, this isn’t a definitive list. You might really like the look of the AutoFull, and even though it is number five on the list, you know it is the best option for you.

If that is the case, this guide has still been beneficial for you in finding you the perfect cheaper alternative to a DXRacer gaming chair on a budget.

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