Finding the Best Chair with a Desk Attached

Whether you’re looking to buy matching products for aesthetic reasons or cut down on the amount of time you spend shopping, buying a chair with a desk attached is a great way to ensure everything fits together.

Here are our top choices, including chairs with flip-up tablet arms, as well as some additional information about these products and what you should know before buying.

Note: This guide covers chairs with desks and tables physically attached to them. This guide does not cover the two-piece chair/desk combos, which are an entirely different sort of product.

Best Overall: Flash Furniture Black Ergonomic Shell Chair with Flip-Up Tablet Arm

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This kid-focused chair is both practical and affordable, which makes it a top choice for parents homeschooling children. If you want a chair for adults, don’t worry, several of those are below, and you can skip down to the next option to start seeing them.

The option to swap the desk to either side is an appealing feature, especially for kids. Affordability is a highlight, too, making this option ideal for homes (or classrooms) with multiple children.

Though the set can accommodate a high weight limit, the sizing isn’t ideal for adults. Of course, adults of a certain build might find this combo seat to be a suitable option for their needs. For most kids, however, the lightweight style and minimal padding are just right.


  • Measurements: 21” W x 25.5” D x 32” H; Desk 12.5” x 15.75”
  • Desk Options: Right or Left
  • Color Options: Black, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Navy, Orange, White
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs.


  • More affordable than many other desk/chair combos
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Comes in a variety of colors to match your decor


  • Fewer feature options than alternatives
  • Not ideal for bigger kids/adults

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Best Outdoor: Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair with Swivel Table

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Our first adult-sized chair, Coleman’s durable aluminum deck chair can withstand wind and rain to let you sit with a table wherever you need to.

The attached table swivels a full 360 degrees for maximum versatility.

It also promises to hold up to 10 pounds of weight, which is enough for most casual needs. Customer insights highlight that other desks offer more stability for heavier laptops and other items, however.

The padded armrests give a nice touch of comfort, and this is a helpful feature for helping adults stay comfortable. Maintaining proper posture is another consideration, so armrests support that goal as well.

An onboard cupholder is a handy feature, and being able to fold down the desk-chair combo is a sought-after feature for those short on space. Countless configurations with the swiveling desk mean this is an excellent option for a range of students and professionals who need a sturdy yet comfortable seat.


  • Measurements: 31” x 20” x 7.5”
  • Desk Options: Right only
  • Color Options: Black
  • Weight Capacity: 225 lbs.


  • More affordable than many other options
  • Mixed indoor/outdoor design makes it a great choice for taking on trips
  • Holds the weight of most adults comfortably
  • Stows away easily


  • No left-size desk versions
  • The table may not hold withstand heavy-duty use

Best Upholstered: Learniture Upholstered Tablet Arm Nesting Chair

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Learniture’s upholstered tablet arm nesting chair is a much better version of our overall choice. The main reason this product isn’t our top choice is the price; it’s a little too expensive to meet our criteria for the top spot.

However, it does have several qualities that help it stand out from the competition.

Among these, the most important is the large, sturdy desk section. This is a full-size swivel option that makes it easy to get in and out of the chair while still offering plenty of room to work.

The chair itself is based on a steel frame with a little upholstery for comfort, but portability is a highlight.

Our luxury-level chair and desk combination is large enough for both adults and children, too, making it a great choice for space-conscious buyers.

Of course, this may be the best option only if having a right-side-only attached desk is doable for homework or business.


  • Measurements: 30.4” x 23.1” x 7.8”
  • Desk Options: Right only
  • Color Options: Black
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.


  • The compact design makes it easy to fit into almost any room
  • It’s durable enough to hold the weight of typical adults
  • It’s wheeled, so you can use it on a floor mat
  • Firm, ergonomic seat


  • Not everyone wants to have wheels on a chair with a desk attached to it
  • It doesn’t have a left-handed desk option

Best Kids Chair: Delta Children MySize Chair Desk with Storage Bin

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Delta Children’s MySize chair with a desk attached is a durable and versatile option for children from three to six years old who aren’t quite ready for a full-size desk yet.

For preschool-age kids, the bright colors and storage area are perks. Engineered wood and fabric provide added durability, while a scratch-resistant finish helps protect and maintain its appearance.

Several other features set this chair apart from other children’s chairs. There’s a large storage area under the seat for holding anything you need, while a removable cup holder makes it easier to keep drinks, art supplies, or other items handy.

This desk is available in a simple white color scheme, but it also comes in a variety of kid-favorite character patterns to help match themed rooms.

Although only suitable for several years, this is a practical and efficient option for many households.

Of course, consumers suggest that the unit is a bit tough to assemble, so have your tools at the ready.


  • Measurements: 20.47” x 22.83” x 23.23”
  • Desk Options: Right only
  • Color Options: White, Gray, Dark Chocolate, Licensed Character Themes (Disney, Sesame Street, etc.)
  • Weight Capacity: 50 lbs.


  • The extra storage is great for kids with a lot of books or toys
  • You can assemble this chair entirely on your own
  • The many colors and patterns make this more appealing to most kids
  • Highly durable


  • Not for especially heavy or active children
  • Does not fold up for easy storage
  • Assembly can be a challenge

Best Luxury Chair: Flash Furniture Charcoal Gray Fabric Guest Chair with Tablet Arm

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If you thought “that, but for adults” while looking at the previous option, this is the chair for you.

Flash Furniture’s fabric guest chair is a large, heavily-padded chair designed with contemporary styling. The raised tablet arm swings a full 360 degrees, while the open storage area holds laptops, backpacks, or briefcases.

Unusually, this chair has some variety for the tablet, too. It comes with interchangeable rods that allow you to set the height to either 1.5” or 3” above the chair arm, making it more comfortable for users of different heights.

If you plan to use your tablet more than anything else, this could be the best chair for preventing cramps and propping up your device.

Three inches of foam makes a dense enough surface to support most users, too. While this is easily the largest and heaviest chair on our list, it comes with chrome feet capped by plastic glides to make moving it much easier.

The downside is that this chair is more expensive than any of its competitors.

But if style is a priority, this could be the chair-desk combination for you. Consumer insights reveal that this is a top choice for professionals looking for a solid, streamlined desk and chair set.


  • Measurements: 30” x 30” x 29”
  • Desk Options: Right only (height-adjustable)
  • Color Options: Black (leather), charcoal gray (fabric)
  • Weight Capacity: Unlisted (supports most adults)


  • A relatively rare luxury-style chair with a desk attached to it
  • Lets you remove the desk when you don’t want to use it
  • Looks good in most rooms


  • The desk doesn’t fold down at all
  • The back design may be uncomfortable for some users

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Buyer’s Guide

National Public Seating Mobile Chair with Tablet Arm and Storage, Red

Depending on how you’ll use it and what your style preferences are, there’s a lot to think about when buying a chair-desk set. Here are the most important things to look at when buying a chair with a desk attached to it.

Product Concepts

Chairs with desks attached to them are mainly for casual use. Unlike full-size desk sets, which hold a lot of weight, desks attached to chairs rarely hold more than 10-15 pounds without being at risk of breaking. That includes the force of hands pressing down on them.

In other words, these are great if you want to hold a light meal or write something while sitting back and relaxing.

However, most of them aren’t as comfortable as a luxury chair or as good for office work as a traditional setup.

Chairs with attached desks do have more versatility, however. Many products in this category are foldable and highly portable, allowing you to set up a workstation almost anywhere you want. Non-portable chairs are significantly sturdier and tend to be more comfortable.

Who Are These Products For?

Chairs with desks attached to them are mainly for people who want versatility. They’re particularly useful in cramped living environments where you want a writing surface but don’t have space for a full-size desk. They’re also good substitutes for tables because you can place a light meal on the desk with no problems.

In recent years, chairs with desks attached are also options for some home office workers. While many of the desks are too flimsy to support a full-size laptop and too small to have a keyboard, they can hold lighter laptops or tablets without trouble.

In some setups, they can also provide a little extra storage where you need it most.

For example, if your desk is cramped, a chair with a small desk attached can hold a few items for you while you work. That could provide a significant increase in your overall productivity.

Chairs with desks attached aren’t for everyone, but their versatility makes them worth considering if a traditional office setup doesn’t work for your needs.

What Materials Are These Products Made Out Of?

Most chairs with desks attached to them are made out of one of three primary sets of materials. Here are the most common options:

  • Metal Chair/Plastic Desk: Metal chairs are the standard option for products in this category. Normally steel or aluminum, these chairs are lightweight, relatively affordable, and can hold most heavier users for extended periods without difficulty. However, metal chairs tend to have minimal padding.
  • Wood Chair/Wood Desk: This is more common for children’s chairs, where wood provides some added durability as long as you assemble it correctly. Wood can be an extremely durable material when used correctly, so many of these chairs are much stronger than they look. They can also offer longevity, whereas plastic can warp or break.
  • Wood And Foam Chair/Plastic Desk: An upholstered chair has a lot of foam padding surrounding a sturdy wooden frame. These are luxury products and tend to be significantly more comfortable than any of the other options. However, the desks themselves may be somewhat cheaper, typically some type of plastic. At the same time, you might find that the price point is higher due to ‘ergonomics’ and comfort padding.

What Should I Do If The Chair/Desk Breaks?

This is a tricky question. In some cases, you can keep using the chair as-is, even if the desk part of it breaks. This is a popular choice among people who rarely used the desk to begin with. However, if you need the combination, it’s better to replace the entire chair.

The exception to this is if you can get replacement parts for the broken area. For example, the luxurious Flash Furniture chair described above has a wholly removable tray because it’s designed to let you change out the pins and adjust the height. Since the tray is removable, it’s also easily replaceable if broken, and that’s far more cost-effective.

The good news is that as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit on these chairs, most of them are durable enough to use for years on end. If you’re worried about damaging them, look for fixed-frame chairs instead of foldable ones. Fixed-frame chairs are fundamentally sturdier because they don’t need thinner, moving parts.

What Kinds Of Features Do Chairs With Desks Attached Have?

Here are the most common types of features that products in this category may display.

  • Wheels: Wheels are particularly useful for home office environments where you may want to turn your chair or pull yourself around the area to reach folders or cabinets. However, wheels are relatively rare on these products, so expect to see limited choices if this is a feature you’re looking for.
  • Sliders: Sliders are plastic coverings that make it easier to drag a chair around. While not as mobile as wheels, these are a good alternative if you need to regularly push a chair around a room. Sliders have no moving parts, so they’re also fundamentally more durable than wheels.
  • Padding: Chairs with desks attached can range from having no padding at all to having several inches of comfortable memory foam. As a general rule, more-expensive chairs tend to have more padding. Professionals may prefer ergonomic padding, while children’s seating tends to offer fewer comfort amenities.
  • Desk Qualities: Attached desks are not created equally. Some desks are significantly more durable than others, either because they’re made of thicker materials or because they’re made of better materials. Metal is usually the best choice, but plastic is noticeably more common. Wood desks are rarer but often available online or even second-hand or vintage.

What Determines The Price Of Chairs With Desks Attached?

The main factor that determines the price of these products is their comfort level. The desk itself costs almost nothing for manufacturers to add to a particular chair. Instead, attributes like the amount of metal needed and whether or not it’s upholstered help determine the overall price.

Prices vary, but most products in this category retail above $100 but less than $300. Manufacturers assume that people who are willing to spend more than this on a chair probably have enough space to have a full-size desk, so attached desks aren’t nearly as common among truly luxurious chairs.


People have very different needs when they’re looking for chairs with desks attached to them, so no product in this category is truly universal.

Flash Furniture’s ergonomic chair is a great choice for children because it’s affordable, reliable, and ideal for many studying situations. That’s also the main category of people who use chairs with desks attached to them.

Meanwhile, Coleman’s aluminum chair is a great choice for indoor/outdoor situations. Its versatility makes it useful for people who want to have a desk in many different environments, though the desk itself is relatively flimsy and not good for serious work.

Finally, Learniture’s upholstered chair is a more-expensive but improved version of our top overall choice. It’s suitable for both children and adults, and it has a sturdy desk suitable for working.

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