Herman Miller: Aeron vs Mirra 2

In every industry or sector there is a status symbol. A product that represents success. In the world of office furniture it’s a Herman Miller chair.

To have a Herman Miller chair in your office means you’re doing well professionally. Why? Because they’re not cheap. But there’s a good reason for that.

The Herman Miller brand is synonymous with ergonomic design, high-end materials, maximum comfort and improved health. After all, if you’re spending at least eight hours a day sitting in a chair, it makes sense to go for a quality product.

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With the entire Herman Miller range to choose from though, which chair is worth the investment?

To help you on your way, this article looks at two of the most popular models – the Aeron and the Mirra 2.

But first, here’s a quick introduction to the Herman Miller brand.

A century of furniture design

Herman Miller is based in Zeeland, Michigan. The company has been going for more than 100 years with a firm focus on innovation in furniture design. And today it’s known for its “modern” approach and contemporary designs, especially when it comes to chairs.

So, what is it that makes Herman Miller so distinctive?

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

First and foremost, the designers set out to create chairs that are more than just something to sit on. They want products that are actually good for people’s well-being. Instead of further contributing to the poor health of office workers everywhere.

In fact, Herman Miller designer, Jeff Weber, has even said: “You can’t design without empathy.” Which means they know how it feels to spend all day in an uncomfortable chair.

Combine that with a company vision to find a “democratic solution” for office furniture that will suit everyone, and you have the recipe for exceptional craftsmanship.

But back to the aim of this article. Which chair is better – the Aeron or the Mirra 2? Let’s find out.

The Aeron by Herman Miller

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The Aeron chair was first released in the 1990’s and quickly became a status symbol in offices around the world. Then, in 2016, Herman Miller decided it was time to remaster the chair to keep up with 21st Century living and the latest science.

The result is a new version of the Aeron has been designed in line with cutting-edge research in ergonomics. While staying true to the original concept.

What really stands out though is the use of Pellicle. This is a weaved mesh material that evenly distributes weight to avoid pressure points. It’s also breathable to stop heat building-up in the chair. Something all office workers are familiar with in the hot summer months.

Then there is the PostureFit SL technology. This is made up of individual pads to support the sacrum and lumbar region, which works by following the natural curve in the spine.

In true Herman Miller style, there is also the option for these pads to be adjustable. So the chair can be customized for each individual to ensure a healthy posture for everyone.

And the cross-performance design means that the chair can handle, and support, different seated positions. From leaning forward to reclining.

Here’s the full overview of the Aeron:

  • 8Z Pellicle mesh material
  • Ergonomic support in a range of positions (including recline)
  • Adjustable armrests (optional)
  • PostureFit SL technology
  • Tilt mechanism to support movement
  • Graphite frame with satin aluminium finish
  • Comes in three sizes (maximum weight 159 kg)
  • Up to 91 per cent recyclable

Finally, how much does the Aeron cost? A brand new Aeron chair will set you back $1,069. And refurbished models are on the market from around $800.

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The Mirra 2 by Herman Miller

office chair

Mirra 2 Chair – Black

The Mirra 2 is a sophisticated chair that is designed to be agile and adaptable to modern working conditions.

In fact, Herman Miller describes the Mirra 2 as, “a high-performance chair that supports people who work in a constant state of motion”.

But what does that actually mean?

It means that the seat and back adapt to different sitting positions. It has a flexible Loop Spine design feature to allow seated movement. And a Harmonic 2 tilt mechanism to ensure a smooth recline.

Then there is the PostureFit technology. This provides sacral support to keep the spine properly aligned while sitting for long periods of time to prevent fatigue.

There are also two options for the back material. You can choose between Butterfly (a hybrid fabric and polymer material) or the fabric-free TriFlex for an easy-to-clean chair. Both styles encourage good ventilation to keep the user cool.

Here’s the full overview of the Mirra 2:

  • PostureFit technology
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Responsive design
  • Tilt mechanism for natural movement
  • Adjustable arms (optional)
  • Butterfly or TriFlex back options
  • Maximum weight limit 159 kg

Finally, the Mirra 2 comes in a range of colors to really customize your chair.

And what does it cost? Again, the starting price tag on this chair is not cheap at $749. But you can find refurbished models online for cheaper.

And the winner is …

For a high-end, iconic chair that is worth the investment, the winner has to be the Aeron.

Not only does the Aeron look great, but the remastered ergonomic design ensures office work is as comfortable as possible. Which is exactly why the Aeron was designed in the first place.

However, if sophistication and a slightly lower price tag are at the top of your wish list, then the Mirra 2 is not a bad alternative. It might not have the same timeless quality as the Aeron, but it still has Herman Miller’s signature ergonomic technology and effortless style.

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