The Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

So many people in the workforce today spend their entire workday sitting in a chair and looking at a computer screen. The risks of this kind of work environment are coming to light as more research is done on ergonomics and the effects of blue light.

But one of the worst effects of office life is the stress sitting can put on your neck and back. If you’ve experienced the pain of a strained neck, you may consider getting a new office chair.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best office chairs to help with neck pain, so read our reviews so you can stop suffering from neck pain at work.

Reasons for Neck Pain

Many people that spend a great deal of their day sitting in a chair and using a computer experience neck pain. There are different reasons you may experience neck pain, either due to your monitor, posture, or, of course, your chair.

While practicing proper posture, adding a neck pillow to your setup, or adjusting your monitor height can all help reduce neck pain, the best solution is usually to buy a new chair that will cater to your specific needs.

Best Chairs Office for Neck Pain

Livinia Chair

Livinia Ergonomic Office Chair

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The Livinia chair is one of the best chairs for neck pain because the design not only focuses on relieving neck tension but also relieving pressure on the lower spine, which often leads to neck pain.

The split-back design makes it so that nothing pushes up against your lower vertebrae. The headrest also has height adjustability, so you can position it in the best way to keep your skull supported without pressing on your neck.

The back also has excellent lumbar support, so it naturally holds you in an ergonomic sitting position and encourages good posture. However, the chair is mostly plastic parts, so it may not last the buyer more than a couple of years with heavy use.

Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

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The Gesture chair made by Steelcase is one of the ideal office chairs for people that suffer from neck pain. The chair has a unique headrest that cradles your neck and skull, so most of the pressure is relieved from your spine. When we sit, our spinal discs compress together, which is a common source of neck pain.

You can adjust the height, angle, and tilt of this headrest to customize it for your neck. In general, the entire chair has incredible adjustability. The height adjustment, the tilt tension, the 4D armrests, and more allow you to position the chair perfectly for your body.

In addition, the chair comes in more than 15 colors and materials, so you can order one that matches your style and office space.

KCream Executive

KCREAM High Back Big

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The KCream Executive Office Chair is a wonderful option for people suffering from neck pain due to sitting. The seatback reclines 135 degrees which are the recommended recline for people with back or neck pain. The chair has a super high back and padded headrest so it fully supports your neck and spine for optimal comfort.

The high-density cushions are an important feature because they prevent the hard metal parts from touching your body in any way. These hard pieces can put unnecessary pressure on your bones, so the cushioning protects you.

The chair is a breeze to put together, even if you feel like you’re terrible at assembling furniture. Plus the chair has a 300-pound weight limit so works for most individuals.

Smugdesk Office Chair

Ergonomics MeshChair

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The Smugdesk Office Chair is ideal for someone on a budget. The chair doesn’t have the highest-quality parts, but they focus on ergonomics and neck comfort. The height and tilt tension is adjustable, but the armrests are not.

When you look for an office chair on a budget, there are a few compromises you’ll have to make, like the color options, material quality, and durability. But what’s important is that your neck pain should dissipate when you switch to this chair.

The seat cushion is thin, but you can always add your own if you like. The lumbar support is fantastic, which contributes to neck and overall body comfort.

Advice to Buyers

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It’s wise to set a budget for yourself before you begin shopping. There are excellent budget chairs out there for people with neck pain, but it can be hard to turn away from high-quality chairs.


Ergonomics are important, but if you don’t feel comfortable sitting in the chair, it will never work. If you can sit in the chair before you buy it, this is a great opportunity to see how you feel about it. Even if it’s rated as the best ever chair for people with neck pain if you don’t find it comfortable don’t purchase it.


Ergonomics is the reason you’re here reading this article. Neck pain is a sign of poor ergonomic practices. Things like lumbar support and adjustable headrests are a sign that the chair prioritizes ergonomics and may be able to help your neck stress.


Some chairs are only available in one color or design, while others come in a plethora of options. This isn’t important to everyone, but if it’s important to you it’s something to focus on whenever you are shopping around.


This coincides with the price, but what level of quality you want from your office chair is an important aspect to figure out. Lower-quality chairs will likely use plastic parts and fake leather. This doesn’t mean they won’t cradle your neck and relieve pain. But they will likely not last as long as higher quality chairs made from steel or other sturdy materials.

Bottom Line

Now that you know there are office chairs designed to help with neck pain available, there’s no reason to continue to suffer at work. Get your hands on one of these comfy chairs so you can give your neck and spine a break.

We hope this list gives you a jumping-off point to start your ergonomic chair journey. What’s important is that you know there are options out there and solutions available, and living with chronic neck pain can lead to poor spinal health and overall discomfort.


Is neck pain common?

Yes, especially among office workers, neck pain is very common. Many office workers don’t practice good posture or ergonomic sitting and this results in neck pain.

Where should my monitor be?

Your monitor should be at eye level with you when you sit up straight. Try to aim for your eyes to be level with the top third of your screen, as this is where most people focus their time.

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