What’s the Best Office Chair for Coccyx Pain?

People that have to work in an office all day long often experience pain in their neck and back due to constant sitting. Many studies show that sitting for more than one hour at a time is harmful to circulation and spinal health. If you are suffering with pain in the bones at the bottom of your spine above your bottom, you’re in the right place to find the the best office chair for coccyx pain so you can get back to feeling good at your desk.

What Is Your Coccyx?

Your coccyx is the same thing as your tailbone. This bone combines three to five fused vertebrae that sit underneath your sacrum at the bottom of your spine. Your coccyx and ischial tuberosities, the name of your two pelvic bones, take the brunt of your weight when you sit down.

If you sit unevenly, you may put undue pressure on your coccyx and less weight on your pelvic bones. Coccyx pain can be unbearable, especially if you must sit throughout the day.

Luckily, some chairs can help correct your sitting to redistribute your weight evenly. The proper chair can eliminate your coccyx pain so you can get through a day’s work pain-free.

Best Office Chairs for Coccyx Pain

Steelcase Leap V2

best office chair for coccyx pain

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One of the most popular chairs in cooperate offices, the Steelcase Leap V2 can provide incredible relief to people suffering from coccyx pain.

The main benefit of its design is the contoured backrest that has a subtle S-shape but retains the flexibility to move with your body. Often coccyx pain occurs in people who lean back in their chair often, adding pressure to their tailbone. But the Leap V2 moves with you instead of adding pressure.

Steelcase calls this LiveBack technology because the backrest acts as one with your back. Another blessing for people with coccyx pain is the large gap between the back of the seat bottom and the backrest. The gap leaves free space for your tailbone to rest in where no parts of the chair are pressing on it.

In addition, the chair has advanced lumbar support that helps relieve coccyx and lower back pain in people that sit for extended periods.

HAG Capisco

best office chair for coccyx pain

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If you’re looking for a different kind of chair to solve your coccyx problem, this saddle-style chair may be ideal for you. Moving away momentarily for standard office chair designs, we want to introduce you to this unique chair.

The HAG saddle-style chair is excellent for back pain because it can be turned around and sat on in reverse. This flips the shift of pressure on your pelvic bones and vertebrae. This will break you out of your normal sitting patterns and should relieve the pain in your tailbone.

The chair is also designed to work with a standing desk. If you suffer from severe coccyx pain, you may want to consider getting a standing desk to give your tailbone a break from sitting throughout the day.


best office chair for coccyx pain

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A common cause of coccyx pain comes from leaning forward in a chair that places pressure on your tailbone. Although leaning forward is not the ideal ergonomic position for an office worker, some people can’t help themselves.

If you are one of these people, the SIDIZ chair is a wonderful solution. It can relieve the pain in your coccyx while also allowing you to comfortably lean forward when you work. This is because it has a forward tilting seat bottom that moves as you do but can also be locked in place.

The movement of the seat bottom helps lift your coccyx away from the seatback to prevent tension or stress. The adjustability also allows you to change your position and move around to disperse any sitting tension evenly. This will hopefully relieve the pain in your tailbone.

Advice to Buyers

Some aspects to keep in mind when shopping:


If you are reading this, we assume you are suffering from tailbone pain. The chairs on our list could bring you a wave of comfort, but not all chairs will relieve this pain. When shopping for an office chair, look for ergonomic terminology relating to the back, lumbar, area, and of course coccyx.

Chairs that focus on neck pain can be great and super comfy, but you want to choose a chair designed to combat the specific pain you experience.


Even if the Harachair chair is the best piece of furniture in the entire world for coccyx pain, if you don’t find it comfortable, it isn’t the right chair for you. The same can be said for the HAG Capisco saddle chair. Some people find the saddle seat to be a life-changing way to sit and the remedy to their tailbone troubles. But if this kind of chair is super awkward and unpleasant for you, then it isn’t the chair for you.

Bottom Line

Coccyx pain is quite common among office workers, but the chairs on our list may be your perfect solution. Suffering through any type of back pain is unnecessary. Back pain can lead to headaches, bone disorders, and many more problems. And trying to ignore the pain often only makes it much, much worse.

You are not the first nor the last human to struggle with tailbone pain. Luckily, people have designed these pain-relieving chairs so that you can get back to working comfortably.


Are coccyx and lumbar pain the same?

No, the lumbar is the part of your spine above your sacrum and coccyx. The lumbar consists of about five vertebrae located above the sacrum that form the tail-end of the S-shape in your spine.

While pain in these two areas can certainly be related, they are not technically the same.

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