The Best Office Chair For a Tall Person

Many office chairs are for the average-sized worker, but this isn’t fair to people that might be taller, shorter, lighter, or heavier than average. If you fit into the tall category, we’ve compiled reviews for some of the best tall office chairs available.

Check out our reviews of these top chairs for our tall friends, and don’t settle for a chair intended for someone a foot shorter than you!

The Best Office Chairs For Tall People

OHF Aloria Series Chair

Maximum Height: 7’1”

The OHF Aloria chair is such a great design because it works for tall people as well as short people. The manufacturer sends two different sized gas cylinders so you can install the short or long one depending on your height.

The chair is very adjustable, from the headrest to the tilt tension to the 4D armrests. This can be rare in chairs made for tall people because the large designs are more difficult to make adjustable. The chair uses high-quality materials and genuine soft leather, so you know it will last you a long time.

Sunnow Office Chair

Maximum Height: 6’7”

The Sunnow chair is one of the more popular office chairs for tall people. One of the reasons for this is the extra-wide and adjustable neck rest. This likely appeals to tall people because they are usually up too high to use headrests on standard office chairs.

The Sunnow is a nice midpoint between luxury and cheap. It uses quality materials that will last years but are on the affordable side of the tall office chair market. Owners of the chair report that the comfort is unmatched, and the mesh material cradles your entire body.

If you are a tall person suffering from back or hip pain, this chair offers excellent lumbar support and flexible tilt tension for reclining.

Bowery Management Office Chair

Maximum Height: 6’6”

The Bowery Management chair is one of the most popular office chairs in Fortune 500 companies because they are not made for tall people but instead work for most heights. This makes them a great option for ordering chairs for an entire office, as they fit many body types and provide excellent comfort and ergonomics.

The ​​rubber elastomer backrest contours beautifully to everyone’s back and is flexible enough to move and shift as you do in your seat. So passing papers across desks or reaching around to pick up copies won’t be an uncomfortable task anymore.

StarSpace Executive Chair

Maximum Height: 6’4”

The StarSpace chair has the lowest heigh maximum out of all our chairs, but it still made our list because of its excellent ergonomic properties that cater to tall people. StarSpace is known for creating great office furniture for big and tall people. Their Executive Chair has a super high backrest padded with soft foam and upholstered in genuine leather.

One of the reasons this chair makes our list is because tall people seem to love it. They say it’s one of the most comfortable chairs they’ve ever sat in. This may be because the chair doesn’t cater to all body types and instead focuses on tall people and what chair would be ideal for them.

Advice to Buyers

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Recent research has shown us just how valuable proper ergonomics are in the office. One of the keys to practicing ergonomics successfully is to use the right chair. Even if you find a chair for tall people, if there are no ergonomic qualities like lumbar support, a curved seat bottom, or a supportive headrest, then you should seek out a different option that will cradle your body properly.


Before you begin shopping, it’s wise to set a budget for yourself. Office chairs can cost anywhere between $100 and $2,000, so you need to go in with an idea of what you’re willing to spend. Consider how long you plan on owning and using this chair, and how often you will use it. If you want an affordable chair, be willing to make certain compromises on things like color or upholstery.


Of course, this is an important factor for you since you are here reading about chairs for tall people. Note the maximum height, maximum weight, and target user for the chairs you consider. As noted in our reviews, some chairs work for short and tall people, but you may want a chair that caters to tall people only.


Some manufacturers will opt for plastic parts and polyester upholstery to save their customers money. These chairs typically don’t last as long because the materials aren’t as durable. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t be as comfortable or ergonomically designed. This is one of the places you may want to compromise to stay within your budget.


This is still one of the most important factors when choosing a chair. Even if the chair has top-of-the-line ergonomic features and the most expensive materials, if it isn’t comfortable for you then don’t buy it. This is the chair you’’ ll have to use daily, so get one that you’ll look forward to sitting in.

Bottom Line

One of the problems with office chair design is that most of them appeal to the average-sized office worker. But workers have all different body types, and everyone deserves a chair that fits them, including you tall people! Hopefully, this list will lead you to your ideal tall office chair, or at least has confirmed that chairs for tall people exist.

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all chair when you can enjoy the comfort of an office chair specifically designed for your body type. You will be happier, and so will your body.


Do tall people and heavy people use the same chairs?

Some chairs are designed for big and tall people, especially StarSpace chairs. However, this list focuses on chairs for a tall person. None of the chairs on our list exceed a 395-pound weight limit, and most are between 250 and 300 pounds. But there are excellent options made specifically for tall and heavy people.

How tall are people that use tall chairs?

The average height of the American office worker is 5’9”. Tall chairs are generally designed for people that are 6’ or taller. So if you’re 6’ or over, this list applies to you!

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