Ficmax Gaming Chair Review (Updated)

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is another one of our favorite, lesser known gaming chair brands.

While it’s no DXracer, the Ficmax is a solid contender for a computer gaming chair at a more than reasonable price point. It comes in several different, unique colors and has features that make this gaming chair worth considering.

Plus, the Ficmax Gaming Chair won’t break the bank.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair with Footrest, Racing Style Home Office Chair High Back Gamer Chair for E-Sport Reclining Gaming Desk Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support

One of the biggest benefits of going with a lesser known brand of gaming chair is that you’ll typically save money by buying the store brand.

Think about it this way – buying the store brand Advil is way less expensive but still gets the job done just as well. Don’t get us wrong though, some gaming chairs like the DXRacer can be noticeably better compared to some of the other gaming chairs out there.

In any case, the Ficmax definitely holds its own when it comes to quality and value.

In this review, we will cover the features that make this chair great along with everything you need to know before your purchase.

But before we jump into the review, we like to tell readers a little about ourselves. You might be wondering, “who sits around and write reviews about office and gaming chairs?”

Short answer: we do.

The team here at is dedicated to identifying, sitting in and recommending the best computer chairs on the market. There are TONS of chairs out there and often times consumers are inundated with too many choices.

That’s where we come in. We believe that everyone buying an office chair should know exactly what they’re buying. Consequently, we go in-depth into the most important aspects of each chair we review.

Anyway, enough about us. The reason you’re here is to learn more about the Ficmax Gaming Chair. Without further adieu…

In Depth Review of the Ficmax Gaming Chair

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Home Office Chair High Back Gamer Chair with Footrest Memory Foam Gaming Computer Chair Gaming Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support

Overall Rating: 4.5 | See Price on Amazon

Style, Colors and Materials in the Ficmax Gaming Chair

Let’s talk style. the Ficmax gaming chair has clean lines, and embodies the typical racing style gaming chair. It may look like a typical gaming chair at first glance, however Ficmax truly nailed the look. Some gaming chairs are way over the top; i.e. too many crazy lines, colors and strange-looking features.

The Fixmax Gaming Chair also comes in several different colors, and we are a fan of all of them. However, we have noticed that the color options change over time. What we mean by this is that on Amazon, we don’t see some of the color options that were available a few months ago. That being said, the colors have all been solid and nice looking.

Last but not least, the Ficmax, like most any other gaming chair, is fitted with PU composite leather. PU leather is a smooth, sturdy material used to fit many computer chairs. Believe it or not, composite leather has made a lot of strides over the years and the material used on the Ficmax gets two thumbs up. It’s soft, comfortable and somewhat breathable.

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Ficmax Gaming Chair Comfort, Ergonomics and Adjustability

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair with Footrest, Racing Style Home Office Chair High Back Gamer Chair for E-Sport Reclining Gaming Desk Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support

The picture above says it all. The Ficmax Gaming chair has no lack of ergonomic capability; plus, all things considered, it’s a pretty comfortable chair for the price. Let’s start with comfort.

OK – when compared to a DXRacer or a different high-end gaming chair, the Ficmax doesn’t quite measure up comfort wise. While it’s still fairly comfortable for long periods of sitting, it can feel a little stiff as opposed to some other gaming chairs out there. That being said, it still holds its own and the comfort level is about what you’d expect for the cost of the chair.

When it comes to ergonomics, the Ficmax Gaming Chair checks just about all the boxes. It’s got the core features like adjustable armrests and adjustable height and tilt coupled with a few “above and beyond” features. One of those features to note is the lumbar and headrest support pillows. They are both removable and support a healthy spinal posture — something that is critical for gamers due to long periods of sitting. All in all, the ergonomic functions are on par with the best gaming computer chairs.

Now, for our favorite “above and beyond” features…

Standout Features: Reclining Capability, Leg Rest, Vibrating Massage Lumbar Function

The Ficmax Gaming Chair comes with three standout features that differentiate it from other gaming chairs… well two really, and one sort of gimmicky feature that isn’t too much to write home about.

Let’s start with the reclining capability and leg rest. These are really cool features, especially if your gaming setup is your main entertainment center. This chair can be plopped back to a 180 degree angle and has a retractable leg rest; it’s absolutely perfect for sitting back to binge on Stranger Things or any other fan favorite Netflix show. On top of that, you can wheel the Ficmax right out into your living room for an extra seat around the flatscreen – given your computer setup isn’t in the same room.

Anyway, onto the to negative note on the Ficmax gaming chair. While we really do love this gaming chair for it’s ergonomics and wallet friendly price, we just couldn’t get passed this one feature. Not sure why Ficmax decided to add this to a great gaming chair, but they did. We hesitatingly present to you the…

The vibrating back pillow.  I mean, really? We’re going for a gaming chair here, not a massage chair. This feature seems so forced, and frankly if you buy this chair, you’ll probably never use it.

To be upfront, it’s a bit of a disappointment and doesn’t make too much of a difference. It doesn’t have much of an impact on relieving lower back pressure and just kind of vibrates. The vibration is fairly strong, but we think Ficmax missed the ball on this one.

Anyway, it’s not too bad given the gaming chair is comfortable and affordable, but could be better. 10/10 would recommend Ficmax to remove the vibrating feature all together because they seem to promote it like it’s a really great part about the chair.

But if you do like this type of virbating or massage feature, be sure to also look at the KILLABEE massage model or the Elecwish massage series.

Ficmax Computer Gaming Chair Specs and Measurements

Specs and measurements are an often an overlooked aspect when people purchase a computer chair.

Coincidentally, it’s also one of the most important parts of the process. News flash: ordering office chairs on the internet seems great, but imagine you get a chair that doesn’t fit your weight specs and is simply much too large.

Returning this giant 40-50 pound piece of furniture can be quite the hassle, which is exactly why it’s easier to get it right the first time. Anyway, here are the measurements and important specs for the Ficmax Gaming Chair.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Home Office Chair High Back Gamer Chair with Footrest Memory Foam Gaming Computer Chair Gaming Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support

*all above measurements are approximate and in Inches

  • Weight Capacity: ~300 pounds
  • Chair Weight: Not specified, our best guess is in the 50lb range

Overall Thoughts on the Ficmax Gaming Chair

All in all, the Ficmax Gaming Chair is a good chair for the price range it falls into. It’s comfortable, stylish and has all of the standard features one would expect in a gaming chair plus a few bonus ones.

We did find that Ficmax claims to have a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 12 month limited warranty on parts. Not too shabby if you ask us. However, upon further research, the Ficmax website doesn’t exist.

The nonexistent Ficmax Website raises a few eyebrows. That being said, we still like the Ficmax Gaming Chair, just don’t expect the level of customer service with this company as compared to more established ones. Here are a list of the pro’s and con’s of this particular gaming chair:

See Price on Amazon


  • Adjustable armrests, tilt and height
  • Removable headrest and massaging lumbar pillows
  • Comes in several different stylish colors
  • Weight capacity is all-encompassing coming in at around 300lbs
  • Retractable legrest
  • Made from a soft, durable PU leather material
  • Lifetime and limited warranty


  • Vibrating pillow not as great as it could be
  • Sometimes colors vary over time and you won’t find the same one if you wait too long
  • Not a well-known brand of computer gaming chairs

Thank you for taking the time to read our in-depth review, we hope this article helps you along in your gaming chair purchasing journey. Be sure to check out our other reviews, and as always…

Happy sitting!

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