The 18 Best Computer Gaming Chairs (2018)

Updated August 2, 2022
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Bottom Line


Bottom Line

bottom line
Editor's Choice


  • Top-notch, breathable mesh material
  • Adjustable height, armrests and tilt
  • Comes with free lumbar and headrest pillow


  • Not a good chair for long term sitting


Drifting Series Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat

Bottom Line

bottom line
Runner Up


  • Fine grade PU leather material
  • Adjustable height, armrests and tilt
  • Weight limit for this model is 200 lbs


  • Not the most comfortable back to a chair


Classic Series Big and Tall Chair

Bottom Line

bottom line
Runner Up


  • Luxurious PU leather material
  • Extendable footrest and reclining mechanism
  • Adjustable height, tilt and armrests


  • The chair is hard, not soft at all.
  • The headrest is not adjustable

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The 18 Best Computer Gaming Chairs (2018)

A computer gaming chair isn’t merely a desk chair. It’s not your average 9-5 stale, boring office chair either.


It’s much more than that.

A computer gaming chair is a throne, a domain even for gamers across the world. It’s a status symbol, a statement saying, “we aren’t f$*king around over here”. Additionally, it’s the lifeline of all gamers – a sacred place even. Whether you’re going  the battle royal in Fortnite, planting the bomb in CS GO or eagerly awaiting Destiny 2 to come out, the computer gaming chair is a holy throne where many epic battles take place.

And a chair of such high stature should have at least some thought put into it. Have you ever sat on a cheap, plastic no-arm office chair for over 5 hours of gaming? Not a very pleasant experience if you ask me. Well, the good news is you no longer have to settle for mediocre office chairs for peasants. You’re about to enter the world of elite gaming chairs.

We understand it can be challenging and even painstaking to find the right gaming chair. The markets are flooded with hundreds, albeit thousands of different brands of computer gaming chairs. Which is exactly where we come in.

Our goal at is to find the best racing gaming chairs so you don’t have to. We even took it a step further and put the best computer gaming chairs in this convenient blog post.

There are several components of this post you should be aware of: we start out with reviews of our two favorite racing gaming chair brands: DXRacer and Merax. Then, we go into a more budget focused approach where we hand selected the best computer gaming chairs in three different price ranges.

Want to get crazy? Check out these standing desk Varidesk alternatives and game while standing too.

There’s no reason for you to stress out over which computer gaming chair you need to choose.

How We Chose The Best Computer Gaming Chairs

The team here at is 100% dedicated to finding, reviewing and rating the best chairs available to consumers.

Most of us also consider ourselves gamers to some extent. I personally have been a long time gamer, dating back to the Counter Strike 1.6 days in the early 2000’s.  Having said that, We have all sat in our fair share of gaming computer chairs in particular – some good, and some bad.

We go through a thorough research and vetting process for each selected PC gaming chair on this list. Our team of chair experts review and give an honest, unbiased opinion of each of the following gaming computer chairs. Plus, we have all sat on these chairs before throughout our gaming escapades.

There are tons of gaming computer chair picks out on the market, and it’s important to do the proper research before purchasing one.

But we know that buying a chair isn’t at the top of your priority list of things you absolutely want to do, which is exactly why we made this list of the best rated gaming computer chairs. There’s no need to stress or worry about which chair is the best and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a decision and get back to gaming.

So if you ended up here during your chair purchasing journey, you’re in luck. If you read this post we guarantee that you’ll find the best computer gaming chair for you. Get ready to log some hours in your new throne, because you’re about to enter the world of the nicest, best rated pc gaming chairs.

As seen in the table of contents above, we broke this post down into different criteria of gaming computer chair options. Whether you’re shopping for the best brand (psst.. it’s DXRacer) or if you’re on a hairline budget but still want an awesome gaming chair, we’ve got you covered.

DXRacer Gaming Chair Series Review

DXRacer is likely the most well-known and popular PC gaming chair manufacturer in the space. When it comes to gaming chairs, they take the cake for comfort, quality and chair diversity.

Hold the phone – what is chair diversity, you ask?

DXRacer makes different sized PC gaming chairs to fit just about everyone imaginable. If you’re big and tall like me, you likely have sat in an uncomfortable computer chair that is much too small or unfitting… not a very pleasant experience, let me tell you.

To give you an idea, here’s the breakdown of all the different DXRacer gaming chair sizes:

dxracer dimension chart

DXRacer gaming chairs come in 15 different styles! That means you have 15 different options to choose from based on your body shape and size. Consequently, DXRacer has the most diverse, albeit high quality computer gaming chair options on the market.

You can’t go wrong with a DXRacer gaming chair.

To give you an idea, our chair experts here at chose our favorite DXRacer office chairs to review. You’ll get an idea of what styles and variations these chairs come in. Plus, you get to see some sweet pictures of different color computer gaming chairs.

Remember, these are just a few of our favorites – there are plenty of different DXRacer gaming chair choices aside from the ones below.

Let’s start with…

DXRacer Drifting Series Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Overview

dxracer drifting chair

Rating: 4.7

The DXRacer Drifting Series is the ultimate computer gaming chair and is a highly revered “classic” among the gaming community. It’s sleek and made with a fine PU leather material and it’s comfortable as all get out. You can’t go wrong with this pc gaming chair and you will not regret investing in this beauty. DXRacer makes a lot of great chairs, and this is quite simply one of the best. It’s simple, ergonomically sound and has a lot of excellent features that make it sittable for extended periods of time. The DXRacer Drifting Series comes standard with the following qualities:

  • Fine grade PU leather material
  • Adjustable height, armrests and tilt
  • Weight limit for this model is suggested at a maximum of around 200 lbs
  • Comes with additional lumbar and headrest pillow for support
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure posture support during long periods of gaming
  • Comes in 3 sweet colors

DXRacer Racing Series Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Review

Dxracer Racing Chair

Rating: 4.7

The DXRacer Racing Series is another classic computer gaming chair. The big difference between the Racing Series and the aforementioned Drifting Series is the material. While the Drifting Series comes in high-grade PU Leather, the Racing Series comes fitted with top-notch mesh material. The biggest benefit of mesh over leather is that mesh is much more breathable. So if you tend to run hot (like I do), you should consider the Racing Series because mesh retains less heat than leather. No sweaty back or drenched shirt after a gaming sesh with this bad boy. This DXRacer gaming chair has all the excellent qualities that the Drifting series offers, and to reiterate, here they are:

  • Top-notch, breathable mesh material
  • Adjustable height, armrests and tilt
  • Weight limit for this model is suggested at a maximum of around 200 lbs
  • Comes with free lumbar and headrest pillow
  • Ergonomically sound design that will support posture health
  • Comes in many different colors

DXRacer Classic Series Big and Tall Chair (Black/Coffee)

Dxracer Classic Chair

Rating: 4.8

The DXRacer Classic computer gaming chair is a true classic. See what I did there? Moving on – this PC gaming chair is a tank and come loaded with out-of-this-world features. It even has a fully extendable leg rest and can recline almost 180 degrees. Tired from a long night of gaming? No problem. Grab a nearby blanket, recline and doze off in your new luxury gaming computer chair. The Classic comes fitted in PU leather and also comes in several neat colors. Plus, it’s a tank of a gaming chair and is built to last. This particular DXRacer gaming chair comes with the following qualities:

  • Luxurious PU leather material
  • Extendable footrest and reclining mechanism
  • adjustable height, tilt and armrests
  • Free lumbar support pillow
  • Weight capacity maximum is around 250 lbs
  • Extra padded cushion and ergonomic design for maximum comfort and support

Merax Computer Gaming Chairs

Merax is another highly regarded brand when it comes to computer gaming chair choices. It’s not quite as popular as DXRacer, however it is a formidable alternative to the above pc gaming chairs.  Merax is definitely on the more affordable side of gaming chairs. Although DXracer is the top pick when it comes to a computer gaming chair, Merax makes quality chairs at a reasonable price.

You’ll sacrifice some of the quality and features you’d get with DXRacer by going with Merax, but rest assured you’re still in the realm of the best computer gaming chairs on the market.

Be sure to check out the list of our teams favorite Merax Gaming Chairs.

If you don’t feel like combing through pages of Merax PC gaming chairs, don’t worry. Our team at hand selected the most popular and best rated merax gaming computer chairs so you can narrow down your search a bit.

Below are 3 of the top reviewed, best Merax gaming chair options:

Merax Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair (Red)

merax red chair

Rating: 4.5

This Merax PC gaming chair is the epitome of a racing gaming hair. For starters , it looks the part. Additionally, it has a bucket design with many features that ensure crazy awesome support and comfort. This gaming computer chair is made from PU leather and is designed specifically for gamers who want to add some flair to their desk setup without sacrificing comfort and support. Although Merax chairs are quite as nice as DXRacer, you likely won’t notice much difference – DXRacer is the most well-known brand for computer gaming chairs. Merax on the other hand makes a great alternative. Here are the features that this model offers:

  • Headrest and lumbar support pillows
  • Comfort padding foam technology
  • Heavy duty chair base with sturdy castors
  • Adjustable height, tilt and armrests
  • Comes in 3 unique colors to match your personality

Merax Ergonomic Office Race Car Seat

merax blue chair

Rating: 4.3

Talk about a colorful PC gaming chair. The Merax Ergonomic Office Race Car Seat comes in three loud colors and is made from a mesh material. If you didn’t read the reviews earlier that talk about the difference of leather and mesh, well, here you go. Mesh tends to be a much cooler material – meaning your back won’t get all hot and sweaty and stick to the seat. Personally I run hot and tend to prefer mesh gaming chairs because they have more breath-ability and hold less heat over time. This Merax gaming chair is perfect if you want a good quality mesh chair without breaking the budget too much. Here are the qualities of this computer gaming chair:

  • Comes in three bright, unique colors
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Lumbar and neck support pillows
  • Made from a breathable mesh material
  • Max load: 300 lbs

Merax High Back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Gaming Chair Reclining Chair Home Office Chair (Green)

merax green chair

Rating: 4.4

The last Merax computer gaming chair on the Merax is quite similar to the first one. A few things to note that make this gaming chair different: First, it has a different color design and a slightly different chair structure. Secondly, this PC gaming chair has 180 degree reclining capabilities. Want to plop back and take a quick rest in between gaming downtime? No Problem. Slip on back into a fully horizontal gaming chair comfort oasis and take a quick nap. This Merax chair comes fitted with the following qualities:

  • Lumbar and headrest pillows
  • adjustable height, armrests and tilt
  • Heavy duty chair base with castors
  • PU leather material
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Comfortable advanced padding technology

Best Mid Price PC Gaming Chairs

You can get a very high quality PC gaming chair for under 300 dollars, and you can even get some DXRacer brand chairs at this price point. If you’re in this budget range, you definitely have some flexibility on what type of gaming computer chair you want to purchase.

The 300 dollar range marks some of the top-of-the-line styles and brands of the best computer gaming chairs. These chairs are definitely on the higher end and boast the most premium features, materials, and add-ons. Even if you think 300 is steep – remember, this is an investment.

If you think you can push 300 for a gaming computer chair, you probably should because it is absolutely worth the money. Think about how much you’ll be sitting in your new gaming chair.

Don’t you want it to last and be comfortable?

The answer is yes. Yes you do.

Which is exactly why if you’re shopping for a computer gaming chair, this is a good place to start. Now don’t get ups wrong, there are tons of quality gaming chairs in the following categories on this post. We simply urge to consider quality first as opposed to price.

DXRacer Racing Series  Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat

Dxracer Racing Chair

Rating: 4.7

This chair was mentioned earlier in the post – but once again here’s the review for this gaming chair:

The DXRacer Racing Series is another classic computer gaming chair constructed with a mesh material. The biggest benefit of mesh over leather is that mesh is much more breathable. So if you tend to run hot (like I do), you should consider the Racing Series because mesh retains less heat than leather. No sweaty back or drenched shirt after a gaming sesh with this bad boy. This DXRacer gaming chair has all the excellent following qualities

  • Top-notch, breathable mes material
  • Adjustable height, armrests and tilt
  • Weight limit for this model is suggested at a maximum of around 200 lbs
  • Comes with free lumbar and headrest pillow
  • Ergonomically sound design that will support posture health
  • Comes in many different colors

E-WIN High Back Computer Gaming Office Chair

ewin gaming chair

Rating: 4.7

The E-WIN High Back Computer Gaming Chair is a solid high-end throne for your gaming escapades. It’s certified to hold up to 330 lbs, plus it’s got soft padded armrests and integrated comfort foam technology. This PC gaming chair is stylish, can hold a lot of weight and is feature rich with luxury gaming chair qualities. The material on this chair fine PU leather so you’ll slip into a comfort oasis while gaming away at your desktop setup. This gaming computer chair comes along with the following qualities that make it extraordinary:

  • Can hold up to 330 lbs
  • Adjustable tilt, height and armrests
  • Lumbar pillow, neck/head pillow, and padded armrests
  • Integrated foam technology that ensures a comfortable sitting experience
  • High grade PU leather material

Low-Mid Range Priced Gaming Computer Chairs

Although you’ll sacrifice some of the premium qualities listed in the above chairs, you can still get a more-than-decent computer gaming chair under 200 dollars. You’re right in the mid-range area of quality with a 200 dollar budget and you’ll still get a lot of the high-end features like head pillows, lumbar pillows…

And in some cases even a reclining foot rest.

200 dollar will still get you an excellent PC gaming chair, but it won’t get you a DXRacer. If the bran name isn’t important to you and you don’t want to sacrifice your budget, going with a gaming computer chair under 200 is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Merax High Back Ergonomic Design Racing Gaming Chair

merax blue Office Chair

Rating: 4.6

Merax makes the first spot on the best computer gaming chairs under 200 dollars. Why’s that? because Merax is a more trusted brand and simply put, they make a quality gaming chair. This Merax model, like most Merax gaming computer chairs, comes with a lumbar support pillow coupled with a comfy headrest pillow too. It’s a utilitarian gaming chair – meaning it’s got all the necessary features, it’s built with quality at top of mind and it won’t break your bank. This chair comes with the following features:

  • adjustable tilt, armrests and height
  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Has lower back and neck pillow for ergonomic support
  • High back design ensuring good posture

Top Gamer Ergonomic Gaming Chair

topgamer chair

Rating: 4.5 

One of the most notable features of the Top Gamer Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the eye-dazzling color options the chair comes in. Seriously. Click on the big picture above to see the crazy-awesome color variety of this computer gaming chair. Colors aside, the Top Gamer chair is a great choice of computer gaming chair around 200 dollars. It has all of the standard features of a great office chair minus the brand name. Plus, it even has a leg rest. That’s right. A leg rest. What more could you ask for in a PC gaming chair? Additionally, here are the overall features of this gaming chair:

  • Amazing color options. See for yourself by clicking on the image above
  • Adjustable height, armrests and tilt
  • Reclining leg rest features
  • made with PU leather and has a lower back and neck pillow

Cheap Computer Gaming Chairs

We can’t all afford the best computer gaming chair on the market. But not to worry – just because you can’t spend 200-500 dollars on a mid to high-end pc gaming chair doesn’t mean you can’t have one at all. There are several budget-friendly cheap computer gaming chairs to choose from.

You simply need to know which budget computer gaming chairs are worth it and which ones are trash.

Well – you’re in luck! Because you’re reading this now and we did all of the research and testing of the best cheap computer gaming chairs so you don’t have to.

You’re not going to get the Bentley of gaming computer chairs, however you can get a practical, well-rounded gaming seat that will get the job done.

The following cheap computer gaming chair picks are the best bang for your buck. Now, at this price range you won’t be getting as nice of a chair as a DXRacer.  Anyway, here you go – Here’s our top three picks:

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

essentials gaming chair

Rating: 4.5 

The OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair is about as essential as gaming computer chairs get. It’s a good pick for someone who wants a racing style seat but doesn’t have a DXRacer sized wallet. Additionally, it’s a fairly comfortable chair and has some ergonomic features to it that make it worth the small investment. If you can’t afford any of the above racing style gaming chairs on this list, rest assured that the Essentials char is a formidable choice. Plus, it comes in two colors (blue and red) and it is pretty darn comfortable. This PC gaming chair is constructed with SoftThread leather and has a segmented cushion design. Here’s a list of the most notable features:

  • 250 lb weight capacity
  • Made with high quality SoftThread leather
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Padded armrests and headrest
  • Adjustable height and tilt with 360 degree swivel

Merax Ergonomic Racing Style PU Leather Gaming Chair for Home and Office

merax gray Office Chair

Rating: 4.1 

Merax makes a wide range of computer gaming chair choices – this one just happens to be on the lower budget end. It’s a good PC gaming chair and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Plus, it comes in over 7 different colors! This gaming chair doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the more expensive ones, however it does have some ergonomic features that make it worth a look. Overall, it’s a solid choice if you can’t dish out more than 100 dollars. This merax computer gaming chair comes along with the following qualities:

  • Adjustable tilt and height
  • High back design for ergonomic support
  • Padded armrests
  • PU leather fitted over plus cushioning

Traditional Office Chairs That are Good for Gaming

Not all computer gaming chairs need to be colorful, racing style bucket seats. Traditional office chairs will do the trick depending on what you’re looking for.

Do you want a professional desk setup without all the flash and flare of the typical pc gaming chair? Then you’re in the right place. There are plenty of standard looking office chairs that will suffice for your next computer gaming chair.

Without further adieu, we give you the best traditional office chairs that can be used as computer gaming chairs:

Modway Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair

modway articulate Office Chair

Rating: 4.5

Modway makes an excellent non traditional computer gaming chair for a number of reasons. It’s easily one of the best mesh gaming chair picks available. First, it’s a trusted an established brand in the home and office furniture industry. Additionally, it’s flat out super comfortable and is very durable. You’ll have a ton of support and comfort throughout many, many gaming sessions. This is one of the best computer gaming chair picks in this category and will last for a long time. The Modway Articulate offers the following features:

  • Adjustable tilt, height, armrest and horizontal seat access
  • Plush seat cushion for additional support
  • Breathable mesh that is proven to reduce heat and offer a more comfortable sitting experience
  • Swivel base mounted on smooth glide wheels
  • Ergonomic design

Read the full Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair Review

Argomax Mesh ergonomic office chair(EM-OC002)

argo max Office Chair

Rating: 4.4

Meet the Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair. This computer gaming chair pick is quite possibly one of the best ergonomic desk chair picks out there. If you’re looking for the best mesh gaming chair coupled with unparalleled ergonomics, look no further. It’s comfortable, sleek and offers all of the posture and ergonomic support sought after by those who have regular days of prolonged gaming. You shouldn’t have to worry about back pain and discomfort when you’re in the zone crushing headshots. That’s where the Argomax comes in; it comes standard with the following features:

  • Adjustable height, tilt, headrest and armrests
  • High density durable mesh fabric that lasts and is amazingly comfortable
  • Easily cleanable and will stay “new looking” for a long time
  • High style and not bulky. Great for the minimalist
  • Ergonomic and posture support is better than almost any other desk chair

What to Look for in a Computer Gaming Chair

Support and Ergonomics

Support and ergonomics is hands down the most important factor when it comes to purchasing a computer gaming chair. Think about it; you are likely going to spend a considerable amount of time sitting in this chair. Why not go for one that offers better support and will promote a healthy posture?

You need to make sure you’re evaluating a chair by its ergonomic features, not just how cool it looks. Because there are a ton of really cool looking game chairs, sometimes it is easy to be fooled. Anyway, we are going to tell you the key features to look for in a PC gaming chair so you have a better idea of what to look for when it comes to support and ergonomics.

Adjustable Features

There are three key adjustable features that you should look for when it comes to purchasing your new computer gaming chair: adjustable height, adjustable tilt and adjustable armrests.

High Back Design

A high back design is crucial to a proper PC gaming chair. It’s totally necessary for extra support and it prevents slouching forward when gaming. Make sure when you’re looking for a gaming chair, it has a high back. Additionally, high back gaming chairs are typically more comfortable than mid back ones.

Neck and Lumbar Pillow

These two pillows may seem like a luxury when it comes to gaming computer chairs, however they are vital to keeping your back in good condition. And, just like the high back design, these pillows make a chair SO much more comfortable. The neck and lumbar pillow are quite literally a game changer and should be highly considered on a PC gaming chair, especially if there isn’t a built-in lumbar support system already.

Size and Weight Capacity

This is such an important part of purchasing a gaming computer chair, or any chair for that matter. Make sure you check the weight specs! Some PC gaming chairs are only meant for a specific weight capacity, and you absolutely need to make sure you get one that meets your weight.

Quality of Material (Usually Mesh or PU Leather)

When sitting for an elongated span of time, the material of a gaming computer chair can make all the difference. You need to understand your body type and if you run “hot” or “cold”. While it might not make a big difference for some, the material can truly make or break a gaming sesh.

Most PC gaming chairs are designed to keep you cool with both the structure of the chair and the material used in the chair. However, the material can potentially play a bigger factor in whether or not you’ll be as comfortable as possible during sitting.

PU Leather is a popular and frequently used material in many gaming computer chairs. Although is soft, comfy and stylish, leather can get hot. It doesn’t matter how breathable the chair is or how much airflow your back gets, leather gets hot.


If your body runs on the warmer side, you might be sticking to your seat if you go with one made from PU leather.

On the other hand, mesh is WAY more breathable and will likely ensure a cooler sitting experience in your new computer gaming chair. Unlike PU leather, heat passes straight through mesh material – leather tends to retain the heat and make for material that heats up more and for longer.

Mesh however may tear easier, look wear faster and can in some cases be less comfortable. The latter issue mainly comes down to a matter of preference.

Both materials are great choices for a computer gaming chair and a lot of the times the differences with temperature are minor. If you read this and are now stressing out over which material to get – Don’t! Most of the time, it’s a matter of what you like better – leather or mesh. However, if you run extremely hot (like I do) then you should definitely factor in which material will better suit you because it will make a difference in your sitting experience.

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