Devoko Gaming Chair: Review and Expert Analysis (Updated)

The Devoko Gaming Chair is a budget-friendly gaming chair with basic ergonomic features, nice styling and a budget-friendly price tag.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back PC Computer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair (Red)

If you’re considering this chair as your next gaming or office chair, this review will give you a complete picture of its best features, key specifications, and any flaws that could impact your purchasing decision. We’ll also highlight some alternatives you may want to look at.

The Devoko Gaming Chair (Ergonomic Model)

Quick Summary

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair, racing style, is a great entry-level gaming chair with sleek styling, basic ergonomic design and adjustability features, and a good level of comfort and support for longer sessions.

While it lacks certain features you will find in higher-end chairs (i.e. adjustable padded armrests, wider seat base), it is a good choice if you’re seeking a budget-friendly chair that can be used for gaming or generally as a high-back office or home theater chair.


  • Good entry-level gaming chair with ergonomic features, including curved backrest, lumbar support, and wide tilt range
  • Nice styling with two color options
  • Muted durable PU wheels with solid 360 degree swivel base
  • Comfortable and supportive as either gaming chair or office chair
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs


  • The arm rest is not adjustable nor padded
  • Seat width, with bucket design and raised sides, may be too narrow for some
  • Lumbar cushion is too hard for certain customers

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There’s more to know about this chair, so let’s get into the details. Starting with the materials.


Like most gaming chairs in this category, the Devoko gaming chair is made from a breathable faux leather. This is a polyurethane (PU) based leather that is a common and more affordable synthetic alternative to genuine leather.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back PC Computer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair (Red)
Image via Amazon

PU leather is easy to clean and generally holds up well over time. It lacks the softness and character of genuine leather, but for racing style gaming chairs, it is the material of choice. You get a nice clean and modern look with this material.

The Devoka chair offers two style options with this material. You can get the red and black color combination or the white and black.

Related: If you’re looking for more style options with some design upgrades, in a similar price bracket, check out our review of the Elecwish gaming chair line.


The Devoko gaming chair ergonomic model comes with a bucket style site that measures 19.8” wide by 20.5″ deep. The sides of the seat are raised, to give you that race car feel, so the actual sitting width is a little less than stated in the specs.

For some, this narrow bucket design might not be enough to provide long term comfort and support. If you prefer a flat seat without the raised sides, check out something like the Von Racer 8280.

However, the seat itself is a high-density foam cushion intended for long hours of sitting while playing a game or working at the computer. So, despite the width issue, the seat pan itself is pretty comfortable.

This chair also comes with a removable lumbar cushion. You can adjust the height of this cushion using the attachments straps. If the cushion is to0 bulky, you can simply remove it.

Many users appreciate the lumbar cushion, as it allows for an ergonomic posture with support directly on the lumbar section of the back. But if you prefer a more neutral position, or if the lumbar cushion (which is not that soft) is in the way and you need more chair depth, we recommend removing it.

The Devoko also has a removable and adjustable neck pillow. The pillow is curved to provide side-to-side neck support. With a gaming chair, this is something we really appreciate. But, like the lumbar cushion, you can remove the neck support cushion if its in your way.

The backrest has an ergonomically friendly curved shape that is reinforced with a steel chair frame. It measures 19.8” wide by 30.5” high. If this isn’t wide enough, take a look at the Devoko racing style chair, which we mention in more detail below.


As we mention in our chair buyer’s guide, with any office chair or gaming chair, the reclining angle is very important. You should be able to adjust the chair from a full upright position to a recline of at least 120 degrees or so. Well, this chair takes it a couple steps further.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back PC Computer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair (Red)

The recline angle goes from 90 to 170 degrees – so you can actually have a full lying down recline with this chair.

Here are the suggested tilt angles that you can set this chair to based on the task at hand:

  • 90 degrees: This is when you want to sit in an active working posture at the computer
  • 110 degrees: Chilling out and reading
  • 130 degrees: This is a nice angle for relaxing
  • 170 degrees: Now you’re basically lying down; good night!

Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair

The next step up from the ergonomic model is the Devoko Racing Style chair. At a slightly higher price point, this chair offers a higher weight capacity and some additional features compared to the basic ergonomic model.

Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair Height Adjustable Swivel PC Computer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support Leather Reclining Executive Office Chair (White)
The Racing Style Version (image via Amazon)

For example, the racing style chair has a diamond patterned seat and backrest that allows for increased air flow and overall load bearing capacity. It also includes adjustable armrests; although these are still not padded, unfortunately.

The racing style includes the same lumbar support cushion and curved headrest as the ergonomic base model. Additionally, it provides a wider seat base and backrest.

Here’s a comparison of the ergonomic and racing models:

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Do the Wheels Lock?

No, the muted PU casters do not have a locking mechanism.

How Much does the chair weigh?

The ergonomic model weighs just over 45 lbs. While this is not too heavy compared to most quality office or gaming chairs, it is something to keep in mind if you plan to move the chair upstairs or around the house. The chair is built with a steel frame, which adds weight to the overall design.

What is the warranty and/or replacement policy?

Devoko has a consistently fast response time to messages concerning parts, instructions or any quality defects. Customers have been pleased with their support.

They offer a free return or replacement policy for the first 30 days after purchase. Then, for 6 months they offer free replacement for damaged or defective parts.

What are some comparable chairs?

There are many solid gaming chairs in this entry-level price bracket. Here are three to check out:

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You should also check out our review of the Ficmax gaming chair. It’s very similar in design but offers a few additional features, including a footrest. That comes in handy when you’re playing in a full recline.

Can You remove the headrest and lumbar pillow?

Yes, you can remove both cushions on this seat.

What is the height adjustment range of this chair?

The height ranges from a low point of 16.1 inches to a high point of 20 inches.

Does this chair have a pneumatic gas lift?

Yes, this chair is equipped with a safe gas lift mechanism to allow for quick and easy height adjustment.

To recap, we would recommend the Devoko gaming chair if you’re searching for something relatively inexpensive and functionally but with true gaming chair styling and enough comfort, support and ergonomic features to last several hours at the computer. It also works well as a standard office or home theater chair.

But this chair does lack added features like adjustable and padded armrests, seat pan tilting or depth adjustment, locking casters, and a footrest.

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