Top 5 Luxury Office Chair Choices Available Today

Office chairs used to be boring. They used to be an afterthought; something that was always just there. Nobody in the world thought there was a need for a luxury office chair.

Well, those people were wrong. Very wrong.

Throughout the better part of the 20th century, the only luxury office chair one might find is an italian crafted masterpiece sitting in a wall street executive office. Then, Herman Miller stepped into the luxury office chair market and changed the game.

Herman Miller took something overlooked and boring and turned it into something elegant, exquisite and beautiful.

He created the Herman Miller Aeron in 1994, and it soon became a staple in all recently funded tech companies leading up to the dot com bubble. There are even some stories of newly funded companies investing in Herman Miller Aeron chairs within days of receiving venture capital funding.

The Aeron became a status symbol. People wanted them in their office to attract talent, and they wanted to impress anyone who walked by or in their workspace. It made the difference between hiring top talent to mid-tier talent in some cases.

The Herman Miller Aeron was the first luxury office chair and paved the way for many others.

The luxury office chair options on this list are not for everyone because they are expensive. I’m talking $1000+ dollars per chair.

With that said, the below office chairs are for those who want to make a statement.

These luxury office chairs are a symbol of prestige and success they are built for people who value status. Additionally, the office chairs on this list are meticulously constructed like a hand made timepiece. Each part, movement and curve on the below luxury office chairs are well thought out and purposeful.

Bottom line, these are the Maserati’s, the Porsche 911’s, and the Bentley’s of office chairs.

Without further adieu, I give you the top luxury office chair options available on the market today.

Best Rated Luxury Office Chair Options

#1 Herman Miller Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair

Rating: 4.5 | See Price on Amazon

The Herman Miller Aeron Luxury Office Chair is the classic, quintessential luxury sitting piece that created the entire luxury office chair industry. It’s arguably the most timeless and recognizable piece of office furniture in the world. Most office chairs go unnoticed. The Aeron however, will not. It is a symbol of success and fortitude. When you own a Herman Miller Aeron, people will see you in a different light. Think of it as if you are sitting in a chair crafted by those who make handmade Rolex timepieces. It’s the chair that is unfettered, steadfast, focused, determined and worthy of leadership; It started a revolution. This luxury office chair also comes with luxurious features:

  • Iconic, timeless design
  • Adjustable PostureFit mechanisms for a custom sitting experience
  • Intelligent 8Z Pellicle Suspension System
  • 20+ different custom color designs
  • Adjustable tilt, height, armrests and posture settings


#2 Herman Miller Embody Chair – Graphite Frame/Black Rhythm Textile

Rating: 4.3 | Read Reviews on Amazon

The Herman Miller Embody Luxury Office Chair was chiseled from gold into the perfect ergonomic sitting experience. On top of that, those who sit in it commonly say they feel like they’re floating as opposed to sitting. This luxury office chair wasn’t built to simply be more ergonomic than others; it wasn’t built to relieve pain; the Herman Miller Embody was constructed to make sitting a healthy experience. The Pixelated Support System on the Embody Chair is perfectly balanced and will give you a pure nirvana sitting experience. Plus, this luxury office chair comes along with the following premium qualities:

  • Arguably the most ergonomic chair money can buy
  • Pixelated Support System that makes sitting healthy
  • Comes in 15+ colors to fit your personality
  •  Adjustable tilt, height and posture settings

#3 Adele Executive Recliner Office Chair Grey Leather by Lafer Recliner Chairs

Rating: 4.8 | See Price

Sitting in the Adele Executive Recliner is like sitting on a cloud made purely out of MemoryFoam. The Adele Executive Luxury Office Chair is cushy, supportive and made from the finest grade leather available. And best of all, it reclines. Long day at the office? Need a 30 minute break and want to unwind? pop up the footrest, lean back and let all your stresses of the work day float away. The Adele Executive recliner comes standard with the following premium features:

  • Finest grade leather fitted over mind blowingly comfortable cushioning
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Reclining chair with built in footrest for those moments you need to relax
  • 5 stars steel frame and base
  • High back and padded armrests for maximum ergonomic support

#4 Steelcase Leap Chair, Black Fabric

Rating: 4.5 | See Price Now

The Leap Chair is the #1 selling product from the chair company called Steelcase. This particular luxury office chair is a god amongst all other office furniture. It has a design that mimics the spine and is 98% recyclable. The Steelcase Leap Chair was made with the environment in mind and comes highly regarded in the luxury office chair market. You can’t go wrong with any of these chairs – but the Leap Chair has one function that makes it stand out from the rest. It’s armrests are fully adjustable both width and height. Here are the outstanding qualities the Steelcase Leap Chair has to boast:

  • Insanely comfortable and ergonomic; guaranteed great posture
  • Comes in 5+ different colors
  • The size and fit is totally customizable including height, tilt, and duo armrest settings
  • Made from soft, tout material that ensures a pleasant sitting experience
  • Built to last, like all of the other luxury office chairs on this list

#5 Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest, Black Mesh & Chrome Base

Rating: 4.5 | View Price on Amazon

The Ergohuman HIgh Back Swivel luxury office chair is the one true mesh chair on this list. It is highly breathable and brilliantly ergonomic. From the lumbar support to the headrest, there isn’t much this chair left out ergonomic wise. It’s extremely comfortable and breathable; no hot back from elongated sitting times. Mesh tends to be much cooler than other materials, and the mesh on this luxury office chair is particularly breathable. If you’re looking for a high end office chair and want to spend wisely, the Ergohuman is perfect for you. It’s the least expensive option on this list, and it comes with the following features:

  • Outrageous posture support with lumbar and headrest settings
  • Adjustable height, tilt and armrests
  • 5 star chrome base ensuring a sturdy comfortable sitting experience
  • Durable, breathable mesh that will stand the test of time

Read the full review: Ergohuman Chair

There you have it folks, the best rated luxury office chair picks from around the web. We hope this list helps you during your office chair buying journey as it was thoroughly researched and vetted by the team here at

These luxury office chairs aren’t for everyone, however we have a ton of other desk chair reviews on this site. Be sure to check them out if the luxury office chair choices on this list are a bit out of your price range.

There are tons of quality office chairs out there, and these just happen to be the best.

Happy Sitting!