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Gaming chairs are a relatively new trend, and since they are gathering popularity and lots of manufacturers are putting their own stamp on them, we understand that it can be hard to compare them.

The Nokaxus Chair is Nokaxus’ answer to the gaming chair question. Below you will find our review of this product based on some important categories that we have chosen for gaming chairs.

The Nokaxus Chair is a midrange gaming chair. In this review, we have compared the Nokaxus Gaming Chair against some categories.

Table of Contents Nokaxus Gaming ChairAestheticsErgonomicsAdjustabilityAssemblyProsConsFrequently Asked QuestionsHow deep and wide is the seat of the chair?What is the warranty policy like on the Nokaxus Gaming Chair?Can you remove the pillows from the Nokaxus Gaming Chair?Is this chair heat absorbent? Will I overheat in it?Overall Thoughts

We have also compiled together some frequently asked questions and pros and cons of the chair so that you can decide with more clarity whether this chair is perfect for you.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

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Available in four different color options, the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is versatile enough for you to pick your favorite color that will fit into your gaming set up.

The colors to choose from are black, for a sleek and simple look; red and black, for a classic striking gaming look; white and black, for a high contrast look; and finally, pink, for a softer more interesting look. All of the colors are rich and vibrant on high-quality PU leather.

The shape of the chair is reminiscent of a car bucket seat, with edges on the back panel that support your back while you are playing video games.

Since the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is designed mainly for a PC gaming audience, the overall aesthetic of the chair is similar to an office chair.

But the combination of color options, silhouette and gaming specific features make this a level above the standard office chair.


The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is designed with hardcore gaming in mind. Therefore, it is loaded with ergonomic design features that are both sleek and practical. The most obvious being the overall shape of the chair.

The bucket seat-like appearance means the chair’s design is conscious of the human back shape. As well as this, the lumbar support pillow is positioned perfectly to give you added support where you need it most, and even vibrates for an added massaging function.

The headrest has a cushion attached that adds even more comfort for when you want a break from gaming, or even just from sitting upright.

The armrests are padded in the same way as the seat and the back, meaning your elbows are not left out when it comes to comfort.

A unique feature of the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is the retractable foot stool. For when you want to kick back and relax after a long session of gaming to watch a film.


In terms of adjustability, the Nokaxus Gaming Chair does very well. The basics are covered, with a gas lift function enabling you to change the height of the chair, and a tilting feature for the back of the chair.

The very unique feature of this chair, however, is that the back can recline from 90 degrees to a full 180 degrees. This is approximately 50-60 degrees greater than other competitor chairs. You can lock the tilting feature in place and use the simpler rocking feature for everyday use.

The chair itself can spin 360 degrees on its wheelbase for even more ease of movement, should your gaming desk set up be bigger than usual.

The armrests, as well as being padded, are fully height adjustable so you can make the chair more customizable to your needs.

The footrest is also adjustable, you can hide it fully away when it isn’t needed, and also adjust the depth to accommodate for the length of your legs.

The chair also boasts something called a “knee tilt” that allows you to rock the chair back and forth without fear of it tipping over when you are busy gaming.


The Nokaxus Gaming Chair will arrive in a box in parts. You will need to assemble it yourself. There are videos on the manufacturer’s website that show a tutorial of assembling the chair at home.

Since we have outlined how the Nokaxus Gaming Chair contributes to each of the categories, we have suggested are important for a PC gaming chair, we will now lay out the pros and cons.

We have compiled these so that you can easily compare them to other chairs, and so that you can refer back to them when deciding to purchase the Nokaxus Gaming Chair. A gaming chair is a personal thing, not everyone will find certain things important, but based on our categories, we have tried to include them all.


  • Lumbar support cushion that vibrates as a massager. This promotes both necessary support when gaming, as well as the continuation of blood flow when spending hours at the desk.
  • The 180 degrees reclining feature is useful in making this chair multipurpose. Go from a gaming session sat upright, to watching a movie whilst lying down.
  • The adjustable footrest which adds even more ergonomic comfort.
  • Smooth PU leather that promotes breathability and is easy to clean.
  • Stability is strong thanks to the steel frame.
  • Aesthetically, the Nokaxus Gaming Chair looks great in every colorway.

<h3 “=”” ltr”=”” style=”text-align: justify;” id=”t-1598993297983″>Cons

  • The headrest is not adjustable.
  • Self-assembly comes with no instructions (but there is a video on the company’s YouTube).
  • Buyers have reported that the armrests can become a little loose.
  • The lumbar support cushion that massages you needs a USB connection. This could tether you into one place.
  • Armrests only move up and down to adjust the height, you cannot tilt them in or out for more customization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have brought together some frequently asked questions that prospective customers may have, we hope that they help:

How deep and wide is the seat of the chair?

The seat width is 16.5 inches and the depth is 20.9 inches. This is a reasonably sized gaming chair, meaning you will feel comfortable in any seating position. Part of the depth of the seat is taken up by the lumbar support pillow that massages you as you sit, so that is definitely something to keep in mind when thinking about measurements.

What is the warranty policy like on the Nokaxus Gaming Chair?

When buying from Amazon, there is a free exchange for installation problems, missing parts and damage on this gaming chair. You have to report this within one year of receiving the chair to qualify. Any problem that you encounter within the year of receiving your chair is said to be resolved or looked into by the manufacturer in order to solve the issue. Most buyers have reported great customer service whenever they had an issue with the chair.

Can you remove the pillows from the Nokaxus Gaming Chair?

The cushion pillows including the massaging lumbar support pillow can both be removed from the chair should they need to be. Or, when you self-assemble the chair, you could choose not to attach them in the first place.

Is this chair heat absorbent? Will I overheat in it?

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is made from PU leather upholstery. This material is both cooling and breathable. Meaning you will not overheat during a long gaming session on this chair. The material is also easily wipeable, should you sweat during a hardcore gaming session.

Overall Thoughts

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is a very viable option for a gaming chair. Since it is specifically designed for PC gamers, it mimics the silhouette of a normal office chair, therefore it can easily be purposed as both.

But make no mistake, this chair may have the same outline as an office chair, but the pops of color from the different colorway options make it stand out in the gaming chair scene.

The PU leather upholstery is cool and breathable, perfect for hours spent gaming at a time. And the overall ergonomic design of the Nokaxus Gaming Chair makes it stand out from the crowd of midrange gaming PC chairs.

The lumbar support cushion massages you as you sit gaming, and the footrest and ability to recline to a fully flat 180 degrees allows you to completely relax after a full gaming session.

We think that the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is a great option for a gaming chair. Although some customers reported some issues with armrests or the assembly, these things can be resolved by the manufacturer’s customer service if they are made clear within a year of receiving the chair. The customer service is said to be quick and responsive too.

With all of this in mind, and all of the categories we have used to review this chair, we can recommend it to a PC gamer of any level. And now that you know more about the jargon that is used when it comes to gaming chairs, you can make a more informed decision too.

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