Vertagear Chairs Comparison: SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000

When a brand has many different gaming chair lines and ranges to choose from, we know it can be hard to compare them against one another. Especially when there are even more brands and manufacturers that are creating other gaming chairs that can also compete.

One of the brands that keeps pushing out newer models is Vertagear.

We have put together a comparison of three of Vertagear’s chairs. The Vertagear Gaming Chairs come in many different models. We are going to compare the S-Line 2000, the S-Line 4000, and the S-Line 5000.

Since they ascend in price as the model number ascends, we will section each category off into the three different chairs for a clearer comparison.

Vertagear Chairs: SL2000 

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  • Lumbar support and cushions included.
  • On the cheaper end of the three.
  • Adjustable in many ways.
  • Many color options.


  • Does not come with 4D adjustable armrests, you have to add these as an upgrade for more money.
  • Some buyers say that the armrests are uncomfortable.

Vertagear Chairs: SL4000

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  • Lumbar support and cushions included.
  • Adjustable in all the same ways as the SL2000 but with the added extra of 4D armrests.
  • Reasonable amount of color options.


  • Some buyers have said that this chair is not wide enough for larger people.
  • Some also report that the castor wheels are not very sturdy.

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Vertagear Chairs: SL5000

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  • Lumbar support and cushions included.
  • Available in more brand collaboration colorways.
  • Adjustable in all of the ways that the other two models are, with 4D armrests.
  • Richer colors.


  • On the more expensive side of the three models.
  • Definitely the bulkiest of the three chairs, so may not fit in every gaming set up.

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Vertagear Chairs Comparison



The bucket seat aesthetic is reminiscent of a racing car seat, the winged sides showcase a smooth curve and the cut outs at the top of the chair give an interesting flair.

The SL2000 is available in eight different colorways: black/green, black/blue, black/carbon, black/purple, white, black, white/green and white/purple, with another collaboration version. The colors are vibrant on PU leather.


The SL4000 chair, the mid-range of the chairs, has a bulkier appearance, with more pronounced wings on the side of the chair for an even greater bucket seat aesthetic. The cut outs at the top of the chair are wider than the SL2000, and the seat padding is thicker.

All of this gives are far more prominent looking gaming chair. the color options on the SL4000 are deeper and richer in hue.


At the top of the model number, and the price list, the Vertagear SL5000 has the bulkiness of the SL4000 but the seat of the SL2000. There are no cut outs on this model, and the panels of color are in different positions compared to the other two.

This chair has a more professional look to it than the other two, making it potentially more versatile as an option for a gaming chair.


All three of the models come padded with ultra-premium high resiliency foam that prolongs the lifespan of the chair since it does not get crushed as easily as other foam that manufacturers use. It is closest to the characteristics of memory foam.

All three also come with lumbar support and detachable pillow and cushion for additional lumbar and head support.


All of the S-Line chairs come with a class 4 gas lift that enables you to adjust the height of the chair with ease. The class 4 type provide extra durability and ease of use and keep your chair at your desired height without risk of slipping.

All three of the chairs also recline from 80-degrees to an impressive 140-degrees, allowing you to relax and go to work mode in a speedy time.


Equipped with 2D adjustable armrests with the option to upgrade to the 4D version for extra money. This would then make the SL2000 more similar to the SL4000 and SL5000, so it is important to consider whether you could just buy one of those models instead of upgrading the armrests.


Equipped with 4D armrests that can move in four ways: up and down, forward and back, they can also tilt in and out and the distance between them can be altered.


Equipped with the 4D armrests.

Framework and other Specifics

All three of the chairs are made from a steel frame that supports the padding and upholstery of the chair. Vertagear have a self-assembly system that only requires you to slot the chair together since it will come in two assembled parts.

All of the chairs come with Penta RS1 2.5-inch castor wheels, but on the website, you can upgrade to other versions including locking castors. The RS1 castors are coated with polyurethane (PU) for a smooth glide along any surface. They can also be matched to the color of your chair.


All three of the chairs come with a 10-year warranty on the metal structure frame, 2-year warranty on the seat mechanism, armrest, wheels, headrest and lumbar pillows, wheelbase and gas lift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have brought together some frequently asked questions that prospective customers may have, we hope that they help:

Which chair is the best for lumbar support?

Since all of the chairs are made by the same manufacturer and are in the same range, there isn’t a difference in the lumbar support. All three of the S-Line series chairs have backs that are shaped like racing car bucket seats to support you when you are gaming. And all of them also come with additional lumbar support pillows. The only difference in back support between them is the shape and depth of the wings that are in the side of the chairs.

Are the armrests comfortable?

The armrests are not padded, they are plastic. Since most of the time whilst gaming your hands and arms will be on the desk, a padded armrest may not be important to you. However, the armrests are adjustable, more so on the SL4000 and SL5000, since they have the 4D armrests already installed for more adjustability. This means you can make the chair your own.

What kind of material are the chairs made from?

All of the chairs are made from a marriage of PU and PVC faux leather called PUC synthetic faux leather. This combination benefits from the best attributes of both of the materials. PUC still has the durability of PVC so that everyday use won’t be a problem for your gaming chair.

It also maintains the softness of PU for a low maintenance alternative without sacrificing any of the comfort that PU would provide. All of this is upholstered over the ultra-premium high resiliency foam that acts like memory foam.

Overall Thoughts

So, which chair should you buy? Since there isn’t a huge price gap between them, we really think it depends on your preference for things like the adjustability, something that the SL2000 lacks in compared to the other two models.

There is also the difference in dimensions. The SL2000 has a recommended height of up to 6’4”, whereas the SL4000 is 5’11”, and the SL5000 is 6’4” again. The SL4000 is designed for a slimmer build and height, this is definitely something to consider when you are buying your gaming chair.

Most of the features of the three chairs are the same since they are in the same range. But the differences come into play with the color choices. The SL2000 has more colorways than the SL4000, but the SL5000 has more collaboration designs to choose from.

Should you want a gaming chair that stands out form the crowd more than the standard color choices, then the SL5000 is the one for you. So, since the ergonomics and adjustability are pretty much the same for all three of the models in this range, the choice comes down to the colorway that you want.

If you are happy with the standard color options, and are a slimmer build, the SL4000 is the one for you. If you want more edge on your gaming chair, then go for the SL5000. All in all, the three chairs are great options for a gaming chair.

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