Our Definitive Guide to L Shaped Sit-Stand Desks

If you have any questions or concerns about L-shaped sit-stand desks, this is your complete guide to their benefits and our tips for using them to their full potential! Keep reading to learn why L-shaped sit-stand desks are revolutionary, tips to optimize your workspace, and our top picks for the best adjustable corner desks.

What Is an L Shaped Sit-Stand Desk?

An L-shaped desk is exactly what it sounds like. It looks like two desks connected at a right angle. L-shaped sit-stand desks feature one side you can raise to a standing position. The mechanism that lifts the standing side of the desk can range from a hand crank to a fully motorized system.

Four Best L-Shaped Sit-Stand Desks

If you’re having trouble finding an L-shaped sit-stand desk, these are the top four on the market right now!

  1. Tribesigns L Shaped Desk with Lift Top
  2. Coleshome L Shaped Gaming Desk
  3. Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk
  4. Vivo Electric Height Adjustable Corner Stand Up Desk

Tips for Your L Shaped Sit-Stand Desk Setup

This section is advice for setting up your L-shaped desk for optimal productivity. Organizing your desk is important, so try to plan it out before filling your desk with items.

Use a Compact or Swivel Chair

You should already be using an ergonomically designed office chair, but if you use a fixed, bulky chair, you should consider replacing it.

A large chair that is difficult to move, no matter how comfortable, will make alternating between sitting and standing difficult s the chair takes up so much space behind the desk. So try to choose a slim, ergonomic chair you can tuck away or roll away when it’s time to stand.

Designate Purposes to Desk Areas

Everything that lives on or inside your desk should have a designated home that it returns to at the end of every day. Every pen should have a place, every paper should have a folder, and so on. This system will prevent you from losing things or creating clutter on your desk.

Utilize Under Desk Space

Another fantastic feature of L-shaped desks is the ample space underneath the desk. It’s like having two desks instead of one, so utilize this extra space. You can place filing bins underneath and other organizational items out of sight but well within your reach. Add rolling drawers or smaller tables for extra storage space!

Keep Adjustable Area Clear

This is just a tip and not necessary if you don’t want to do it, but we recommend keeping the height-adjustable portion of the desk clear. If the standing desk is difficult to adjust upward, you will be less likely to use that feature and stand up. Try to keep most of your desktop objects on the sitting side, so raising the standing side is simple and quick.

Benefits of an L Shaped Sit Stand Desk

There are many benefits to having an L-shaped height adjustable desk setup. So if you need convincing, check out these major upsides to this type of desk.

More Desktop Space

The extra desk space that L-shaped desks give you is the main benefits people consider when getting a corner desk. Rather than have piles of paperwork surrounding you and your keyboard, you can have one side of your desk for your monitor, and the other can be for paperwork and other materials. The extra space makes it easier to keep your desk organized and clean.

Fits Into Corners

This benefit is rather obvious but is a feature that makes L-shaped desks stand apart from other sit-stand desks. Corner desks are wonderful because they save space in the room and also offer the wall in front of you for use to hang pictures, a calendar, or keep sticky note reminders.

It can be awkward decking where to position your desk, whether at home or in an office, and a corner desk can help you make that decision.

Smooth Transition to Standing

Sometimes lifting a heigh adjuster or electric desk with all of your items balanced on it can be a hassle and end up with all of your belongings spilled on the floor. An L-shaped desk prevents this scenario, as you can move your belongings to the other side of the desk when transitioning from sitting to standing or vice versa.

Ideal for Multi-Monitor Setup

If you have more than one computer monitor, an L-shaped desk can be super helpful. Rather than crowding your desk with your monitors directly in front of you, you can have one main monitor and then put your secondary monitor to the side. This setup is ideal for people that use their second monitor less and mostly for viewing purposes.

Ergonomic Properties

Having this type of desk setup means you prioritize ergonomic habits and take care of your body and health. Alternating between sitting and standing is known to improve worker health and keep you more comfortable throughout the day.

Alternating between sitting and standing can prevent or reduce chronic back pain along with an array of other issues caused by poor ergonomics.

Different Types of Sit-Stand Desks image

man is working at a stand up desk in an office
Image Credit: Shutterstock

L-shaped adjustable desks are unusual, but there are other varieties of sit-stand desks you might be more familiar with. If you like the idea of a sit-stand desk but aren’t thrilled with the L-shaped design, consider one of the desks listed below.

  • Height Adjustable Desks
  • Standing Desk Converters
  • Fixed Height Standing Desks
  • Electric Standing Desks
  • Manual Crank Standing Desks
  • Exercise Standing Desks


If you’ve been considering getting an L-shaped sit-stand desk, we’re here to tell you that they make working far more comfortable and convenient. You’ll be able to spread out materials, stay organized, and the aspect best of all, keep your body healthy while working.

If you have a corner that’s calling out for an L-shaped desk, consider one of our fantastic recommendations above!


Do I need to use a sit-stand desk?

No, you don’t need one, but it’s recommended by ergonomic experts and office workers alike. Changing your position from standing to sitting gives your back, bottom, and entire body a break. Staying in the same position all day is harmful to your muscles and joints and can lead to back pain and other problems. We highly recommend you give a sit-stand desk a try!

Are L-shaped desks expensive?

They can be very affordable! You can get a quality adjustable L-shaped desk for under $200, but you can also find these desks priced around $1,000. It depends on the company, quality of materials, adjustability mechanism (manual, electric, etc), and size.

Can gamers use L-shaped desks?

Absolutely! Gamers, especially those with two monitors, could benefit from using an L-shaped sit-stand desk.

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