How to Fix a Wobbly Chair

Wobbly office chairs can be incredibly frustrating. The recurrent tipsiness and embarrassing creaks can ruin any peace and quiet that you might have while working. Luckily, you won’t have to get rid of your office chair because it’s wobbly. So, you might be wondering, “How to fix a wobbly chair?” Well, we have the answer to that question!

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to fix a wobbly chair:

  1. Label each component of your chair
  2. Disassemble your chair
  3. Look for missing parts
  4. Clean the pieces
  5. Replace broken parts like the chair’s joints or a loose leg
  6. Apply adhesive to the furniture components
  7. Bind the corner blocks together

This method is easy to do by yourself and if you’ll find that it won’t take you very long to complete. Keep reading for an in-depth analysis of each step of how to fix a wobbly chair.

How to Fix a Wobbly Chair: Causes of Wobbly Chairs

There are several reasons why your office chair can become wobbly after extended use. If your chair wobbles from one side to another, don’t worry: you can still save it. However, it’s best to understand why your chair is wobbly before you start trying to fix it.

Some of the common causes of wobbly chairs include:

Worn Chair Joint

Chairs will become worn out the more you sit in them. Remember that prolonged sitting can cause stress on the chair joint of your office chair, which can start to lose strength over time. If a chair joint starts to get worn out, then the imbalance from the loose joint can cause wobbliness.

Broken Parts

An external factor or age can cause this, but some of the components of your chair can get broken or damaged over time. The part that gets broken the most is the wheels: if one of the wheels doesn’t work, your chair can become unstable.

Missing Screws

This isn’t as common as the other issues, but sometimes screws can become loose with time and fall out of the chair. When this happens, your chair can become wobbly, which can be extremely dangerous for anyone sitting in it.


The main reason that chairs become wobbly is the overall age of the chair. It doesn’t matter if you treat your chair with care; some parts will still wear down as time goes on. If this happens, you might be better off buying a new chair for your office.

Poor Manufacturing

Sometimes, the problem with your chair is that it wasn’t made with high-quality materials, which makes them wear down faster. Remember always to purchase a good office chair to avoid this problem.

How to Fix a Wobbly Chair

how to fix a wobbly chair
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You’ll need:

Step 1: Label Each Component of Your Chair

Using your writing utensil, label each component of your chair using your preferred numbering or lettering system. Use a utensil that will be dark enough so you can easily read it later when you reassemble the pieces.

Step 2: Disassemble Your Chair

Check for screw holes around the corner joints or blocks of your chair. Then use a drill to remove the screws. If you find small nails or dowel pins on the parts, use a hammer to hit the vulnerable areas of the part until it comes apart. Be careful when you hammer, though – the last thing you need is to break a part of your chair completely!

Step 3: Look for Missing Parts

As you take the chair apart, look for any missing parts, such as wheels, joints, or screws. Note each missing part so you can find replacement parts.

Step 4: Clean the Pieces

Organize the parts of your chair together to avoid losing them. Then, use your sandpaper, scraper, and chisel to remove any old glue on the parts. These tools do a great job at removing old adhesives, especially in tight areas. Make sure that all the surfaces are smooth before you move on.

Step 5: Replace Broken Parts

If you find any broken parts while disassembling your chair, place them aside from the rest and look for replacements before putting the chair back together. There’s a big chance that your chair was wobbly because of these broken parts.

Step 6: Apply Adhesive to the Components

Use a small paintbrush to coat all the joints with high-quality adhesive. Don’t worry about using too much glue; the more glue you apply, the stronger the joints will be. Join the pieces back together based on the markings you made earlier.

Step 7: Bind the Corner Blocks Together

Tighten the glued sections of your chair together using a strap clamp. Put the strap around the entire body of your chair and fasten it until it’s tight. Use a rag to wipe off any excess glue to make sure your chair looks clean and new.

Don’t unfasten the clamp right away after your chair repair! It’s highly recommended that you let the clamp stay on the chair for at least 24 hours to let the glue dry completely before removing it.


When it comes to how to fix a wobbly office chair, there are several steps that you can follow to help you complete the task. The steps above are designed to do just that, and if you follow them, you’ll find that they’re easy to do.

However, if you find that the damage is too deep, you might be better off finding a new office chair because there are some things that you simply cannot fix. But because of this, you might finally be able to get that new office chair for your small office that’s extremely comfortable.

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