Best Under Desk Workout Machines of 2021

The sedentary lifestyle that we’ve all become accustomed to has made working out a challenge. Since the pandemic started, it has been nearly impossible to avoid a couch or chair for most of the day. With our busy schedules, working out seems like a luxury time-wise, but health-wise it’s a necessity. You don’t have to work out for 2 hours five times a week to get the benefits. As little as 15 minutes a day can do you good, but sometimes, even that much is hard to manage. 

Fortunately, there is a way to get your work and workout done at the same time! Under-desk workout machines are your best option to squeeze in good cardio while you’re dealing with a deadline or enjoying your favorite TV show. 

Because we know time is always of the essence, we researched the best under-desk machines, so you don’t have to. 

DeskCycle Ellipse

desk bike

If you’re working from home and you’re bound to your desk or couch, DeskCycle Ellipse can be a good choice for you. You can place it on any type of floor, like hardwood or floor or a low-pile carpet. The machine has some weight to it, so it won’t move around as you pedal. 

All of us who have continued to work from home know how easy it is to get lazy. With the DeskCycle Ellipse, we’ve learned how easy it is to start working out again. There is no excuse not to be cycling anywhere you are because you can quickly move the machine thanks to a convenient handle. Whether you’re working at your desk or chilling on your couch, just carry the Ellipse with you, and continue working out. 

If you’re not a savvy engineer, don’t worry; assembling it is a breeze. All you need to do is attach two pedals. There is no motor to the Ellipse, which means it’s entirely driven by pedaling. It’s also super quiet, so you won’t disturb anyone at the office or at home. 

If you like to track your progress, you can easily do so with the remote display. You don’t have to bend down to look or stop cycling to see how many miles you’ve made from your couch. Place the display on your desk, armchair, wherever you like, and track your time and intensity levels. 

With eight intensity settings, you might break some sweat, so make sure you pack an extra T-shirt if you bring this one to the office. To help you maintain consistency, you can create an account on the app or website and track all your data there. 

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DeskCycle 2


DeskCycle 2 won us over with its versatility. You can adjust the pedal height to accommodate your table height and pedal freely, without constrictions. Whether you’re WFH or in a cubicle next to other people, no one will notice you’re pedaling! DeskCycle 2 is so quiet, even you might forget you’re using it, but only if you’re in super-human shape; The intensity levels with this one are no joke. Be sure to read the instructions. Pedaling may not require special skills, especially while sitting comfortably at your desk, but you can get sore if you skip levels. Don’t make the same mistake as we did, but start from level 1 and increase incrementally. 

It may take a few minutes to assemble the machine, but it is well worth it. DeskCycle 2 does a fantastic job of keeping you active and challenged. Working on higher levels, you will feel those quads working. On lower levels, you can get more hours and still increase your circulation and heart rate. Trust us; you won’t feel guilty binging on your favorite TV show if your legs put in the hard work. 

You also get a strap to secure the DeskCycle 2 to your office chair so you don’t go anywhere while cycling.

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Desk Bike

What we love most about the MagneTrainer is that you get to exercise your upper body as well! Two exercises on one machine, which is a pretty good deal. When you spend most of your day sitting, it’s not just your lower body that pays the price. Your core, shoulders, and back all suffer from the hunched position. It’s what people behind MagneTrainer thought about, and that’s what we love. 

This machine has molded pedals that perfectly fit your hands and feet, so you can switch as you like. You can buy an extra set of ergonomic hand pedals that put your arms in a more natural position while exercising. Place the bike on the table when you want to work on your arms. If you’re feeling creative, you can even attach it to a wall. Wherever you decide to mount it, get ready to feel it in your shoulders, forearms, biceps, and middle back. 

If you want to use the machine precisely to work on your legs, you can get feet-only, more oversized base pedals. We love how MagneTrainer is versatile while giving you extra options to meet your specific needs. 

Another thing that stands out with this under-desk machine is its intensity levels. MagneTrainer is not limited to 8 resistance levels like other machines. You can choose any value from a wide range of resistance levels, from beginner to athlete. 

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UREVO Under Desk Treadmill

Under Desk Treadmill

If you’re looking for a great desk treadmill, you can stop the search. UREVO has created a compact and convenient under-desk treadmill for all the avid walkers and joggers that will meet all your expectations. 

We love the simplicity of this treadmill – from the packaging and user’s manual to walking on it. Everything is very straightforward – it’s easy to assemble, and you get a hex spanner which is the only tool you’ll need. There is also a lubricating oil container, but the treadmill has been pre-lubricated, so it’s ready to use right away!

The foldable handle is very sturdy, and you can safely hold on to it. If you’re using this under your standing desk, as we did, you can easily maneuver the handlebar down out of the way. Don’t worry; you can still control your speed with the remote. Speaking of remotes, be careful as some universal remotes can affect the treadmill, so keep that in mind. 

This compact treadmill is perfect for you if you’re WFH and your home happens to be a small apartment. You don’t see many compact treadmills that have speeds over 5-6 like this one. It allows you to have a light walk and up your game to even sprinting. The rubbery wheels make it easy to move from your desk or workout area to under the couch or other storage space. 

It might make a whirring sound on the first few uses, but it goes away eventually, so it is on the quiet side. And, don’t be surprised if there’s a rubbery smell. In the beginning, it is brand new, and the smell goes away within a few days. 

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Cubii Pro Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

desk bike

If you’re still on the fence about the idea of working out while working or reading a book, Cubi Elliptical will win you over for good. 

The smooth pedaling motion effectively burns calories and activates your muscles but doesn’t disturb your phone calls, reading, focus, or people around you. This machine works great for fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to waste a second of their day and for recreational folk just looking to improve their circulation. 

Because of its weight, the machine will unlikely move while you pedal. You can find a perfect spot for it and keep it there for your daily exercise routine. Thanks to its low profile, it fits perfectly under a desk so that you won’t bash your knees on the desk. 

One of the best features about Cubii Elliptical that we liked the most is the app! It connects to your Fitbit so that you can synchronize your steps throughout the day. You can track your daily/weekly/monthly progress. If you’re competitive and don’t like working out alone, there’s the rest of the world to connect with! Join groups, relate to others on the app and watch as you climb the ladder. It’s super motivating and fun!

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We hope that our list will encourage you to get one of these machines under your desk. Whichever you choose, you will be doing something good for your health, and that’s the most important thing. Working from your desk all day or chilling on your couch does not need to hinder your movement and fitness. Under-desk machines that allow you to work out while sitting are a true game changer!

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