Steelcase Leap Office Chair vs. Steelcase Gesture

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of office chairs out there that you have to choose from, we understand.

That’s why we have put together this comparison of two office chairs from the Steelcase brand that we think you might find interesting to compare. We are going to compare the Steelcase Gesture with the Steelcase Leap Office Chair.

Below you will find our comparisons of these two chairs based on categories that we feel are important to consider when you are buying your office chair.

Table of Contents Steelcase GestureSteelcase Leap Office ChairSteelcase Leap Office Chair vs. Steelcase Gesture Buying GuideAestheticsErgonomicsAdjustabilityFramework and WheelbaseEco consciousFrequently Asked QuestionsWhich chair has the best lumbar support?Are the armrests comfortable?What are the dimensions of the seats on these chairs?Overall Thoughts

We have included a pros and cons section and a frequently asked questions segment to help you even further on your search for your perfect office chair.

Steelcase Gesture

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Steelcase Leap Office Chair

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Steelcase Leap Office Chair vs. Steelcase Gesture Buying Guide



The Steelcase Gesture chair has an edgy shape, broken up by curves that are designed to be ergonomic. The back of the chair is made up of mainly visible framework, which is thick to accommodate for the impressive adjustable features.

The upholstery is available in a large selection of colors on their website, from standard, sleek darker colors to the more vibrant and statement friendly colors like deep greens and bright mustards. You can choose the perfect combination that will fit into your home office.

From behind, the Gesture office chair has a back panel of framework with slits in the lower to mid-back region. This is to allow the back of the chair to be adjusted with the dials without risk of breaking the chair due to tension.


The Steelcase Leap Office Chair has a different silhouette to the Gesture, with a smooth back and seat. The framework is just as visible on the Leap as it is on the Gesture. This makes the frame look like a design feature, but it is also a practical way of the supporting the adjustments that are possible.

The colorway options are similar to the Gesture, there are a total of fifteen different color options. But just like the Gesture, all color options of the Leap come with black framework and a black wheelbase, unless you want to switch it up with a lighter framework on Steelcase’s website.



The Steelcase’s Gesture office chair has a shape that complements your spine and the overall shape of your back whilst you work throughout the day. The livelumbar technology, that can be altered by hand, is invisible behind the framework of the chair. More on how to adjust this will be in the adjustability category below.

The seat of the chair is padded and upholstered in a mesh-like knit fabric, the same as the back of the chair. This promotes breathability on hot days or in tough and stressful work situations. Making this chair’s fabric perfect for everyday use.


The Leap model is Steelcase’s number one selling ergonomic chair. It has livelumbar technology that flexes with your every movement throughout the workday to keep you supported and comfortable. This livelumbar system mimics the shape of your natural spine, changing its shape to support your contours. And is not a separate component, the lumbar support in the Leap is built in.



The Steelcase Gesture boasts all of the typical features that you can adjust in an office chair: you can adjust the overall height of the chair using the lever to alter the gas lift. This changed the height of the seat in relation to the floor, so you can easily slide your chair under your desk when you are done for the day.

The chair also gives you the ability to alter the back tension. You can change the comfort dial to one of the four comfort settings: weight activated seating, weight activated with 20% boost, mid-stop recline, or upright back lock.

The armrests of the Steelcase Gesture chair are classed as 360 degrees, meaning they can be adjusted in ways that the human arm can move. They can move up and down to change the height, the distance between them can be altered, the depth of them can be changed, all by triggering the release and moving them to your desired position. All of these possible adjustments allow you to make the chair completely yours since it is so customizable.

The lumbar support is adjustable. Whilst sitting on the chair you can use your hands to slide the lumbar support up or down the back of the chair to fit your specific measurements. this makes the chair extremely customizable, which is especially good for the day to day support that your back needs.

The Gesture has intuitive instruments that affect all of the adjustable feature above. They respond immediately to the user’s adjustments so you will get used to which dial controls which feature in no time.


With a natural glide system, the Leap model of the Steelcase chairs allows the chair to recline smoothly whilst the seat slides forward. This means you are able to recline whilst working and still easily see the work on your computer screen.

This can encourage many more active and varied seating positions, thus promoting movement at work and avoiding stationary seating for hours on end. The Leap has 4D armrests that can be adjusted in four different ways.

The Leap also has a dial that can be used to adjust the firmness of the lower back lumbar support feature. This controls the precise amount that the chair back can resist you reclining.

Framework and Wheelbase


The framework of the Gesture chair is visible throughout the whole chair since this is a chosen design feature. The main supportive framework of the chair spans the outer edge of the back along the mesh material, and this is where the slider for the adjustable lumbar support is found.

The wheelbase is the standard 5-star wheelbase with castor wheels that Steelbase uses.


The Leap’s framework is not visible in the same way as the Gesture’s. The plastic back of the chair has slits that act like a human spine when the back of the chair is adjusted. The framework of the Leap is not as bold a design statement as the Gesture’s.

There are more pieces of framework that protrude from the back and allow the lumbar support to be adjustable. The wheelbase is the same as the Gesture’s.

Eco conscious


The Gesture model chair is made up of 25% recycled content, and low-emitting materials.


The Leap model chair is made up of 35% recycled content, and low-emitting materials.

So, the Leap wins in this eco conscious battle. If this is important to you, it is definitely something to consider when choosing between the two chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have brought together some frequently asked questions that prospective customers may have, we hope that they help:

Which chair has the best lumbar support?

Since the Steelcase Leap is the brand’s number one best seller for ergonomic chairs, it is definitely the winner for lumbar support. The unique spine-like design of the back of the chair allows you to adjust it whilst sitting and working so that you can find the perfect position for your lower back with ease. The Gesture’s lumbar support is still great, but since the Gesture’s is a separate panel that you can adjust manually, and the Leap’s is fully integrated, the Leap still wins.

Are the armrests comfortable?

For both the Gesture and the Leap, they are not padded. But the Gesture has 360-degrees armrests, which promote many different sitting positions and alleviate the straight on your elbows since you can position the armrests in any way.

What are the dimensions of the seats on these chairs?


The Steelcase Gesture’s seat width is 20 inches, and the depth is 18 1/4 inches.


The Steelcase Leap’s seat width is 20 inches, and the depth is 18 ¼ inches.

Overall Thoughts

Now that we have finished analysing both the Steelcase Gesture and the Steelcase Leap based on categories that we think are important for an office chair, we have come to some decisions.

The Leap is Steelcase’s number one best-selling ergonomic office chair thanks to its incredible spine-like back that changes according to the way you adjust the chair. Although the Gesture chair is still ergonomically designed, it does not come close to the Leap’s fully integrated lumbar support system.

The Gesture office chair has 360-degrees armrests that are easily adjustable in swift movements, making this chair more ergonomically friendly for your arms and elbows. The intuitive dials are also a great design feature.

Since the two chairs are similar in price, all you have to decide on is whether lumbar support or arm support and easy adjustment is more important to you in an office chair.

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