Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology Review

The Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology is one of the cornerstone Serta office chair products. Serta is mostly known for its superior mattresses; if you’ve ever laid on a Serta Mattress, imagine a similar experience except with an office chair in lieu of a bed.

Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair High Back Ergonomic for Lumbar Support Task Swivel, Bonded Leather, Light Gray

It’s comforting knowing that you’re buying from a trusted brand like Serta – however, you should still be wary. Serta has a ton of nice office chairs, and some not so great ones too.

The Serta Executive Desk Chair happens to be one of the good ones. Want to see some different options? Be sure to check out our take on the best Serta Office Chair Picks and Alternatives.

In this post, we will go over the ins and outs of the chair in question. We will dissect every aspect of the Serta Works Executive Office Chair and give our honest opinion on what we like and dislike. Plus, we go over important buying criteria to consider before pulling the trigger on buying this office chair.

Before jumping into the review, we want to give a brief overview of who we are and why you should trust our opinion. Bottom line, the team here at is dedicated, albeit obsessed with office chairs. We believe that sitting is an important and often overlooked part of many people’s lives. Did you know most office workers sit on average of about 7 hours a day? That’s a long time spent sitting.  And it’s exactly why our team is passionate about identifying, sitting in and recommending the best office chairs on the market.

Anyway, we know why you’re here: to learn about the Serta AIR Health and Wellness computer chair.

Without further adieu, here you go!

In Depth Review of the Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology, Bonded Leather

Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology

Rating: 4.5

Serta Works Executive Style and Materials

Let’s begin with the style of this serta office chair. To start, Serta isn’t necessarily known for their sense of style. The company puts ergonomics and comfort WAY above physical product attraction. Coincidentally, their office chairs are super comfortable and supportive but typically lack a sense of style.

Luckily enough, they made the Serta Works Executive chair, which we consider to be the most attractive Serta office chair available. It has a stylish two-tone design and an overall sleek profile. Additionally, it comes in 4 different color styles – that’s pretty amazing!

Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology

The Health and Wellness is contemporary enough to fit into a modern office yet comfortable and supportive enough to endure long periods of sitting. The hand-sculpted arms are also a nice touch – little style features like that can go a long way. Don’t get us wrong – there are better looking office chairs out there. But for a Serta, this one is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to looks.

The frame is mostly composite plastic, which is surprisingly sturdy and makes for a solid sitting experience. Plus, the chair is fitted with bonded leather, meaning it’s part “faux” part genuine. We are a big fan of bonded leather because of the low maintenance involved and the durability of the material. Imitation leather has improved by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years. You no longer have to think cheesy 80s music video and think of pleather when you see materials like bonded leather. It’s soft, smooth and will stand the test of time.

Did we mention bonded leather is crack resistant? Well, it is.

Ergonomics and Support Overview

This section is where the Serta Works Executive truly shines. This chair comes power-packed with features like the high back and ergonomic design, the AIR lumbar support system, and the deep body layer padding.

The Air Health and Wellness chair was designed with ergonomics at the forefront. To start, the high back was designed to contour to the natural curvature of your spine. Plus, it has an outstanding lumbar support system (we will cover that later) and an integrated headrest for additional support. As for adjustability, the tilt and height can be custom fitted to your exact specifications. Last but not least, the armrests are padded making for a more comfortable sitting experience. We give the ergonomic design two thumbs up.

Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology

The Pivoting AIR Lumbar feature is a truly stand out functionality of the Serta Air Health and Wellness office chair. It’s made to pivot with the natural sitting motions of the human body, making for a remarkable sitting experience. Plus, the lumbar is designed with a breathable custom design that naturally cools your back when sitting. Nobody likes to have a sweaty back that sticks to the chair after sitting too long.

Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology

The enhanced breathability and airflow functionality is a nice touch to an already outstanding lumbar feature. This is how it works: the lumbar section is punched with these small “micro holes” which allow more airflow making for a cooler sitting experience.

Specs and Dimensions

This section is an important and often overlooked aspect when it comes to buying an office chair. We encourage all of our readers to bust out a measuring tape and take some measurements before purchasing one of our recommended office chairs.

Here are a list of critical specs and dimensions related to the Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology:

  • Length, Assembled: 29.75 in.
  • Width, Assembled: 25.75 in.
  • Height, Assembled: 42.75-46.5 in.
  • Item Weight: 38.9 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Serta Works Executive Warranty and Lifetime Value

Surprisingly, Serta doesn’t give much of a warranty on their office chair products. The one that stands now is a one year limited warranty. This warranty includes “cushions and parts”. It’s nice that they put a warranty on this office chair; however, it could have been a bit more specific and encompassing in our opinion.

As for the lifetime value, Serta makes a quality chair and we believe this will be one to stand the test of time. It’s always comforting knowing you purchase a product from a well-known brand – sometimes with lesser known brands, the quality can suffer. Serta on the other hand has a long history of making quality products.

Overall Consensus

Overall, we like the Serta Works Executive office chair. It’s a solid, comfortable and ergonomic desk chair at a more than reasonable price. Additionally, it has unique features like the AIR lumbar functionality; oh, and it’s always nice to be familiar with the brand of chair your purchasing – and I’d bargain most people know of the Serta brand.

Here are an overall list of pro’s and con’s to this Serta office chair:


  • Robust, intelligently placed body forming cushions
  • Comes in 4+ different color styles
  • High back design that supports a healthy posture
  • Padded armrests
  • AIR Lumbar functionality
  • Fitted with a smooth bonded leather material
  • Adjustable tilt and height
  • Integrated headrest


  • 250 lb weight capacity may not fit everyone
  • Armrests do not adjust and are fixed in place
  • While it’s easily one of the most stylish Serta chairs, it could look a little better
  • Plastic base and frame doesn’t look nice as a metal or chrome plated one

We hope this article helps you along your office chair purchasing journey – if you’re not sold on the Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology, be sure to check out our other reviews. We’ve got tons of them!

From the team here at, we sincerely thank you for reading. And as always…

Happy sitting!

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