Office Factor Executive Chair Review

Office Factor Executive has rolled out a few different office chair models over the years, and this one happens to be one of their flagship products.

This chair company is another one of those chair brands – like so many others – that doesn’t put much attention on the name or branding of these chairs.

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For simplicity purposes, we will just call this model THE Office Factor Executive; reason being is that this model is the only one we think is worthwhile to talk about.

Before jumping straight into this review, or any other for that matter, we like to give a brief overview of who we are and why we decided to write reviews about office chairs. It can seem pretty strange, right? someone taking all this time to write about chairs… well, that’s because our team is borderline obsessed with office chairs and we take sitting seriously.

The team here at is dedicated to identifying, selecting and recommending the best office chairs on the market. Did you know people spend on average up to 50% of their waking life sitting? If you’re awake for 18 hours a day, based on that statistic, you’ll spend 8+ hours sitting.

So why do all that sitting in a poor quality office chair?

That’s where we come in. Finding the right office chair can be difficult, and we are here to save you time and energy throughout your office chair purchasing journey.

Anyway, we know you’re not here to learn about us – you’re here to get more info on the chair in question: the Office Chair Executive.


In Depth Office Factor Executive Chair Review

Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Back Mesh Bonded Leather Seat Flip-up Arms Molded Seat with a 55kg Foam Density Double Handle Mechanism You Can Lock The Back in Any Position (Black)

Our Rating: 4.3

Office Factor Executive Style

There are three main things to note when it comes to the style of the office factor executive: the overall profile and look of the chair, and the different styles available.

The Office Factor Executive has unique look to it, especially when compared to other similar chairs in the same price range like the Modway Articulate. A few key style factors make this chair stand out.

First, the back design of the chair adds a hint of uniqueness while providing a an s curve spinal support system. From the back, this chair looks pretty cool. Additionally, the Office Factor Executive isn’t bulky and won’t be an eyesore at your desk space like oh so many other chairs.

It’s pleasant to look at, and it’s visually pleasing characteristics make this chair sleek, and almost unnoticeable. It kind of blends in with its natural office surroundings – which is a good thing.

This office chair also comes in a few different styles and colors. I

n this review, we are using images for the mesh style – and there’s definitely a reason behind that.

The Office Factor Executive comes with a leather fitted seat cushion as opposed to the mesh one in all the images on this page.

Simply put, we recommend the mesh/cloth cushion over the leather one.

We found the leather cushion style Office Factor Executive to have a cheap feel to it that didn’t quite do the chair justice.

Plus, it doesn’t look as nice as the mesh/cloth style model in our opinion.

If you want a leather office chair, there are plenty of better options out there. Check out our best leather office chair picks to learn more about that particular style.

Ergonomics Overview of the Office Factor Executive

Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Back Mesh Bonded Leather Seat Flip-up Arms Molded Seat with a 55kg Foam Density Double Handle Mechanism You Can Lock The Back in Any Position (Black)

The best part about the Office Factor Executive is the back design.

If you look at the above image you will notice the design entails a protruding lumbar support and overall S curve appeal to it.

The back extends all the way up to your neck making for great upper back support as well.

Additionally, the back angle can be adjusted and set into four different reclining angles.

That means you can find the perfect fit for you spinal posture and lock it right into place.

The Office Factor Executive is also very adjustable and has one unique feature to it that truly makes it stand out.

On top of height and tilt tension adjustable functions, the armrests are flip-up style as opposed to the typical horizontal adjustability. Having trouble picturing what we are talking about? Check out the first image to see more.

Flip up arms are a nice feature because you can use this as both a general task chair or an office chair; there’s a lot of flexibility with an office chair when you can essentially remove the armrests.

At the Office Factor Executive’s price point, you really can’t ask for many more ergonomic features. This chair has plenty of them, and you won’t be uncomfortable if you choose to go with this ergonomic office chair.

Specs and Dimensions

Specs and dimensions of an office chair are often the most overlooked factor when it comes to making a computer chair purchase.

If our team could give you one piece of advice – take measurements!

The last thing anyone needs is to get all excited about their new office chair they ordered on Amazon only to find it doesn’t fit under their desk in a designated workspace.

Here are the specs of the Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office Chair:

Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Back Mesh Bonded Leather Seat Flip-up Arms Molded Seat with a 55kg Foam Density Double Handle Mechanism You Can Lock The Back in Any Position (Black)

  • Length: 26 inches
  • Width: 28 inches
  • Height: 44 inches
  • Chair Weight: 34 pounds
  • Maximum Suggested Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

Lifetime Value and Warranty

First things first, mesh office chairs tend to be more durable than leather ones because they don’t crack as much.

However, we do find that over time, mesh computer chairs that have a foam seat cushion wear faster than “true” mesh chairs.

Check out our review of the Argomax EM-EC002 to get an idea of what a “true” mesh office chair looks like – essentially, the mesh is stretched over the seat cushion area in lieu of a foam pad.

The Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Mesh Chair has the foam cushion.

Although it has a foam padded cushion as a seat, it’s still a quality office chair that will hold up over time.

It’s not the most quality office chair out there, but for the price point, you’re getting a good deal with this baby.

As for warranty information, Amazon mentioned we would have to contact the manufacturer to find out more.

Our team recently inquired about warranty info for Office Factor products, and we will update this post as soon as we find out more.

Right off the bat, that’s not the best sign, but you never know. More to come soon on this matter 🙂

Overall Consensus of the Office Factor Executive Chair

At the end of the day, you’re getting a solid product at a reasonable price when  with this office chair. Is it the nicest office chair out there?

Not particularly.

But it’s decent, especially at the cost range you’re paying. You won’t find many outstanding office chairs in this price range, so this is what we would consider a little gold nugget.

The Office Factor Executive has a nice ergonomic functionality coupled with a sleek, high back skeletal design.

Although the warranty info is vague, we still give this office chair two thumbs up and would recommend it to friends and family.

After all, we consider all of our readers friends and family (wink wink).

Anyway, we hope this review helps you along our office chair purchasing journey. And as always…

Happy Sitting!

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