What’s the Best Shower Chair with Arms?

Bathing can be a great way to relax and destress but can be somewhat dangerous especially if you are elderly, disabled, or need extra assistance getting around. A shower chair can be a great solution to this problem.

Owning one is a great way to reduce the potential risks of injury in and around the bathtub and gain stability. These days, there are many different types of these handy additions on the market. Chairs with arms or without them, chairs without back, adjustable or fixed ones. Ultimately, the best one will depend on your personal needs.

Today, we’re going to examine some of the top shower chairs with arms. They provide more control and sturdiness during the sitting and standing period. We’ve done the research to round up the best of the best, so keep reading to discover the one that will give you the most peace of mind.

What Is a Shower Chair With Arms?

As an important part of the bathing experience for elderly or infirm people, chairs with arms give you a place to grip when transferring in and out of the shower.

The design generally features four legs with rubberized feet, and waterproof, non-rusting materials. The seat is mainly made out of durable plastic, while the legs are aluminum. Their main purpose is to provide support and maintain balance, making them a perfect solution to use on slippery or wet surfaces like your shower floor.

What Are the Benefits of a Shower Chair With Arms?

There are many different benefits when it comes to using a shower chair. Number one is increased safety. With the risk of falling and injuring yourself, a shower chair makes bathing a lot safer. Another benefit includes improved hygiene. Without accessibility, keeping up with hygiene needs can be tough. Luckily, a shower chair is there to make your bathing more manageable, ensuring you practice healthful living.

That leads us to yet another benefit. For people with decreasing mobility or seniors, the loss of independence can be difficult to deal with. A shower chair can help to return some of this independence back because you can take a bath with minimal assistance or no help at all. 

Shower chairs may benefit mostly those with reduced mobility and balance or movement conditions, seniors, and people with chronic illnesses.

What Features to Consider in Shower Chairs With Arms?

If you’re in the market for a durable shower chair that can help make your bathroom a safer environment there are some key features you need to look for. Firstly, the size of your chair. This feature will depend on the size of your bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom then the chair is ideal, whereas if you have a large bathroom area a bench would be more appropriate. Then there are different materials to choose from. As we already mentioned, you have the ones made out of plastic and aluminum but there are also shower chairs made out of bamboo. 

Comfort-wise focus on features like ergonomic, padded seats, and legs and arms that are adjustable. Weight is another important factor and we suggest you should always go for at least 20 pounds more than the actual weight of the person using it.

Nobody wants to spend hours assembling these cumbersome bathroom additions so opt for chairs that require no-tool assembly or even better – the pre-assembled ones.

The type of chair, weight capacity, and all the other features we mentioned ultimately affect the overall cost so as far as price goes shower chairs can range anywhere from $50 to $300 or more. You can purchase shower chairs from places like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and medical supply shops.

Medline Shower Chair With Arms and Backrest

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

With adjustable seat height and a sturdy aluminum frame, this Medline bath and shower chair provides safe and comfortable bathing and showering. It features a backrest for additional support, easily adjustable legs, and padded armrests that are ideal for patients who need extra support when getting on and off the chair. 

Tool-free assembly makes for easy and quick assembly while non-slip rubber feet resist slipping on the bathtub or shower floor. This bath chair can be placed inside your bathtub or shower. A weight capacity of 350 lbs is an ideal choice for even the heaviest of users.

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Medokare Shower Chair With Arms

Medokare Shower Chair With Arms

The Modekare shower seat is great for any bathtub. The grab bars have padded arms that are easy to grip. With a weight capacity of 280 lbs, it provides heavy-duty support. The drainage holes on the seat prevent water to collect so that it is easy to clean. This is one of the best bath and shower chairs on the market.

The height-adjustable legs allow you to customize them to fit any body type. Grab this tool-free assembly shower chair today. There is also a Medokore shower stool with padded seat but with the benefits of a shower chair with arms, we recommend this one.

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NOVA Medical Products Shower and Bath Chair With Arms and Backrest

NOVA Medical Products Shower and Bath Chair

You can now shower or bathe in comfort with the NOVA shower and bath chair. Comfortable padded arms provide support and stability to get up and down from the bath seat. A heavy-duty plastic seat and rust-proof aluminum legs make this design durable and lightweight. Skid-resistant rubber tips have a wide base and drainage holes. The push button and snap together design requires no tools, so your NOVA chair assembles and un-assembles in just minutes making it great for storage or travel. It is designed to support more than 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

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The Vaunn Medical Deluxe Spa Shower Chair

Vaunn Medical Deluxe Spa Shower Chair

With Vaunn shower chair, you’ll create a relaxing shower experience. Constructed out of a high-density, polyethylene seat, and a heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum frame this shower chair offers a comfortable and safe solution to any fall-risk individuals or seniors who have problems standing while showering. 

The Vaunn model also features a padded armrest, removable back support, and adjustable legs that provide the user with increased support and overall comfort. Its weight capacity is 250lbs making it durable and secure, while the tool-free assembly is easy for anyone to assemble within minutes. Drainage holes on the seat are designed to allow water to drain effectively, while its unique angled legs with non-skid rubber tips allow users’ weight to be distributed over a larger area.

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Bottom Line

Bathroom falls are notorious for being dangerous, especially for older adults and those with mobility or balance issues. Luckily, some products, such as shower chairs reduce that risk, helping to bring comfort back into the bathing routine.

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