X-Chair X4 Leather Executive Office Chair Review: Worth the Hype?

Is the X-Chair X4 leather executive a good choice for your home office?

In this review, we’ll help you answer that question. Keep reading for our full analysis where we’ll cover all the details, unique features, and the pros and cons of the X4 so you can make an informed decision.

X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair, Brown Leather with Headrest

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary:

  • First and foremost, this is a sleek looking executive style leather chair with modern ergonomic features.
  • While the included features are great, such as the infinite recline system, dynamic lumbar support, and 4D adjustable armrests, keep in mind that you still have to pay extra for the full package which includes the adjustable headrest, Brisa leather fabric, and upgraded castors. We expected these features to be included in the base cost, which is high.
  • Seat width is 19.5″, which is average. With raised sides, it might be too narrow for an executive style chair. You can upgrade to an extended version with an additional 1.5″ of width.
  • The lumbar system is integrated into the frame. But it’s not adjustable and may be too aggressive (or not supportive enough) for some users.

Overall, if you want a modern executive style office chair with soft leather and clean lines, you should at least check out the X-Chair X4.

Now on to the details.

X-Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

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Materials and Aesthetics

The X-Chair X4 is a modern looking leather executive style office chair with clean lines and unmistakable ergonomic shapes. All the X-Chair models are sleek. But you can get this one in either genuine leather or a material called Brisa.

The genuine leather base model option is available in brown, cognac, black or red color options.

For a little extra money, you can get the chair with Brisa fabric in rose, brown or black.

Brisa is an extra soft and breathable fabric designed to feel like real leather. The difference is that it also includes a gel polymer to give you more padding.

Even though it’s promoted for its extra smooth surface and ventilation system, Brisa is still not the real thing. If you’re OK with that, then this synthetic option will deliver some serious comfort over the long term.

Also, like all chairs in the X-chair line-up, this one includes a high density molded foam cushion on the seat.

The X4 is not as bulky or plush looking as your standard leather executive office chair. The padding and overall depth of the chair is minimal.

But if you want a modern looking chair that won’t take up as much space as a full size executive model, this is a good design choice.

Plus, with less cushioning and overall bulk, you get a very focused ergonomic design, with a shaped backrest and contoured seat to support your entire body when sitting.

However, if you like a more traditional executive-style and look, this chair might not fit the bill.

Frame and Wheelbase

X Chair Office Desk Chair (X4 Black Brisa-No Headrest) Lumbar Support and Heavy Duty Rolling Wheels - Adjustable Arms, Comfy Executive Swivel Reclining Gaming Computer Chair Home

The X4 sits on a heavy-duty chrome frame and wheelbase that adds a touch of style and sophistication, along with solid durability and stability.

For such as sleek and light looking chair, it’s nice to know you don’t have to worry too much about its sturdiness.

Ergonomics and Adjustability

The X4 has some unique features in the ergonomics department.

DVL Lumbar Support

For one, every chair comes with something called a DVL. This stands for Dynamic Variable Lumbar. The Chair’s DVL support is the panel at the bottom of the back of the chair.

Although attached to the rest of the chair securely, the DVL section will move whenever you are sitting on the chair to accommodate for your movement when working at a desk.

Essentially, this is a built-in lumbar support cushion. The problem is that it’s not actually adjustable.

So, if you don’t need a ton of lumbar support, the curve of this section be a little uncomfortable. Or if you need extra lumbar support, you can’t extend, raise or lower it to meet your needs.

Most people who own this chair appreciate the fact that the lumbar support is just there, and they don’t need to think about it too much – it just adds another level of support.

But if you prefer a flat backrest or something with adjustability, this feature is not ideal.

SciFloat Recline

Another feature that’s unique to the X-Chair line is the SciFloat Infinite Recline. This is a recline mechanism that allows for constant motion throughout the day. You can even customize it to match your specific body weight.

As the manufacturer claims, this can “improved circulation, concentration, and energy levels”. The chair backrest moves with you as you move forward and backward.

This might sound a little futuristic for some, but in the end it just makes this chair way more comfortable.

And not to worry, the chair does come with the standard tilt lock and tension adjustment options, as well as seat depth adjustment to find the right space between the seat edge and back of your knee.

You can even lock yourself into place at the full 90 degree upright position if need be.

Adjustable Headrest and Armrests

Of course, with a chair of this caliber, the armrests are also adjustable.

Described as 4-Dimensional, you can adjust the height, depth, width and angle easily as you work. So, the whole chair is promoting free movement throughout the day.

The independently adjustable headrest can be pivoted (4″ adjustment range) from the rest of the chair for even more flexibility of movement.

The headrest is not included, though. If you want to take full advantage of the SciFloat technology though, we recommend this as an add-on.

Finally, the chair includes a smooth pneumatic height mechanism with an adjustment range of 5 inches.

Chair Specifications

X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair, Cognac Leather with Headrest

Here are some of the key size specs you’ll want to consider if you’re interested in this model.

The seat width is average, but due to the raised sides and contour design, make sure it’s wide enough. If you need extra room, check out the extended option with an extra 1.5 inches of sseat of width.

  • Backrest Width: 21.5″
  • Seat Width: 19.5″
  • Seat Heat (from floor): 18.5″ to 23″
  • Armrests to floor: 26.5 to 30″


The X4 is relatively easy to assemble and comes with the tools you need to get set up quickly.

Before you open the box though and start sorting through all the pieces, be sure to watch their assembly video, available here.



  • Integrated lumbar support with the contoured lower back panel and the DVL support system included.
  • Hands free adjustment throughout the workday: the DVL support segment moves with your body for even more lumbar support, and the SciFloat mechanism allows for free movement to promote blood flow when sat at your desk all day.
  • Made from your choice of premium leather or Brisa material, both of which are smooth. The Brisa option is more breathable.
  • Comes in a wide variety of color options so you can pick the perfect chair for your home or work office.
  • A resilient molded foam seat that encourages even more comfort.
  • A wide range of adjustable features for added comfort, support and customization.
  • Easy assembly with instructions and tools provided in the box.


  • DVL lumbar support might be too aggressive for some, or not enough for others. Either way, it’s not adjustable.
  • You have to add the option of the headrest on for additional money.
  • Some buyers report that the lock settings for the adjustable armrests can be loose. Contact the manufacturer immediately if you notice any loose, defective or missing parts on this chair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have brought together some frequently asked questions that prospective customers may have, we hope that they help:

Is there a warranty on the X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair?

This chair also comes with a standard 5-year warranty. You can read more the manufacturer’s warranty and support right here.

Also, if you purchase on Amazon, you can try the chair for a ninety-day period, and if you are dissatisfied, you can send it back to Amazon for your money back.

What are the rolling castor wheels made of?

On the X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair, the five-pointed star wheelbase has five castor wheels that are made of a rubber coated polyurethane which are designed so they do not wear out the floor that you place the chair on. They are also smooth rolling, for a more pleasant office experience. If you have hardwoods, X-Chair offers replacement blade castors that are locking.

What are the differences between leather and Brisa?

The smooth leather option for the X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair is available in four colors. The Brisa material is also available in the same colors. Brisa material is specifically designed to be breathable with excellent ventilation using a gel-based polymer that promotes a cooling feeling for when you are spending hours at your desk. They state that the Brisa material is smoother than leather.

How wide is the seat of the chair?

The X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair comes in some different size options. The regular option has a seat width of 19.5 inches and seat depth of 22.5 inches to 25 inches depending on the way you adjust it. But the wider option, available on Amazon, has a seat width of 21 inches, an additional 1.5 inches.

Overall Thoughts

Taking all of our categories and frequently asked questions into account, this chair is impressive. For an office chair, something that you will be using for a lot of hours in the workday, the ergonomic support on this chair is excellently designed. The lumbar support has the addition of the DVL support which is a unique feature.

Although the price tag is high, we feel that the pay off, especially if you are using this in an office setting every day, would be worth it. many customers have reported being satisfied with their purchase, happy with the price for the quality of the chair.

Aesthetically, this chair is elegant and sleek with leather or Brisa material, and the sturdy chrome framework and wheelbase. The assembly is suggested to be easy and straightforward by many buyers of this chair.

Therefore, we feel that this chair is a well-designed product, and would really look the part in any home office environment.

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