14 Top Work-From-Home Essentials For 2022

Are you stuck working at your house all day with no idea when you’ll be in the office for a while? Maybe you’re transitioning into a full work-from-home situation. You’re not alone. In 2022, this has become the “new normal” for many employees around the world. 

When you are used to the office providing you with some of your work necessities, you may not realize what you might need until you need it right then and there. No worries though! This list will give you some starting thoughts about some work-from-home essentials that will help you within your new “office.”

Top Work-From-Home Essentials For Everyday Use

1. 2 Pack Luxury Lined Journal Notebooks from PaperCode

When it’s time to take some notes, don’t settle for looking around your home for a piece of paper and miss half of the discussion. Instead reach for a trusty notebook like these from PaperCode. Shoppers love that these notebooks feature bleed-proof pages so you don’t have to worry about notes flooding together. 

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2. Back Support Pillow from Bonmedico

Sitting at your desk all day? If you randomly grabbed a spare chair from the dining room, you may want some extra back support. This back support pillow from Bonmedico is a lumbar pillow featuring comfortable memory foam. It comes in standard and small sizes and adds plenty of support for your spine and help eliminate back pain from sitting

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3. Standing Desk Converter from TechOrbits

Maybe you’re not a fan of sitting all day or maybe your former desk at work was adjustable. Either way, a standing desk converter just might be what you need to help switch up your space. This converter by TechOrbits is a two-tier 32” wide stand so you can place your monitor and keyboard on it. It simply adjusts on your normal desk – or kitchen table – so you don’t have to worry about standing the entire day away. 

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4. Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser from DeskCycle

Who says you can’t work and work out at the same time? With the Under Desk Bike Pedal by DeskCycle you can multi-task work and gym time into one. It comes equipped with a LCD screen that shows the distance you traveled and the amount of calories burned.

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5. Caster Wheels for Office Chair from Office Owl

When it comes to owning an office chair, you’re either one of three people: one who has a non-rolling desk chair, one who has a rolling desk chair, or one who has a rolling desk chair that skids more than slides. If you happen to fall into the latter category – or want to turn your favorite non-rolling chair into one you can push across the room during breaks – turn towards these caster wheels from Office Owl. Soon you’ll be gliding in no time.

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6. Orthopedic Seat Cushion from Bonmedico

If you don’t mind sitting all day, but you are frustrated at some lower back, hips, or tailbone pain, it might be time to look into a coccyx seat cushion. If you don’t know what a coccyx seat cushion is, that’s okay. Essentially it’s a cushion for your seat that features an ergonomic cutout so there is less pressure on your tailbone as it “floats.” Bonmedico’s comes in three different sizes and two colors and features a gel layer to keep you cool as you work. 

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7. Oasis Anti-Fatigue Mat from Sky Solutions

If you are someone who would rather stand at their desk as they work, your feet, legs, or even spine may get tired or become slightly sore over time. No worries though! Invest in this anti-fatigue mat from Sky Solutions. This squishy-yet-stable mat adds a comfortable layer of support between you and your hard ground. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes so you can focus more on your work and less on being comfortable working. You can also check out our glass chair mat recommendations here.

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8. Small Mobile Table Standing Desk from TechOrbits

If you don’t currently own a desk and are unsure whether or not you would like a sitting or standing desk, this mobile table standing desk from TechOrbits allows you to do both. It also can tilt the desk platform and roll around if you don’t have a designated office space within your home. Simply roll it away when you’re done for the day and roll it back out the next morning. 

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9. Massimo Glass and Bamboo Home Office Writing Desk from bonVIVO

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you can’t make it look nice. This glass and bamboo desk offers style and storage space for your new office. Easily integrate this sleekly designed desk to your bedroom or dining area while making it feel like it was always meant for those spaces. 

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10. Door Stoppers from Wundermax

Sometimes the only way to keep a door closed to focus on work is by using a door stopper. However, if you want to keep a door open to let in fresh air, that’s always an option as well. Keep your office space from getting stuffy with a handy-dandy door stopper from Wundermax so you can keep your head clear and focused on the work ahead of you.

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11. Premium Sports Water Bottle with Leak Proof Flip Top Lid by Brimma

As you work throughout the day, it’s always important to stay hydrated! Don’t forget to sip some water as you keep your work ethic up with this sporty water bottle from Brimma. Easily keep track of your water intake with an ounce counter on the side so you keep your brain hydrated. 

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12. Portfolio Padfolio 3 Three Ring Binder Document Organizer from Wundermax

Keep your desk and work organized with a useful three-ring binder. This one from Wundermax features many pockets for all of your working needs. By keeping your work organized you can keep your focus productive. 

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13. Folding Floor Chair from bonVIVO

Just because you are working on work stuff doesn’t mean you can’t do it in an enjoyable space. Have you ever just wanted to get out of the house or your office? Go sit outside in a park or in the backyard as you work with this folding floor chair.  This chair is also great for anyone who is working and traveling on-the-go. 

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14. Exercise Ball and Base from URBNFit

Fitness lovers, you may enjoy a different kind of chair at your desk. This exercise ball can help you take an exercise break but when paired with the base, it can become a comfortable seat. 

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Other Helpful Tips and Tricks for Working At Home:

  • What things do you need to work from home?
    • There are some great basics that can help you work from home and can be all you really need to ensure success. You don’t have to necessarily break the bank either. Focus on finding a sturdy desk, a comfortable chair, and odds and ends like pens and notebooks for a strong foundation. Just don’t forget the internet!
  • How can I best work from home?
    • The best way to work from home is to figure out what you need to ensure a successful work day. A lot of this depends on the type of work you do. You probably prefer a relatively quiet space in order to work, but don’t necessarily discount spaces that are already available to you like the kitchen table or dining room. 
  • What can I buy to improve working from home?
    • Decide specific ways you want to improve your work from home situation. If that means focusing less on back or butt pain, purchase a standing desk. If that means finding a quieter space within the home, move your desk to an area that helps minimize noise.
  • What does every home office need?
    • Every home office needs only a few items. The rest depends on what kind of job you are doing. The most common items include the internet, a desk with a chair, a laptop, and maybe some pens and paper. 

Bottom Line

Whether you’ve just started working from home or have been at it for years, it’s important to make sure that you have all of the essentials to ensure you can focus on your work. With these tools, you will be able to get just as much work out of your home office as you can at the office. 

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