What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Double Monitor Stand

If you have dual monitors, you likely know the benefits of having two screens to work on. There’s more space, more options for communication, and so much more. From gaming to writing to editing, dual monitors are a wondrous concept.

Two screens aren’t useful unless the setup is for your comfort and convenience. The best way to accomplish this is by buying the proper monitor mount for your setup. Choosing a double monitor stand can be daunting; there are so many options.

Read our guide to the best way to shop for a double monitor stand so you can buy one with confidence.

Why Use Two Monitors?

Both gamers and office workers can benefit from having dual monitors in their space. Dual monitors can help with productivity, comfort, and convenience, and there is a myriad of reasons people set them up.

Video Calls

As more people begin to work remotely, it is more difficult to stay in touch with your team and keep everyone involved. But when you have two monitors, you can easily stay on video calls for long periods without having to cease your work. Completing tasks while being in touch with your team increases productivity and keeps everyone in the loop.

Comparing Data

Switching back and forth from one spreadsheet to another document to a different PDF can be confusing, inefficient, and generally frustrating. Having dual monitors allows you to compare data and other information without clicking through ten screens. If your work involves a lot of cross-referencing and research, dual monitors can make your life much easier.

Increase Collaboration

When you have two monitors, it can help during team projects. It makes it easier to keep multiple projects and chatrooms open at once. A dual setup will help you actively communicate with your team and coworkers as you work on the project. This method is far more effective than working on a project and then stopping to discuss questions, concerns, or progress.

Game Better

With two monitors, you can take your gaming to the next level. Gamers with two monitors can keep stats, inventories, maps, and more on one screen, while actively playing on the other. Gamers love dual monitors because it gives them more power over their in-game items and characters.

Factors to Consider

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When shopping for your dual monitor mount, keep these factors in mind. Not even a dual monitor mount will work for your screens and your desk space. Make sure to account for these aspects before settling on your monitor mount.

Type of Mount

There are a few different mounts you can choose from. Before you begin shopping, you should research the different types and decide which is ideal for your space. Some mounts take up more space on your desk, some require more installation, but there is a perfect one for everyone. See the list of different mounts below and the best times to use them.

  • Best Budget Pick: Freestanding Mount
  • Space Saver: Side Clamp Mount
  • Sturdiest: Through-the-desk
  • Most Stylish: Wall Mount

Monitor Capacity

Since you are shopping for a mount for a dual-monitor setup, you need to make sure the mounts you look at are for two monitors. This information should be clear on the box or website description. It is best to buy one mount for two monitors than two mounts for the dual setup, as it will be clunky, unnecessary, and possibly more expensive.

Mounting Capability

Most monitor mounts have VESA capability, which is the hardware on the back of your monitors that you can attach to monitor arms. Before you begin shopping, make sure both of your monitors have VESA capability on the back. You also need to make sure the mounts you look at use VESA capability, so everything will properly fit together.

Cable Management

When you use two monitors, you have more cable to deal with. Cables can be a hassle and unattractive if you have too many disorganized wires. Dual monitor mounts sometimes have cable holders to help you manage the extra wires. If this is important to you, make sure your mount has these features before purchasing it.


Some mounts will only move the monitors up or down or side to side. But other mounts have full pivot capabilities. So, they can be adjusted in more ways. Even if you don’t think this is super important, the height of your monitors can have a huge impact on your comfort while working, helping make your workspace or gaming setup more ergonomic, benefitting your health.

Final Advice

Don’t keep using the subpar stand that your monitors came with. If you have double monitors, you are a pro with important things to do, so don’t skimp when it comes to your office or gaming setup.

Get the best double monitor out there, using this buying guide as a map to choose the ideal stand. Whether you want to improve communication, have a more immersive gaming experience, or make your workdays more productive, make sure you have the perfect double monitor mount for your needs.


What about mounts for three or more monitors?

There are mounts available for people with many monitors. When shopping for a monitor mount for three or more screens, you can follow the same advice in this article, but pay more attention to weight and monitor capacity.

Will two monitors slow down my computer?

It is possible but unlikely. Sometimes dual monitors can cause a slight lag or reduction in image quality, but most people hardly notice this.

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