Small Workspace Inspiration with Sit and Stand Desks

Sit and stand desks are a revolutionary way of working, but if you work from home now, you may feel like you don’t have enough space for one. We are here to help! We have eight ideas that will help you design your compact and ergonomic home office.

8 Ideas For a Compact and Ergonomic Home Office

If you’re looking for some small home office ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have nine clever and unique ideas to inspire you to create a compact, space-saving home office setup with ergonomics and health in mind. 

These ideas can work in spaces for different kinds of remote workers. These ideas can be adapted for sit and stand setups or just standard desk setups. But we encourage you to sit and stand throughout your workday to keep your body healthy and keep you comfortable.

Working Nook

If you have an unused closet or an odd-shaped space in a room that you can’t figure out what to do with, it may be the ideal spot for an adorable home office. By placing a desk into an odd corner or space like this, you will save tons of space in the rest of your home.

There are small and stable sit-stand desks that you can find to fit into these spaces, so you can take breaks from sitting throughout the day. Another option is to install a shelf above your desk that you can rest your computer on when you want to stand up.

Use a unique and colorful wallpaper to distinguish your workspace or hang photos and inspirational art.

Shelf Desk

A desk can take up considerable space in your home, but a series of shelves is a great way to save space and set up a temporary home office. People that work from home sporadically may not want or need a permanent workspace.

Adding one or two shelves on an empty wall can work perfectly for a sitting desk and a standing desk. When you are not working from home, it’s easy to replace your computer with some beautiful pottery or family pictures, and no one will ever know that it was once a workspace.

Ghost Table

By ghost table, we mean a clear adjustable table made of plastic or glass. Choosing see-through materials creates the illusion of open space. If a priority of yours is preventing your home from feeling cluttered or stuffed with furniture, a clear desk is a sure way to foster a sleek, modern feel while bouncing light around the room.

You can find a clear adjustable table, or you can add a desk riser on top that is also clear. A clear computer stand is easy to find and can easily slip under your desk when not in use. But it’s a great asset to add to your workspace so you have the option to stand every once in a while.

Murphy Desk

You’ve heard of Murphy beds, but what about a Murphy desk? These are the ultimate space saver, and when you’re done working, your desk disappears: out of sight, out of mind. They’re easier to set up than you may think and can be a satisfying DIY project. All you need is an empty wall, a sturdy piece of finished wood, and some heavy-duty hinges.

A murphy desk is ideal for laptop use, so you don’t have to leave a bulky desktop set up in the middle of your space. You can match the color of your wall or add some stunning artwork under the desk, so when you flip it up, it’s like a framed painting on your wall; how sneaky!

Attractive Desk Riser

If you already have a cute home workspace, but you want to make it more ergonomic, add a desk riser. There’s no reason to toss out your current desk to replace it with a height-adjustable table. Instead, at a desk riser; it is a stand for your computer that sits securely on top of your desk. And you can make it yourself!

You can buy an adjustable one that lifts your desktop, or you can get creative and make your own design. The store-bought ones are not the most aesthetically pleasing, always black and mechanical-looking. You’d be surprised what would work as a desk riser. And then you’ll be able to stand up every so often as you work.

Deconstructed Office

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If you want to create an office space that disappears when you’re not working, create a deconstructed office. Keep a table, chair, and shelf near each other so you can pull them together in a matter of seconds and have your office ready to go.

Leave a small side table underneath a sturdy desk. When you pull the chair over, you’ll be able to choose between working on the table or working on the shelf, depending on if you want to sit or stand at that time.

You can be creative with the deconstructed office idea; don’t be afraid to use any furniture at your disposal that will be comfortable and ergonomic to work on.

Flip-down Desk

A flip-down desk is a specific design that may be tough to find, but they’re stylish and convenient. A flip-down desk means the part that makes up the back of the desk can flip over to create a higher desk that is ideal for standing work. These are more attractive than most adjustable desks, but they are less customizable with only two height options.

These take up a bit more space, but the functionality is incredible. If you like to keep your workspace setup but want the flexibility of sitting and standing, this is a wonderful option to consider.

Counter Workspace

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If you have a nice kitchen counter in your home, use this as your workspace instead of getting a separate desk. Most countertops are the ideal height to use a computer while standing and pairing it with a tall chair makes it great for sitting too.

Using a counter in your home means you don’t have to get too much more furniture and can create a workspace with what you already have in your home.


Hopefully one of our ideas will work for you so you can transform a small piece of your home into a work haven.

Take inspiration from these designs but make them your own and don’t be afraid to get creative!


Are desktops better than laptops?

For ergonomic purposes, they often are because they strain your eyes and wrists less. But laptops are not a disaster and many people use them with no problems.

Do I need an office chair?

We recommend you get a proper office chair if you do a lot of work at home. But as long as you find your chair comfortable throughout the day, it isn’t 100% necessary to buy an office chair.

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