Serta Works Executive Office Chair Review

The Serta Works Executive Office Chair is another one of the few Serta Office chairs we recommend. It’s an all around utilitarian office chair that comes with a lot of value for the price point. Plus, this chair is made by a trusted brand and is constructed with quality craftsmanship.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Motion Technology, Adjustable Mid Back Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Black Bonded Leather

In this review, we will go over everything you need to know about this Serta Bonded Leather Executive Chair. Covered topics will include ergonomics, comfort, style specs & dimensions, etc. Looking for a well-rounded, un biased review of the Serta Works office chair? Look no further.

Our group of office chair experts dedicates a lot of time and energy to find, sit in and recommend the best office chairs. You may be wondering why we spend our days dissecting the in’s and out’s of common office furniture. Well, the truth is, we are passionate, albeit borderline obsessed with office chairs.

Most people spend half their waking life sitting – and a lot of that is spent in an office chair. With all of the office chairs out there nowadays, it can be a big stressful event finding the right one for you. That’s precisely why the team here at spends our time reviewing thousands of office chairs so you don’t have to.

There’s no need to stress over your next throne for your work station/computer setup. Who knows, it may even be the Serta Works Executive Office Chair!

If it’s not, be sure to check out our other Serta Office Chair Recommendations and Alternatives.

Anyways, we know why you’re here – to learn about this beautiful Serta bonded leather executive chair. Without further adieu, we give you…

Serta Works Bonded Leather Executive Chair Review

Serta Bonded Leather Executive Chair

Rating: 4.3

Style and Materials Overview

Like most Serta Office chairs, the Serta Works Executive Office Chair is constructed with a polymer plastic frame and the seat is fitted with bonded leather. The frame is sturdy, and the bonded leather material is smooth and easy to maintain. Bonded leather has come a long way over the past years, and it’s not the 80’s pleather most people associate with any sort of faux leather material. Plus, the bonded leather fitted over this Serta beauty is less prone to cracking and wear. That means the Serta Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair will look nicer for longer.

It looks like recently, Serta made some big improvements to this product line. This office chair used to only come in the brown color (imaged) but as of this post date, they’ve rolled out some new colors and styles. So if the dark brown look isn’t quite your jive, be sure to check out all of the other styles on Amazon (where we typically recommend purchasing office chairs).

While the frame is sturdy and durable, we do wish it were finished with a nicer looking wood grain look. That would make the chair look a little more classy in our opinion but hey, you’re getting what you pay for. If you want a plush, ergonomic office chair that looks more “high-end”, check out our take on the best La-Z-Boy Office Chairs.

Serta Bonded Leather Executive Chair Comfort and Ergonomics

Serta Works Executive Office Chair

The comfort level on the Serta Works Executive Office Chair is exactly what you’d expect from Serta; they go to the ends of the earth to make out-of-this-world comfortable furniture. This office chair is manufactured with deep ergo-layered body pillows that hug and support all of those natural curves in your spine. Plus, it has an integrated curved lumbar support feature that helps reduce slouching and improve posture. Additionally, this Serta Bonded Leather Executive Chair comes fitted with padded armrests and built-in head support functionality.

The Ergonomics are OK on the Serta Works. It’s basically everything you’d expect and in any decent office chair, i.e. adjustable height and tilt tension. One of the fallbacks of this one is that the armrests don’t adjust. While not the end of the world, adjustable armrests are a pretty nice perk Serta could have included in this product. But hey, we aren’t buying an Argomax EM-EC002 over here, so you’re getting what you pay for.

Important Specs and Dimensions

We can’t harp on this section hard enough. Specs and dimensions are often the MOST overlooked aspect in buying an office chair. Coincidentally, this section is one of the most important considerations to take when purchasing any piece of furniture. All you need is a simple measuring tape and 5 minutes to eliminate one of the worst feelings in the world. What feeling is that, you ask? Let’s paint the picture: you finally buy your new office chair, wait a few days for it to be delivered, spend a few minutes constructing it only to find out… it doesn’t fit in your workspace! Devastating. We digress. Here are pertinent specs and dimensions of the Serta Works Bonded Leather Executive Chair:

Office Chair

  • Height: 41.2 in
  • Length: 30 in
  • Width: 25 in
  • Depth: ~19 in
  • Item Weight: ~40 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity: ~250 lbs

Lifetime Value and Warranty Information

As mentioned in many of our individual serta office chair reviews, buying from an established brand adds a lot of comfort. Serta has been around for quite some time and they’ve put over 70 years of research and development into creating their products. That being said, the Lifetime Value of the Serta Bonded Leather Executive Chair is an A+ for two reasons. Number 1: It’s made by Serta. Number 2: The overall feel of the chair is sturdy and the materials used into its construction are durable and long-lasting.

As for the warranty, well, it’s borderline OK. Meh. We’d like to see a better manufacturer warranty, but at least this chair has one. Many office chairs out there, believe it or not, do not have a manufacturer’s warranty. The current manufacturer’s warranty is one year for cushions and parts. That being said, Serta is a well established company, and with that comes a well established customer support team.

Overall Thoughts on the Serta Works Executive Office Chair

Overall, we like the Serta Works Executive Office Chair. For the price, the chair offers a lot of value. It comes with the Serta comfort you’d expect, plus it has several leading ergonomic features that offer maximum support. Additionally, this Serta office chair is a less costly alternative to some of the more expensive leather office chairs out there. While it does have a few drawbacks, we give the Serta Bonded Leather Office Chair our fully backed recommendation.

To wrap up the review, here is a high level list of pro’s and con’s that come along with this office chair:


  • Made by a trusted and established brand
  • Constructed with deep ergo-layered body contouring pillows
  • High back design with integrated lumbar support and built-in headrest
  • Adjustable tilt and height
  • New improvements to style: comes in several different colors
  • One of the more stylish Serta office chairs out there


  • Manufacturer warranty is semi-disappointing (1 yr on cushions and parts). Hey, at least it has one though.
  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Plastic frame could have a wood finished design (in our opinion)
  • Weight capacity may not encompass everyone’s needs

Well, there you have it folks. We hope our in-depth review of the Serta Works Bonded Leather Executive Chair helps you along your office chair purchasing journey. If  you’re not ready to make the leap and purchase this office chair, be sure to check out our other review on our site. We cover everything from individual chair reviews to in-depth buying guides based on your criteria.

From all of us on the team, we sincerely thank you for reading. And as always…

Happy sitting!

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