How to Buy the Right Office Chair Mat & Best Choices

An office chair mat has many benefits and is an integral part of any work desk setup. Plus, office chair mats preserve the surface of your flooring – whether it’s carpet, hardwood or concrete.

Buying an office chair mat may seem simple and easy. It’s likely that most people don’t think twice about buying on.

Don’t be one of those people.

All though it’s a simple and utilitarian product, there are a few key steps you need to take before purchasing an office chair mat. Having one of these chair mats will surprisingly make your life so much better, especially if you have an office chair with wheels.

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A big reason why the team at decided to make this post is because many people jump into buying an office chair mat without doing the proper research. We want to eliminate the hassle for the the best we can and educate you on what you need to know before purchasing one.

Typically, these office chair mats only run in the $50-70 range, however making this small investment can save you money in the long run. Think about all the damage an office chair on wheels can do to a floor over time. Whether you have a home office or business office, incorporating these mats into desk space is an absolute necessity.

Plus, who likes rolling around on carpet with an office chair? Not a very pleasant experience if you ask us.

Different Office Chair Mats for Different Surfaces

You need different office chair mats for both carpet and hardwood. There are tons of choices on the market, and we will give you our best recommendation on which ones to buy. Plus, you can order them from Amazon and they will be at your office or home in as soon as 2 days!

Office Chair Mat for Carpet

Scratches can be buffed out of hardwood or a hard surfaced floor fairly easy. Carpet on the other hand is difficult to repair and can look really bad if it’s in rough shape. Having a carpet chair mat for your home or work office should be a priority if you don’t already have one. Plus, it makes rolling around on your office chair a much more smooth experience.

See below for our official recommendation for carpet chair mats that are perfect for your floors:

Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat Non Breakable Polycarbonate Thick And Sturdy Highly Transparent Premium Quality 36″ X 48″ 1/8″ 

Official Rating: 4.8 | View Price on Amazon Now

This carpet chair mat is 1/8 inch thick and made from a high quality, polycarbonate material that guarantees no breaking, cracking for curling. It’s a stout, stiff material so you won’t have to worry about sitting on a flimsy material. Plus, it’s got little “feet” that hold it in place on top of carpet material.

Here are the dimensions of the above carpet chair mat:

Make sure you take the proper steps in measuring your carpet chair mat before purchasing one. Buying the wrong size carpet chair mat can be avoided with two things: a tape measure and five minutes of your time.

Want to know another awesome thing about this carpet chair mat?

That’s right.

It ships flat! No need to iron it out or flatten those pesky curled up edges. The manufacturers of this carpet chair mat put a lot of thought into the product and how it’s delivered to your front door.

Office Chair Mat for Hardwood

Hardwood is delicate, and without an office chair mat, you can do a lot of damage to your floors. Essentially, it’s a no brainer to get one of the below mats if you have your desk setup on top of hardwood or concrete surface.

For hardwood, we prefer and recommend Ilyapa. Ilyapa makes high quality hard wood office chair mats and they come in a variety of different sizes. Here’s our official recommendations for a hardwood surface:

Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors 30 x 48 – Floor Mats for Desk Chairs


Official Rating: 4.7 | View on Amazon

This is a quality, durable and overall well rounded office chair mat that protect your precious hardwood. It’s slip resistant and arrives flat, not rolled up – meaning you won’t have to deal with flattening out the rolled up edges which can take weeks.

See Price Now

This is a non slip office chair mat,  so you won’t be slipping around when you’re sitting at your desk.

This particular mat is essentially see through unlike other mats. You won’t have to worry about a giant plastic sheet on your floor because it has what’s called invisible protection. Who would want a giant off-white visible, hunky desk chair mat in their home office anyway?

Want to learn about the specs of this computer chair mat? You can see in depth reviews and measurements by checking it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Here are the specific sizes and shapes for the different best office chair mat picks:

If you’re a visual person, here’s an image of what the different sizes look like:

Not Your Boring Old Office Chair Mat Options

#1 ES Robbins Trendsetter Rectangle World Map Printed Computer Chair Mat for Hard Floors, 36 by 48-Inch

Rating: 4.7 | See on Amazon

Spice up your office or work space with this high style office chair mat. It’s got a printed design of the world on it; if you’re looking to spice up your office game, this is a unique way to do just that. It will be a definite conversation starter when you bring people in your office or by your desk.

#2 Chair Mat for Hard Floors | Polypropylene Chair Floor Protector | Colored Floor Mat for Office and Home | 100% BPA, Phthalate & Odor Free | 30″x48″- Yellow

Rating: 4.5 | See Price Now

Need to add some brightness to your office space? A canary yellow office chair mat might do the trick. This chair mat is meant for hard surfaces and is guaranteed to give your desk some pop. It’s got a modern look to it and would be perfect for the start up or more progressive style office. Looking for a pop other than an office chair mat? Be sure to check out our different color office like the best rated pink desk chair or orange office chair picks.

#3 Anji Mountain AMB24004 Bamboo Roll-Up Chairmat with Lip, Dark Cherry, 36 x 48-Inch

Rating: 4.3 | See More Colors on Amazon

The Anji Mountain Bamboo Roll-Up Chairmat is an extremely unique mat for office chairs. It’s got a hardwood design but is made from bamboo. Plus, this chair mat comes in three unique colors: Dark Cherry, Natural, and Walnut. If you want to see the additional colors, be sure to click the link above. This office chair mat is very stylish and has a ton of potential to give life to the boring office carpet or flooring in your workspace.

Steps to Take Before Buying an Office Chair Mat

Take measurements!

The #1 mistake that people make before purchasing a mat for their office chair is not taking the proper measurements. Picture this: you are so eager to get a new office chair mat and rush into purchasing one without taking measurements. You wait two days for Amazon to ship the product only to realize…

It doesn’t fit your office space! Now you have to return it, cut it or bunch it up to make it fit. Talk about a bad experience.

This situation can be easily prevented by simply taking a step back and running the proper measurements before you pull the trigger on your purchase. Many office spaces are different shapes and sizes… meaning there aren’t many “one size fits all” office chair mats.

After you take the proper measurements, do your research on which mat will work best for your work space. Often times they can be too big or too small – which are both easily avoidable mishaps.

All you need to do use a tape measure to measure the general area your office chair sits on. Rule of thumb, get the biggest office chair mat that will fit. Reason being is because it’s better to have a slightly larger office chair mat that fits nicely than a small one that limits the area where your chair can roll around on.

Have the right tools?

Sometimes you won’t be able to find the perfect fit for your desk or work space. If you just can’t seem to find an office chair mat that is the perfect fit, don’t fret.

All you need is a sharp vinyl cutter, a box cutter, or a nice set of sheers.

One of the best parts about office chair mats is that they are flexible and cuttable. If you have one of the above tools, you’ll have no problem cutting your new office chair mat to the perfect fit.

Word to the wise: while cutting your office chair mat, start small. Cut piece by piece then see if it fits – if it doesn’t trim it more and keep testing it out to see if it will fit it your work space.

Once you cut an office chair mat, there’s no going back. That’s why it’s better to start small! If you make giant incisions right off the bat, you may take too much of the office chair mat off and you’ll have to get a new one.

Overall Benefits of using an Office Chair Mat

All in all, it is so important that you use a chair mat for your office space set up. Whether you’re on carpet or hardwood, there are plenty of office chair mat options that will suit your needs. Plus, you can even get some that are more stylish and modern looking.

Remember, a $40-80 investment in a chair mat can prevent hundreds of dollars worth of damage to your floor in the long run. Office chair mats are designed now-a-days to be as invisible as possible, so you won’t have to worry about aesthetics and a large, ugly plastic sheet in your work space.

In conclusion, we at hope this article helps you with your office chair mat purchasing decision. Thank you for reading, and as always…

Happy sitting!