Noblechairs vs. Secretlab Gaming Chairs: Quick Comparison

There are so many options for gaming chairs out there. For PC gamers, many brands are bringing their own options to the table. Here, we are going to let two gaming chairs battle it out to crown the best of them.

The two manufacturers in question are Noblechairs and Secretlabs.

We are going to compare two of their best chairs that are of a similar specification, both at a similar price point. We will also briefly talk about the websites of the two chairs in terms of how easy it is to order your new gaming chair.

We will be looking at the Noblechairs Hero and the Secretlab OMEGA. Both are popular models with distinctive features and excellent gaming support.

Noblechairs Vs. Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Overview

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The Noblechairs Hero comes in PU leather, real leather or vinyl material for the chair, making this chair extremely versatile and possible to buy for vegan conscious customers too. You can get this chair, as pictured, in the Fallout “Vault-tec” edition which features the Vault Boy and Vault-Tec logos.

On the Noblechairs website you can also pick out your color of stitching if you want to create a contrast that is personal to you.

The chair’s shape itself resembles a bucket seat of a car, making the silhouette look like a racing style car seat.


This gaming chair is characterized by its distinct frame shape, the curves fit ergonomically with the contours of your back. The foam that is used for the padding of the seat is breathable and high-density in nature, so you will feel cool and supported when gaming for long periods of time.

The shape of the back is naturally supportive, with adjustable lumbar support for when you are spending hours at the desk PC gaming, or even using the chair for another purpose such as an at home office.

Although this is a roomy chair with well-designed ergonomics, there are a couple flaws to point out.

For one, the armrests are not padded. So while you’ll get the benefit of full adjustability, your arms may get fatigued or uncomfortable after a while. As a general rule, always make sure you get up, move around, and change positions to minimize the discomfort.

Also, the cushioning is very firm, which works well for larger customers. But smaller gamers might not settle in to this chair, and could be better off with the plush cushioning offered by a chair like the Omega.


The Noblechairs Hero covers the basics in the adjustability category – you can adjust it just like an office chair.

The highlights are the smooth Class 4 pneumatic lift feature to change the height of the chair, plus the 4D armrests which allow them to be moved horizontally, laterally, vertically and can even be tilted.

This means the chair can be customized to your desired specifications.

The back of the chair can be reclined from a 90-degree angle to a 135-degree angle for maximum relaxation between gaming sessions.

Framework and Base

The Hero model boasts a sturdy steel frame throughout the chair that supports your weight and body movements as you play at your desk. The wheelbase is made from aluminum and is robust as the base for the entire chair.

Attached to the base are the 60mm castors that are suitable for both hard and soft flooring, so this chair will fit into your gaming room effortlessly.

Sizing and Specifications

The Noblechairs Hero model is designed with a wider frame, wider armrests and taller backrest than many chairs in this class.

It has a higher weight capacity of up to 330 lbs and is large enough for users over 6 feet tall.

This design, plus the firm cushioning, makes this a better choice for larger gamers compared to the Secretlab series.

  • Backrest Height: 35.04”
  • Backrest Width: 22.44”
  • Seat Cushion Width: 20.47”
  • Chair Weight: 62 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Backrest Tilt: 90 – 135 degrees

Based on the specs, the Hero works well as a big and tall stlye gaming chair. We also like KILLABEE big and tall models for the added room and weight capacity.


These chairs have a manufacturer’s guarantee of 2 years. However, this is only available to the EU, so you may want to consider whether you would benefit from this or not.

Secretlab OMEGA


This chair is reminiscent of a cross between a bucket seat and an ergonomic office chair. The back of the chair is made up of one single panel of material, making it look smart and cohesively designed.

The material is a ‘PRIME 2.0 PU leather’ that is available in five colorways, unless you want the sports editions which will cost you more. The regular black version has a contrast red stitching for a pop of color that will still work well in your gaming set up.


The OMEGA chair is shaped like a supportive office chair, so is naturally supportive too. But this chair has the addition of memory foam pillows that are included in the price. These are detachable and can be positioned at the exact curvatures of your body for some added lumbar support.

The head pillow has a coating of cool gel to promote a relaxed feeling when gaming. The wings on the back panel of the chair are also supportive and act like a barrier to prevent you from moving around on the chair too much when gaming.


As well as having the adjustable basics like the Hero, the OMEGA gaming chair can be reclined almost fully to encourage even more relaxation. This is ideal for a break between games and for you to pick your ideal degree of recline on your chair for certain situations.

If reclining isn’t your thing, the chair also has a more relaxed function of the multi-tilt mechanism. This enables you to safely tilt back in the chair without fully reclining, meaning that your natural movements during gaming will be supported and accommodated by the chair.

The armrests are also considered 4D like Noblechairs Hero, with PU padding on top to protect your elbows.

Framework and Base

The OMEGA gaming chair is also constructed of a steel framework. The wheelbase is made from ADC#12 Aluminum, so is extremely sturdy. The five-star base is also built quite low to the ground, meaning that the chair’s center of gravity is lowered, so there is a reduced risk of tipping over whilst gaming, something that is definitely not wanted.

Sizing and Specifications

The Secretlab Omega series is designed for users from 5’3” to 5’11” tall and weighing a maximum of 240 lbs. Overall, this a slightly smaller model compared to the Noblechairs model. Keep in mind that, excluding the raised sides on the bucket seat, the actual seat width is only 14”.  The Noblechair has a total seat width of just over 20” without raised sides.

  • Backrest Height: 31.5”
  • Backrest Width: 21”
  • Seat Width (Including sides): 22”
  • Seth Width (Ecluding Sides): 14”
  • Chair Weight: 66 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 240 lbs
  • Backrest Tilt: 85 – 165 degrees


These chairs have a 3-year warranty that is applicable for all functionality portions of the chair. But will not cover aesthetic defects and damage from any misuse of the chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have brought together some frequently asked questions that prospective customers may have, we hope that they help:

Which chair is better for lumbar support?

Both the Hero and the OMEGA are similar on the ergonomics front. the backs of the chairs are made in similar ways and have the same silhouette. Both of the frameworks are steel, so support is pretty even.

The Hero has adjustable lumbar support in the back, but the OMEGA has detachable pillows that can be substituted for lumbar support. So, the Noblechairs Hero is better for inbuilt lumbar support.

Which chair is better for color?

Both of the chairs are available in many different colorways on the manufacturers’ websites. But the Hero has more options of both material and different editions such as the DOOM and Fallout editions.

The OMEGA, on the other hand, has different color options that are not just black. So, the OMEGA wins for the variation of color selection.

Overall Thoughts

Both of these chairs are perfect for PC gaming, but since we are picking the best out of the two, we would pick the Noblechairs Hero. The Secretlab OMEGA is a great option for a slightly cheaper chair, but the Hero has the edge in the aesthetic, ergonomic and website categories.

The lumbar support that is built into the back of the Hero also secured this decision, since lumbar support is one of the most important things to look for when buying a gaming chair that you are liking to spend hours sitting on.

The Hero accommodates for the contours of your spine and even allows you to adjust the lumbar support settings to make the chair even more personal to your own back.

Noblechairs’ website is easy to navigate and very sleek, and they are in the process of restocking on, so if ordering directly through the website is not for you, you will not need to wait long to purchase one of these chairs on Amazon.

As we said, the Secretlab OMEGA is still an excellent gaming chair with many great features like the adjustability, but the Hero just has that added edge over the OMEGA in the ergonomics category mainly.

So, if you decide to go for the Noblechairs Hero, your lower back will be happy with your choice, and your gaming sessions will be a lot more supported than before!

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