Most Comfortable Office Chairs

Whether you run your own business from home or you’re a busy 9-5’er, it’s always worth investing in comfort.

After all, sitting for long hours each and every day can take its toll on your back, neck, and shoulders, and the last thing you want to happen is being unable to focus properly on your work, which is why a comfy office chair is so vital! 

The most comfortable office chairs will feature fantastic cushioning, lumbar support, and adjustability, not to mention being able to maintain correct body posture and limit the change of strain.

Not only should you have a comfortable chair that is proportioned to you, but desk heights, computer heights, and phone placement are also important factors when it comes to correct ergonomics.

In this article, you’ll find five of the most comfortable office chairs available on the market, as well as a buying guide, packed full of important information. We’ve done our best to include a choice for everyone, so, regardless of your price point or preference, there’s a chair here for you. 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick!

Described by Herman Miller as having such an intelligent design (so intelligent, in fact, that it will help you think while working), we have selected the Herman Miller Embody Chair as our top pick. 

Here are some standout features:

  • The Embody’s back is purposefully designed like a human back, with a spine and ribs. This ensures that you can adjust the backrest to be in line with your spine’s natural curve.
  • It consists of four different support layers (each containing a different material) that each combine together to provide unparalleled support, all the while keeping you cool.
  • Promotes healthy movement and correct body posture
  • The Embody’s seat and back automatically conform to your body’s micro-movements as you sit, distributing your weight evenly to reduce any pressure, and maintain healthy circulation.

When it comes to comfort level, there really is no other chair out there designed like the Embody. It promotes correct body posture, features a pixelated support system that can adjust itself to your movements, and will allow you to remain optimally comfortable, allowing you to focus entirely on your work.

Top 5 Comfortable Office Chairs


Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms and Carpet Casters | Black Rhythm

Designed by over 20 leading physicians and PhDs in the field of ergonomics, physical therapy and biomechanics, there aren’t many office chairs out there that can compare to the Herman Miller Embody Chair! 

The Herman Miller Embody Office Chair ranks the first in our list for most comfortable office chairs. This chair, designed by Bill Stumpf, is designed to keep you relaxed and focused by stimulating oxygen and blood flow, as well as providing optimum support to your entire body.

Thanks to the pixelated support system, the seat distributes your weight evenly while supporting your body’s micro-movements. The narrow backrest allows you to move freely and naturally, automatically adjusting to suit a full range of seated postures.

As well as this, by reducing seated pressure and encouraging freedom of movement, Embody allows blood and oxygen to flow more freely, which helps keep you comfortable throughout the day

It also has a unique and innovative ‘human spine’ inspired design, which is attached at the back and referred to as the exoskeleton. It is able to move with you and adjust itself to your body’s micromovements, thereby helping to keep the body posture correct and ensuring that the chair remains aligned with your spin to reduce any back pain.


  • 12 years of Herman Miller warranty
  • Made with renewable energy and is 95% recyclable
  • The pixelated support system helps to reduce the muscle aches and work-related issues by adjusting to your movements and providing support to the pressures on the spine and lower back.


  • Expensive price tag!


Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels - High Back with Breathable Mesh - Thick Seat Cushion - Adjustable Head & Arm Rests, Seat Height - Reclines

On a tight budget but still looking for a comfortable office chair that won’t leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable after those 8 hours? The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair is the chair for you.

Besides featuring a super-smart lockable reclining function (which allows you to recline the chair as far back as you would like and then ‘locking’ it in place so it doesn’t move), it also offers a lot of adjustability within the headrest, armrest, and seat height.

It features a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds and a sturdy 4-wheel base, while its breathable mesh back provides optimum support while keeping you feeling nice and cool. The cool air will circulate through the mesh in order to keep you sweat-free and allow you to sit comfortably for much longer, something that not all traditional office chairs offer. 

Another modern, standout feature of the Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair is the adjustable lumbar support. It allows you to dial in the exact amount of lumbar support pressure, ensuring that you can quickly find the comfiest position and help your back to feel comfortable. 


  • Has a breathable mesh back that stops you from sweating and allows you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time
  • It is made from the highest quality materials and features a soft-cushion seat
  • It has adjustable headrest and armrests


  • Some users have found the padding of this chair to be quite thin


BestOffice PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair with Lumbar Support Flip Up Arms Headrest PU Leather Executive High Back Computer Chair for Adults Women Men, Black and White

On a tight budget but still want to get your hands on an ergonomic and supportive office chair? A model like the BestOffice Ergonomic Office Desk Chair is just what you need to stay cool, comfortable, and supported during long work hours.

This minimalistic desk chair is made using a high-density sponge cushion that will ensure you stay comfortable, no matter how tiring your working day gets. It has been designed by BestOffice to be more flexible than other models and able to adjust itself to your movements, while its middle back design provides very good lumbar support. 

Ensuring that you stay fresh as can be, this mesh chair features a highly-breathable mesh back designed to act as a ventilation system that will keep air circulating throughout your busy day. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to stay cool, sweat-free, all the while enjoying optimally high productivity levels.

The BestOffice Chair is also super low maintenance. It comes with everything you need to set it up, including an easy to follow instruction pamphlet. It should only take you around 15 minutes to set it up! 


  • Simple and elegant design that will add a stylish touch to all home offices
  • Made using high-density sponge cushion that will keep you feeling comfortable for longer
  • Features a highly breathable mesh back to keep you cool and sweat-free
  • Ergonomic design


  • Offers no neck support


Furmax High Back Office Chair Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair with Padded Armrests,Executive PU Leather Swivel Task Chair with Lumbar Support (Black)

The Furmax High Back Office Chair is another highly comfortable office chair that has been specially designed to be able to provide all-day comfort in style.

It is made from black bonded leather which lends this office chair a touch of class, making it a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication to their office (at the fraction of the price of many other office chairs out there - you can get this for under $100!).

The design of lumbar support and curved armrest for extra support and comfort, making this an ideal chair for any and all workplaces such as your home office, a conference room or reception room. 

The comfortable armrests built into this chair have passed the BIFMA certification, which means that this chair is able to provide optimal comfort to your forearms thanks to the black padding on the gently curved armrests to enhance support and stop any aches or pains.

Not only that, this ergonomic bonded leather chair also ensures lumbar support thanks to the pneumatic seat height adjustment, while the adjustable tilt control feature allows you to recline the chair back (up to 20 degrees) allowing you to find the most comfortable position for you.


  • Adjustable tilt tension control, allows you to adjust up to 20 degrees
  • Heavy-duty base with Wheels -Casters to avoid scuff marks on the floor
  • The ergonomic design can relieve your tired feeling and pressure during long workdays


  • The maximum weight capacity of 300lbs may not be suitable for everyone


BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk Chair with Footrest and Headrest, Ergonomic Design, Large Size High-Back E-Sports Chair, PU Leather Swivel Chair (Tiffany Blue)

As an alternative to the standard office chair, last up in our roundup of most comfortable office chairs we have selected the BOSSIN Gaming and Office Chair.

Boasting an ergonomic design, this versatile chair (suitable for gaming and work) features a wide seat design that curves around the sides to provide optimal comfort. Unlike other chair models we have reviewed, this BOSSIN chair stands out to us because it features a lower back cushion to guarantee optimal lumbar support and lower the chance of strain.

Its wear-resistant PU leather material is made to last and able to offer years of use, while its durable and sturdy 5 wheelbase is able to withstand up to 300lbs. Its thick, padded cushion improves the overall comfort levels of this chair, while its high back design will help to protect your body from experiencing fatigue, whether that be during a long workday or gaming session...or both!

Made with different home decors and office workplaces in mind, the BOSSIN Gaming, and Office Chair is available in multiple different colorways, while BOSSIN’s excellent customer service ensures that you will be provided with worry-free service for one year after purchase. 

We’ve saved the best feature for last - this chair features an extendable footrest! All you have to do is gently pull it out and you’ll be able to put your feet up while you work, take an important phone call, or simply feel like taking a break.


  • Affordable
  • Provides excellent lumbar support thanks to the built-in lower back pillow
  • Available in multiple colorways
  • Made to last
  • The wide seat is cushioned and will keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day


  • No ventilation

Comfortable Office Chairs Buying Guide

So, now that you’ve discovered our top five most comfortable office chairs, which one will you choose? Before you decide, read on to learn a bit more about what makes for a comfortable office chair: 

The Headrest

The headrest is the part of your office chair that will be able to provide adequate support to your neck while you work. The headrest is able to encourage better blood circulation, reduce the chances of any neck and back strain, and allow you to relax the area while you’re busy at work.  

When office chair shopping, we recommend opting for a chair with a headrest that is height adjustable.

The Seat Width

Only you will be able to decide the correct width of the office chair you select. However, the average width of your seat should be around 17 to 20 inches, which will allow you to move around comfortably, as well as having some extra space.

If your seat is too small, it can restrict blood flow to your lower body, which you don’t want to happen, which is why it’s important to make sure that the width of the seat provides enough wiggle room for you to be able to move, change positions and feel comfortable. 

The Seat Depth

Next up we’re going to be talking about the seat depth. When deciding, the length of your femur or upper leg bone will dictate the amount of seat depth that you need. So, the longer your femur is, the more seat depth you need.

Luckily, all of the office chairs we have selected come with adjustable seat depth to fit various bodies, however, if you do plan on checking out some options for yourself, this is something to keep in mind.

If you’re wondering what the seat depth helps to contribute towards, it plays a vital role in reducing the amount of pressure placed on the lower body. If you’re ever unsure, always remember that there should be a 2-3 inch gap between the knees and the seat. If you have too much, pressure can be placed on the knees, and if you have too little, pressure can be placed on the lower back (tailbone area). 

The Backrest

The design of the backrest is also a huge indicator of how comfortable the office chair is. Generally, the length of your torso will let you know how high a backrest you’ll need. Therefore, we suggest aiming for a comfortable office chair with a 12 to 19-inch backrest (or adjustable backrest) as this will be able to conform to your spine’s natural curve.

The backrest should be able to recline at least 15°, giving your back enough space to move while still being supportive and preventing any strain.

Additionally, if you struggle with any back issues (such as spinal stenosis or a disc disease) you may find it more comfortable to work in a reclined chair with your feet placed on a footrest. Look for a chair that can recline up to 135 degrees, as this ensures the least amount of strain on your back.

The Seat Material

Since you’ll be seated on your office chair for an extended amount of time, the material that your office chair is made of should be soft enough that it will be comfortable, but supportive enough that minimal stress is placed on your pelvis and lower body. Some chairs even feature memory foam padding since it can conform to your unique body shape.


Naturally, everyone has a different build, which is why an ergonomic and comfortable chair should have adjustable armrests that allow the user to customize its height, width, depth, and angle. To achieve the most comfort, your armrest should pivot inwards and then to open up your shoulders and help your arms assume an inverted “v” shape when rested. The armrests should also be padded.


We suggest a five-pronged base. However, the bases of office chairs vary from model to model, so we recommend reading the product information, as well as reviews, to decide if the chair you’re selecting features a sturdy and reliable base that will keep you secure while you work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most comfortable office chair for back pain?

If you’re suffering from back pain, an office chair that offers a  backrest tall enough to give your entire back support is of the utmost importance. According to some studies, a seating angle of 135° can minimize back strain and disc pressure.

Therefore, for back and neck pain, look for a comfortable and ergonomic chair with a high backrest recline, plus a good headrest that supports your head at that angle.