Top 5 Benefits of Using a Laptop Stand

Today, laptops are an indispensable tool for anyone who works on a computer.

Light, portable, and convenient, most of us would prefer to use a laptop rather than a traditional computer monitor and hard drive (Imagine trying to haul your hard drive and monitor with you from the office to your home?).

However, working on a laptop cradled in our laps may lead to back and neck problems.

If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know the difficulty that comes with maintaining a proper posture while being able to see the laptop screen and use the keyboard.

Even having your laptop positioned at your desk may eventually cause aches and pains to arise.

So, how can you prevent this?

Introducing… the laptop stand!

What Is a Laptop Stand?

Laptop stand
Laptop stand, from ergonofis

At its core, a laptop stand is designed to add height and support to your laptop. This means that when sitting at a desk, you’re screen is at eye level.

Usually, individuals also get a keyboard attachment for an ergonomically-friendly typing set-up.

And there are plenty of different designs. A basic laptop stand is designed to provide a secure platform to rest your laptop on.

This stand can add as little as a few inches of height, or it can be tall enough for you to stand or sit while you use it, without a table or desk.

While some laptop stands are mobile, most stands are designed to sit comfortably in one place.

Benefits of Using a Laptop Stand

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Many of us are working from home these days. That means that you might be noticing issues that you didn’t have in the office.

Uncomfortable working conditions are one of these issues. Slouching on the couch while you work from your laptop might be comfortable for an hour or two, but you’ll quickly notice stiffness, cramping, and pain.

So, how can a laptop stand help with this?


Ergonomics is more than just a word used to sell desk chairs. An ergonomically designed item is specifically created to enhance efficiency and comfort. This means it’s set up in a particular way that helps you avoid putting strain on a particular body part.

Typing from an inefficiently set up laptop, for example, can lead to strain in your hands, wrists, and forearms. In the short term, this will cause cramping and tension. In the long run, however, it can cause more serious problems.

You could experience repetitive strain disorder and carpal tunnel syndrome.

A laptop stand will allow you to set you keyboard at an even and level height to prevent these repetitive strains, even when using it on your couch or to make up for a tricky desk height.

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A computer monitor should be at eye level. However, even if your laptop is sitting on a desk, you can immediately see that the screen is set too low.

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As previously mentioned, a laptop stand makes this an easy fix. You can adjust the stand to place your laptop at the perfect height and angle.


A workspace with poor ergonomics is going to take a physical toll on your health. Cramps, pain, and repetitive strain are all signs that your laptop isn’t well-positioned. Poor posture can quickly become a habit, leading to pain and a lower quality of life.

You might be surprised to find how quickly your discomfort is eased with a properly placed keyboard and screen!

Keeps your Laptop Cool

Anyone who’s ever let their laptop sit on their knee for too long will know just how hot laptops can get.

Computers heat up quickly, and the built-in fans can’t always keep the hardware cool. Letting your laptop sit on a cushion, lap, or even a desk can lead to the computer heating up.

However, a laptop stand lets air circulate around the device. This keeps the laptop cooler for longer.

Provides Extra Space

A basic laptop stand provides enough space to comfortably sit your laptop on top. However, many stands contain extra space for notebooks, pens, and more. This can be handy for cutting down on clutter and keeping handy tools and papers nearby.

Interestingly, laptop stands can also work well alongside standing desks. Some stands are taller than others, making them perfect to use when standing.

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Should You Try a Laptop Stand?

If you work with a laptop, investing in a laptop stand is definitely something to think about. Adjustable, convenient, and good for your health, laptop stands don’t break the bank.

Of course, you can always buy a more expensive stand with more features, but a basic laptop stand is easily affordable. And it’s entirely worth it for avoiding future pain and discomforts. Happy typing!

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