How to Remove Office Chair Wheels

An office chair is one of the only things that play any role in your comfort during your long workdays – from the pressure of a looming deadline to the pressure your body feels sitting in your chair. So, any discomfort that you feel in your office chair can mean disappointment. Having proper comfort, support, and stability is what you want in those moments of extreme pressure.

However, there are times when you can’t help but run into faulty parts on your office chair. One of those major parts that might call for your attention sooner than others is your office chair wheels.

One problem you might face is that the wheels on your chair are ruining your hardwood floor even though you have a chair mat. So, you might be wondering how to remove office chair wheels to replace them with ones that won’t ruin your floor.

The process of how to remove office chair wheels is extremely simple, so you don’t need to rush out and purchase a new office chair. Instead, keep reading to learn how to remove office chair wheels and replace them in a matter of minutes.

When Should I Replace My Office Chair Wheels?

Most office chair manufacturers know that chair wheels will deteriorate over time and often sell their chairs with extra wheels. However, some don’t. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find spare wheels online or in-store that are compatible with your office chair.

You shouldn’t replace your office chair wheels just because you’re bored. Here are a few signs that you should replace your office chair’s wheels:

  • The chair wheels are no longer moving because they’re tangled up with dirt and are rusty
  • The wheels are plastic. You may want to consider switching to rubber wheels
  • The wheels are squeaky and creating disturbing noises whenever you move the chair
  • Your chair isn’t rolling as smoothly as you wished it could be
  • The wheels are leaving scratches on your floor whenever you move the chair
  • The existing wheels have lived their life and are no longer able to hold the pressure

If you start to notice any of these signs, then it’s probably time that you replace your office chair wheels. But how to remove office chair wheels? The steps are quite simple, and we’ll go over them in the next section.

How to Remove Office Chair Wheels

How to Remove Office Chair Wheels
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Let’s discuss the steps you need to take to remove office chair wheels. Then we’ll talk about how to replace the wheels.

Flip Chair Onto Its Side

First, flip your chair on its side so that the wheels are facing up in the air. The seat of your chair should be firmly on the ground. This angle will allow you to see and access the wheels better. It is time to start to disassemble the office chair.

Removing Threaded Stem Wheels

This is the tricky part: you have to determine if your wheels are threaded stem wheels or if they’re grip stem wheels.

If they’re threaded stem wheels, you need to twist the wheel clockwise to remove the wheel from your chair. If you notice that twisting the wheel does nothing, go to the next step.

Removing Grip Stem Wheels

Some wheels won’t come undone with unscrewing. If that’s the case, then you have a grip stem wheel system in place. To remove these wheels, apply some lubricate (i.e., WD-40) on the area of the chair where it meets the wheels. Place one hand on the chair leg and the other on the wheel.

Now give it a good hard pull. If it doesn’t budge, grab a flathead screwdriver. You might need to use a towel or a pair of gloves to get a better grip on the wheel.

Use a Screwdriver if the Wheel Doesn’t Budge

If the wheel doesn’t come undone, you can use a screwdriver to pry it out. Place the screwdriver’s flathead where the wheel meets the chair, then turn it. Do this around the wheel, and you should start to notice it starts to come undone.

How to Replace Office Chair Wheels

Now that you have a clear understanding of how to remove office chair wheels, let’s talk about how to replace them. You need to measure the stem of the original wheel to find a good substitute. If your wheels are swivel plates, then you need the width of the wheels as well.

Screwing In the Threaded Wheel

If your office chair wheels are threaded, simply screw in the new wheels until you can’t turn them anymore.

Grip Stem Wheels

To replace wheels that are grip stem caster, you need to follow a different route. Instead of screwing in the wheel, you’ll be pushing in the wheel.

Once the wheel is flush with the leg bottom, then you can stop pushing. If you have trouble getting the wheel into place, use some lubricant to help guide the wheel into the hole.

Swivel Plate Wheel

If you have a swivel plate wheel or swivel casters, you simply need to screw in the screws to the bottom of the chair leg.


Removing office chair wheels is very simple to do and can help you feel more comfortable in your office chair. There are several reasons you might consider replacing your office chair wheels, including that they are ruining your hardwood floor.

If you start to notice any of the signs we listed above, it’s probably time you invested in replacement casters for your office chair.

The process of replacing office chair wheels is quite simple. To remove the wheels from the rolling chair, you either unscrew or pull the wheels off the base of your chair. To install new wheels, you would do the opposite: screw in the wheel or push it into the office chair base. It’s that simple.

By removing your old office chair wheels, you can save yourself from a lot of discomfort caused by old, worn-out wheels and rigid casters. So, why not go ahead and learn how to remove office chair wheels?

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