How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair

Whether your work chair is giving you a headache, or your gaming chair is distracting you from blasting zombies, a squeaky chair is super annoying. But don’t fear, we have the guide you need on how to fix squeaky office chair.

There are some tricks you can try to stop the squeaking and make your chair the picture of silence once again. Chairs go through normal wear and tear and often need some extra care to get back to ideal condition.

So before you toss out that noisy chair and drop money on a brand new one, give these tips a try and see if you can salvage your squeaky chair.

Why Do Chairs Squeak?

The main reason for a squeaking office chair is old, worn-out pieces. Most of the time there is a part of your chair that has taken the brunt of the use and needs a little TLC to get back on track.

Nuts, bolts, screws, wheels, springs, or whatever it may be that is squeaking, often needs some oil or replacing to make the chair comfortable and quiet once again.

How to Stop a Squeaky Chair

Nuts and Bolts

There is a good chance your nuts and bolts are old and squeaky if your chair makes noise. A quick fix is to grab a wrench and tighten them up. The space between the bolts and the chair may be causing the incessant squeaking.

You can remove the nuts and bolts, give them a good cleaning, and put them back. Or if you have more, you can just replace them altogether. Loose or rusty small parts are usually the sources of squeaking and the first thing you should try.


If replacing parts doesn’t seem necessary, a little oil or WD40 can go a long way in quieting the squeaking. Metal begins squeaking when it starts to become rusty or worn. Metal on metal makes a horrendous squeaking sound that can disturb even the most unbothered worker.

Use a cloth dipped in oil or spray the oil directly onto the rusty parts or squeaking parts. Be liberal when applying the oil and let it sit for a few minutes before trying out the chair again.

Use Glue

Using glue is a quick hack and may not last forever. It is best to use wood glue that will form a strong, lasting bond between the chair parts. It may seem odd because the chair isn’t wood, but this is the best way.

Sit on the chair and rock back and forth, or ask a friend to do so, to pinpoint the source of the squeaking on the chair and apply the glue there. If your chair has been feeling a bit wobbly or rickety in general, feel free to add glue to other joints on the chair to improve stability.

Replace Springs

If the springs in the chair aren’t performing correctly, this will create a loud squeaking noise when any weight is put on the chair. The springs are called seat-tension springs and are what allow you to lean back in the chair and provide some absorption when you sit.

how to fix squeaky office chair
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These are a common culprit of squeaking. They can benefit from some lubrication, but many chairs have a knob on the back of the seat that can tighten the springs. This increases the tension, which should reduce the squeaking. If it is really bad, the spring may be broken and need replacing.

Check the Wheels

Most office chair wheels are on a metal insert that goes into the casters on the legs of the chair. These metal parts can go through significant wear over time and the metal can begin to rust or become squeaky.

This is one of the easiest fixes as you can replace the wheels with new ones. This is much more affordable than replacing the chair, and you can usually order new wheels from the manufacturer.

Bottom Line

There is no reason to suffer through a squeaking office chair when there are simple hacks out there to solve the problem. Office chairs aren’t meant to last forever, but you should get a minimum of five years out of any good chair you buy.

So give these quick tips a try before throwing the chair in the garbage, and see if you can restore the silence in your work area.


What If I didn’t build the chair?

It’s okay if you didn’t assemble the chair yourself. It just means you may have to do some looking before you figure out where everything is located on the chair.

What if none of this works?

Unfortunately, not every chair is salvageable. If you try all these techniques and your chair is still squeaking, it may be time for a replacement. Some chairs are simply too old or weak to be fixed completely.

How Long Should an Office Chair Last?

On average, office chairs should serve you well for seven to ten years. Of course, this depends on the quality and how much use it gets.

If you have a new chair squeaking within a few months, it may not be the best brand. In the future, opt for middle-of-the-road chairs that combine affordability with quality craftsmanship.

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