Best FlexiSpot Standing Desks (Review and Brand Guide)

FlexiSpot’s products are diverse and offer options for a wide variety of standing desk needs.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve highlighted six of our favorite FlexiSpot models in this article.

Best FlexiSpot Standing Desks: Top Picks

Here are the top six options from FlexiSpot.

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Each is designed to support a healthy posture and improve the ergonomics of your workspace.

But, to make sure it’s suitable for your space and ergonomic needs, there are several things to consider when looking at a converter or height-adjustable desk, including sizing, desk shape, adjustability features, color/style and more.

We touch on each of these factors as they apply to the FlexiSpot standing desks featured below, so keep on reading to find one that’s right for you.

At the bottom of this article, you’ll also find some frequently asked questions about standing desks and a buyers’ guide with some popular alternatives.

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EC1-48″ W

Flexispot Standing Desk 48 x 30 Inches Height Adjustable Desk Electric Sit Stand Desk Home Office Desks Whole-Piece Desk Board (Black Frame + 48 in Blacktop)

This best-selling of FlexiSpot’s products is likely exactly what most buyers have in mind when they think of a well-made standing desk: simple, attractive, and electronically height-adjustable.

The EC1 is very easy to operate, with just two buttons — up and down. The desk comes in a variety of sizes and styles: choose between 48” x 24” and 48” x 30” and choose between nine different styles such as maple, black, or graphite.

In summary, the EC1 is a very well-reviewed product from FlexiSpot, and it is their number one bestseller for a reason.

There’s not much wrong with this product but the size: if you need a huge desk, you might need to spring for one of FlexiSpot’s larger models.

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Colors: Black, Mahogany, White, Maple, Graphite, Grey Wood Grain, Marble Grey, Special Walnut, White Wood Grain

Sizes: 48” x 24” (standard), 48” x 30” (slight upcharge)

Remote options: Simple


  • As easy to use as you need it to be.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Attractive.
  • Doesn’t wobble, even at its tallest.


  • May be too small for those that need a large workplace.
  • Simple efficiency means this desk is less customizable than some.

Kana Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk W/ Bamboo Top

Flexispot Adjustable Desk, Electric Standing Desk Sit Stand Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Bamboo Desk Top Home Office Table Stand up Desk(White Frame+Rectangular Top)

This beautiful standing desk is a slightly higher-end alternative to the EC1, while remaining quite affordable.

It is more customizable than the EC1 and therefore has greater versatility. The Kana costs slightly more than the EC1, but not astronomically so.

Customizable features include desk shape, frame color, remote, and desk size. The bamboo top means this desk can take more weight than the EC1.

Overall, the Kana is a handy product for the person who wants something a little nicer than the EC1 but doesn’t want to break the bank going there.

People love how the bamboo looks and, like all FlexiSpot products, generally give the Kana excellent reviews.

No products found.

Desktop Shapes: Rectangle, Curved

Colors (frame): White, Gray, Black

Sizes: 48”x24” (standard); 55”x28” (upcharge)

Remote options: Simple, Standard (preset heights), StandardPro (preset heights, set activity alerts)


  • Very attractive. The bamboo looks awesome in the office space.
  • Doesn’t wobble, even at its tallest.
  • For the quality, excellently priced.


  • None that we can see. The price difference between the EC1 and the Kana may not be worth it for some.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7R – 32″

FLEXISPOT 32 inch Standing Desk Converter | Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Riser, Black Home Office Desk Workstation for Dual Monitors and Laptop (M732)

This light, highly mobile standing desk converter is an economical option for the office worker who doesn’t need an entirely new desk.

The standing desk converter stands right on the desk you already have and can be adjusted to height with gas springs that make height transitions very smooth.

Light enough to move when you want to sit back down, the AlcoveRiser is a nice, if not as attractive, option for bringing a standing desk into your home.

The AlcoveRiser has two tiered levels, one for a keyboard and one for a monitor.

In all, AlcoveRiser can hold about 38 pounds of weight, which should be fine for anyone whose monitor wasn’t manufactured in the 90s.

Overall, we love the mobility and therefore versatility of this product — use it for watching movies in bed or for recipes while cooking in addition to the 9-5 functionality FlexiSpot does so well.

No products found.

Colors: Black

Sizes: 32”

Remote options: N/A (hand operated)


  • Light and versatile! You can easily carry the AlcoverRiser all around the house.
  • For the quality, excellently priced.


  • The AlcoveRiser is small and sits on a desk you already have. It can make your space feel more cluttered.
  • Too small to fit anything but a laptop, keyboard, and mouse on it.

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W – 47″

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter 47 Inch Stand Up Desk Riser, Wide Black Home Office Desk for Dual Monitor Workstations (M3B)

Like the AlcoveRiser, the ClassicRiser converts the desk you already have into a standing desk.

However, the ClassicRiser is much bigger than the AlcoveRiser and can easily fit two 60” monitors, a keyboard and a mouse on its two tiers.

Light like the AlcoveRiser, the ClassicRiser is an excellent choice for the worker with a mobile workplace.

Overall, this product is somewhat confusing on the lineup of FlexiSpot’s top products. While it is too large to be truly mobile like the AlcoveRiser, the ClassicRiser is about the price of the EC1.

We highly recommend this product for the worker whose workplace often changes, but for the price the ClassicRiser doesn’t seem to make much sense.

No products found.

Colors: Black, White

Sizes: 47”

Remote options: N/A (hand operated)


  • Light enough. Easy to place on your desk.
  • Another quality product from FlexiSpot.
  • Can look really attractive on the desk. The white is especially beautiful.


  • For the price, this desk doesn’t make sense for most workers.
  • Too big to be mobile like the AlcoveRiser

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EN1-55″ W

FlexiSpot EN1B-R5528B Electric Height Adjustable Desk, 55 x 28 Inches, Home Office Sit Stand Up Desk(Black Frame +55 inch Black Top)

The EN1 is essentially the larger, upgraded version of the EC1. The EN1 is one of FlexiSpot’s best selling products, and we really understand why.

The EN1 has the color options of the EC1 with the advanced remote included in the price, and, best of all, the EN1 is much bigger than the EC1 for not much more money.

Overall, the EN1 is an awesome product from FlexiSpot. Running at around the price of the Kana, the EN1 is bigger and more customizable.

The only thing you lose with the EN1 is the bamboo top, but honestly the Marble Grey or White Wood Grain finishes are absolutely gorgeous choices for the worker who doesn’t just want to work, but wants to work beautifully.

No products found.

Desktop Shapes: Rectangle, Curved

Colors: Black, Mahogany, White, Maple, Graphite, Grey Wood Grain, Marble Grey, Special Walnut, White Wood Grain

Colors (frame): White, Gray, Black

Sizes: 55”x28”

Remote options: StandardPro (preset heights, set activity alerts)


  • You can’t get better on the market for the price. If you want a large standing desk with top-of-the-line features, the EN1 is your pick.
  • For the quality, excellently priced.
  • Choose a bamboo chipboard if you liked the bamboo look of the Kana.


  • More expensive than the EC1, but, seriously, that’s all. We like the EN1 a LOT.

Favorite Combo: Standing Desk + Under Desk Bike

FLEXISPOT Under Desk Bike Home Office Exercise Bike Height Adjustable Indoor Fitness Desk Cycle Deskcise Pro White - Relief Sedentary Lifestyle

Okay, this isn’t a standing desk itself strictly speaking, but because selling the Under Desk Bike is a big part of FlexiSpot’s business model, we figured we’d mention this combo.

This is by far the most expensive option we’ve listed, but it isn’t hard to see why.

If you buy the Combo, you get a standing desk that is more customizable than either the EN1 or the EC1 and a bike to sit on and pedal while you work.

According to FlexiSpot themselves, 91% of their buyers buy a bike along with their standing desk.

The standing bike can give you a good sweat or some light kinetic movement while you’re attending the dreaded weekly staff meeting.

Desktop Shapes: Rectangle, Curved

Colors: Black, Mahogany, White, Maple, Graphite, Grey Wood Grain, Marble Grey, Special Walnut, White Wood Grain

Colors (bike): White, Black

Sizes: 48”x30”; 55”x28”; 60”x24”

Remote options: StandardPro (preset heights, set activity alerts)


  • You get a standing bike with this one!
  • The standing desk is of the quality we’ve come to expect from FlexiSpot, and the bike is no different.
  • The bike is sturdy enough to accommodate light and very heavy users.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Not as attractive visually as, say, the sleek lines of the Kana alone.

Buyer’s Guide

Flexispot 55 x 28 Inches Electric Stand Up Desk Workstation Whole-Piece Desk Board Home Office Computer Standing Table Height Adjustable Desk (White Frame + 55" Natural Top)

Okay, so maybe you’ve decided that you do in fact want to get a FlexiSpot desk. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a FlexiSpot.

Assembly Required

All FlexiSpot requires some light assembly. FlexiSpot makes it really easy to assemble their desks, but keep this in mind when going for a FlexiSpot. Every desk has a really user-friendly manual and a video on the FlexiSpot website with specific instructions.


FlexiSpot’s products are well-known to be highly durable, but each one comes with a warranty.

Here’s a summary of the warranties.

But keep in mind, these only apply if you buy directly from FlexiSpot or one of their authorized resellers, and only for products purchased after Oct. 5, 2016:

  • Height Adjustable Desk Frames and Sit-Stand Desktop WorkStations (aka Converters : 5-year warranty for frame and desktop. You get a 3-year warranty on the mechanisms, including the gas spring system.
  • Desk Bikes: 1-year warranty
  • Chairs: Yes, they also sell some very nice desk chairs. These come wih a 3-year warranty
  • Massagers: 1-year warranty
  • Monitor Mounts: 3-year warranty for arms, gas spring systems, and mechanisms

A Company You Can Trust

FlexiSpot has an outstanding reputation for customer service. Their website makes getting in contact with someone really easy, and the company is highly reviewed on all review venues we could find. Furthermore, FlexiSpot has a commitment to environmental sustainability that makes its way into each one of their products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Consider these FAQs for more information on FlexiSpot standing desks.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

Researchers have found that the more standing the better. According to the University of Waterloo, standing for at least 30 minutes out of every hour is the minimum to see real health benefits begin to occur.

Are standing desks bad for your knees?

If you’re standing on a hardwood floor, you may need to reconsider your arrangement. Standing on the hardwood can compress the spine and lead to skeletal complications.

How can I make my desk a standing desk?

The internet has given us plenty of creative demonstrations for making any desk a standing desk. If you want an attractive workplace, however, and have a budget that can accommodate a FlexiSpot, we would recommend either the AlcoveRiser or the ClassicRiser as implements to make your current desk a standing desk.

Why are standing desks so expensive?

FlexiSpot desks are competitive price-wise in the standing desk market. Standing desks of the quality FlexiSpot manufactures are pieces of engineering that can change the very height of your workspace! With very little space, the electronics in FlexiSpot desks can move your workplace up and down at the touch of a button.

FlexiSpot Altnernatives

We obviously have a lot of good things to say about this brand, but there are plenty of competitors out there offering similar models.

A popular alternative, and one of the pioneers in the standing desk market, is VeriDesk. We compare FlexiSpot and VeriDesk in this post, with a focus on two popular converter models. But to sum it up:

  • Both brands make high-quality, market leading standing desk products
  • But VeriDesk tends to be more expensive and bulkier, taking up more surface area than standard FlexiSpot units
  • FlexiSpot offers a wider price-point range, with many entry-level adjustable sit-stand desks
  • VeriDesk are known for being extremely durable and available as fully-assembled units

No products found.

When it comes to height-adjustable desks, two other very popular brands are Jarvis and Uplift. Like FlexiSpot, they make modern, simple and durable sit-stand desks that work well in a variety of office formats.

Among these brands, you’ll find differences in the quality of the desktop material, frame construction, electric mechanisms, and overall build quality.

Both Jarvis and Uplift offer bamboo standing desk models. These are similar to the FlexiSpot option, but at a higher price point.

No products found.

These standing desks get high marks, but we still love the value, variety and overall build-quality you get from FlexiSpot.

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