Ergoal One Review: A Focus on Ergonomics

What do you look for when shopping for a new ergonomic chair? Proper support to prevent backache and other office-related health woes? Superior comfort? A unique style?

If it’s any of those things, then there’s a good chance the best-selling Ergoal One therapeutic office chair will have appeared on your radar before now.

Since first establishing themselves as one of the major players in the upscale office furniture market, Ergoal strived set themselves apart by claiming that their human-centered design approach does much more than offer immediate, short-term comfort.

Instead, it actually provides long-lasting support to ensure today’s modern worker remains healthy and well even after a taxing shift.

Ergoal One: Chair Highlights
Ergoal One
  • S-curved ergonomic and supportive frame design
  • Breathable mesh seat, backrest and headrest
  • Multiple adjustment points, including height, armrests, and self-adjusting lumbar support

So far, a plethora of positive customer feedback seems to back up those claims, with some reviews praising the Ergoal chair’s exceptional back and neck support and others speaking volumes about the beautiful design and aesthetic appeal.

Still, we had to know for ourselves:

Could any ergonomic chair really be all that good?

To find out, we decided to take a closer look at this chair. Below, you’ll find our honest opinions in this Ergoal One review.

Ergoal One Review

First Impressions

It was only recently that we included another of the brand’s best-selling models, the popular Ergoal Comfort Plus, in our guide to the 15 best ergonomic chairs of the year. So needless to say, we had high expectations when reviewing the Ergoal One.

Fortunately, it didn’t let us down.

Ergoal One

Everything about this chair excludes quality, from the sturdy, solid-base to the highly-praised adjustable neck rest, the brand’s commitment to rigorous quality testing, and yes, even the price.

Sure, you won’t find an Ergoal chair cropping up on a budget list of office chairs under $200 any time soon, but that’s not entirely a bad thing

After all, for anyone who takes their health and wellbeing seriously, a “cheap” office chair is probably the last thing you want.

Besides, as a direct-to-consumer brand, Ergoal can cut out many of the middle-man costs that can easily jack up the price of other mid-range office chairs, making their relatively affordable price tag a pretty good deal.

Bottom line, you pay lower intermediate prices for a premium level office chair.


During our research, we were pleased to learn the assembly process as almost as effortless as could be.

Out of the box, the chair comes with all the pieces and screws you’d need to put together, along with simple-to-follow instructions.

From start to finish, the whole assembly process takes an average of 20 minutes. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t beat that time by a few minutes if you’re already handy with a hex key.

Ergoal One Chair Design

Everything about Ergoal’s products is created to cater to the way humans interact with their environment, taking a therapeutic approach to ergonomic design.

That said, just because the brand are focused primarily on proper posture and healthy sitting, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten all about making their chairs look good.

The way the backrest is designed to hold the back in its natural S-shape may be more for the benefit of your well-being than your sense of style. But let’s be honest, it actually gives the Ergoal One a unique appearance.

Combined with the svelte-yet-sturdy frame and mesh back that ensures that what you’ve got here is a striking piece of furniture that will fit right at home in any contemporary office space.

What’s more, we also love that the company gives us seven different color combinations to play with.

Personally, we’re rather taken by the blue chair with black backrest, though you may prefer black, red, orange, grey or light grey with a choice of chrome or black base, all of which look equally as impressive.


The Ergoal One ergonomic chair boasts a manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity of 300 lbs.

While that doesn’t necessarily make it the biggest chair on the market (the Ergoal Comfort Plus has a 400 lbs weight capacity), it does mean that this substantial seat can hold its own as a solid option for most people, including some big and tall users.

Other useful dimensions you may want to know about include:

Seat Height: 17.91″-21.85″
Seat Width: 20.87″
Seat Depth: 17.82″
Seat Depth range: 3”
Backrest Height: 26.38″
Overall chair weight: 45 lbs
Backrest recline: 117°


As you’ll see from the dimensions above, the Ergoal One is big enough to provide plenty of space for some larger users while ensuring that those of shorter stature can still find a suitable seating position.

Yet appropriate sizing is far from the only thing that this one has going for it in terms of quality comfort.

Ergoal One

A big selling point for us was the breathable mesh backrest.

This design feature remains a big highlight for us, not only because it does a wonderful job of keeping you cool when you’re working away at your desk for long periods, but because – as we mentioned earlier – it’s got that unique, S-shaped design.

Whereas other chairs force you to cram your spine into an uncomfortable (not to mention unhealthy) C-shape, the Ergoal One helps ensure the spine maintains its natural position.

In doing so, it alleviates pain and pressure, making it a great choice if you struggle with back pain from sitting too long.

Elsewhere, the elastomer mesh seat adjusts to the way you sit, providing ample comfort and additional support.

The seat also features that all-important waterfall design which saves your legs from pressing into the seat edge.

Seats without this kind of sloped edge tend to restrict your circulation, playing a big contributing factor in that tired, sluggish feeling that can come on strong the longer you spend in your chair.

As such, if you usually find yourself in need of a nap come mid-afternoon, this one might be a good choice to help you stay alert, awake, focused, and productive instead.

Adjustability and Ergonomic Features

office chair

While we’ve made a big fuss of that S-shaped backrest, it’s far from the only thing the Ergoal chair has going for it in terms of ergonomics.

In alignment with that backrest is an innovative, auto-adjusting lumbar support feature that adapts itself to the individual shape of your back and responds to the way that you sit. So, no matter what tasks you have to take care of, you’ll always maintain good posture.

For some people, however, the lumbar support it is too low. In that case, you can always add a cushion for mid back support.

Also, the breathable mesh backrest can recline up to 117 degrees to help you find a position that’s more suitable for you.

Once you’ve found that position, a simple locking mechanism helps you to keep it in place.

Then, of course, there’s the much-praised adjustable headrest which can be moved to several different positions and which current Ergoal One owners say work wonders for alleviating tiredness and soreness from the neck and shoulders.

Elsewhere, the 3D adjustable armrests can be moved up and down, backward and forwards, and side to side.

Though it’s obvious to say that 4D armrests (which can also move left-to-right) would be even better, 3D does offer lots of freedom and flexibility, so we’re not going to knock Ergoal down by too many points just for that.

Finally, in terms of adjustability, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that the seat height can be adjusted by several inches.

As with all the other adjustable components, this can be managed very easily from a seated position, so you don’t have to waste time getting in and out of the chair just to find a spot that suits.

Simply sit where you are and utilize the handy controls to find your own perfect seating position in seconds.

Durability and Construction

office chair

At first glance, the chair’s slender appearance may not say very much about its level of durability.

But that slim-line design belies a superior strength which means that the Ergoal One could more than hold its own when compared to much bulkier chairs.

Ergoal put their products through significant testing at ISO-certified manufacturer laboratories and happily demonstrate this process on their website to ensure that when you buy a new chair, you’re getting one that’s going to continue looking good and serving you well for many years to come.

Ergoal One vs. Ergoal Comfort Plus: What’s the Difference?

office chair

Ergoal Comfort Plus with Memory Foam Seat

Before we wrap up this review, we should at least pay some attention to the aforementioned Ergoal Comfort Plus, another popular option that some users prefer to the Ergoal One.

But What’s the difference?

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the most obvious things is the weight capacity, with the Comfort Plus being able to support up to 400 lbs compared to the Ergoal One’s 300 lbs weight limit.

While that might not be a deal-breaker for everyone, for those to whom such things do matter, it can make all the difference between a painful and pleasant day at work.

That aside, the most telling difference that might sway us into rooting for Team Comfort Plus is the Memory Foam Seat.

Whereas the Ergoal One has a mesh-designed seat that is slim, cool, and suitably comfortable, the Ergoal Comfort Plus packs plenty of extra padding into the high-grade memory foam cushion which some users will no doubt find appealing.

On a final, somewhat superficial note, the Ergoal Comfort Plus is also available in a different color range than the Ergoal One.

Again, that might not be the most important thing for everyone, but it may matter if you’re really trying to color coordinate the look and feel of your office space.

If you ask us, the Ergoal One does look marginally more attractive, but let’s be honest, this is all a matter of personal taste and you may have a very different opinion on the matter!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the warranty like on an Ergoal One?

Ergoal offers a basic one-year warranty on all of their chairs with an optional upgrade to an extended three-year warranty for just a few dollars more.

The warranty covers you for repairs and replacements required only as a result of normal use.

Is the Ergoal One suitable for shorter people?

Yes. While we’ve spoken about how appropriate this is for taller users, the adjustable seat height and depth mean that those smaller than 5’8″ will still be able to find a comfortable seating position.

Are the wheels suitable for wooden office floors?

Yes. The dual wheel casters provide enough traction to ensure that you’re not going to go rolling all over the place when working in a wooden-floored office, yet still make it so that you’ll have no problem moving around when you do actually want to.

Verdict: Is the Ergoal One Chair Worth It?



  • Ergonomic S-curved frame design for all-day support
  • Self-adjusting lumbar support piece
  • Breathable mesh materials from seat through the headrest
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Full adjustability and locking recline mode


  • Lumbar support may be too low for some
  • Some prefer softer, rubber casters rather than the included hard dual wheel casters
  • If you need more than 300 lbs weight capacity, you’ll need to upgrade to the Ergoal Comfort Plus


We started this review by asking whether the Ergoal One therapeutic office chair is really as good as its fans -and Ergoal themselves- claim it to be.

Having researched it ourselves, and having paid close attention to the things that really matter such as comfort, ergonomics, and adjustability, we’re happy to report that our answer is a resounding yes; yes the Ergoal One really is every bit as good as it’s made out to be.

If you read through our review, you’ll no doubt have picked up on the fact that the unique design, made to both emulate and encourage the back’s natural S-shaped posture, was what really sold it to us.

With back pain among office workers such a prevalent problem today,  anything that can be used to reduce -or even completely eliminate- that pain is more than welcome in our book.

By combining that backrest with self-adjusting lower-lumbar support, headrest, and 3” seat height adjustability, the chair doesn’t just keep back pain and pressure to a minimum, but can also prove invaluable for minimizing fatigue, sore muscles, and tired shoulders.

Available at a very affordable price for a mid-range ergonomic office chair, everything about the Ergoal One leads us to the conclusion that it really is worth every penny.

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