Does the Ergonomic Mouse Pad Actually Help: What Do the Experts Think

If you have ever experienced a hand cramp while working on a computer or even some wrist soreness, we recommend you get yourself an ergonomic mouse pad so you can work more comfortably whether at home or in the office.

Mousepads improve your comfort, but also allow you to be more productive. You can work or game longer because your body is supported. If you use an ergonomic chair and ergonomic keyboard but not an ergonomic mouse pad, it’s time to make the switch.

If you’re not sold on these ergonomic products, we’ll walk you through how they will benefit you and why you should get them. It’s always better to practice ergonomics before you find yourself uncomfortable or in pain, so don’t wait to get one of these fabulous mousepads!

What Is an Ergonomic Mouse Pad?

An ergonomic mouse pad features a padded, gel, or rubber bump in front of where the mouse goes. This bump supports your wrist and arm to make it easier to use the mouse. Some ergonomic mouse pads use memory foam or flexible material, so it molds to your wrist for extra comfort.

Why Use an Ergonomic Mouse Pad?

The number one reason for using an ergonomic mouse pad is to reduce strain on your shoulder, arm, forearm, and wrist so you can work more comfortably. The raised pad offers support to your hand and wrist, meaning your arm doesn’t need to work as hard.

If you think your arm and wrist are not straining without the ergonomic mousepad, you are likely wrong. Even if you don’t feel discomfort, you could wind up suffering from chronic shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, a pinched nerve, and more problems.

It’s best to use an ergonomic mouse pad as a preventative measure rather than a cure. It is much easier to stop these symptoms and issues from ever happening and much harder to reverse their effects once you experience them.

How To Properly Use an Ergonomic Mouse Pad

To ensure you fully benefit from the ergonomic mouse pad, these are some tips to using these ergonomic products accurately. If you do not correctly use the pad, it could result in more wrist and hand discomfort.

  1. When setting up your desk and keyboard, make sure they are at elbow height. If you need to strain down or up to reach your mouse and keyboard, this will cause strain on your shoulders and wrists which can lead to discomfort even when you use an ergonomic mouse pad.
  2. Most people don’t think about this when setting up their desks, but make sure you have the correct mouse size. A mouse that is too small will leave a gap in your palm and force your hand and wrist to strain and cramp to use the buttons and move the mouse. A mouse that is too big will not allow you to rest your forearm on the desk, creating discomfort. The mouse should fill your palm perfectly.
  3. Your keyboard and mouse should never be more than a few inches away from one another. The closer the keyboard and mouse, the less strain on your arms and shoulders when you need to switch back and forth between the two.
  4. Use your whole arm when you need the mouse to travel far or reach the corner of your screen. If you use your wrist to make a large movement, it could result in strain and lead to health problems such as carpal tunnel.
  5. As mentioned, your mouse should be near your keyboard. However, the rest of the area around the mouse should be empty, so you can maneuver it easily. Don’t keep cups of pens or folders too close to your mouse, or you’ll wind up straining your wrist with tiny yet forceful movements.
  6. Do not wear any heavy jewelry or watches on your mouse hand. These accessories add weight to your wrist, forcing your forearm and wrist to work harder to hold up your arm and use the mouse.

Types of Mouse Pads

Blank mat and wireless mouse on textured background
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If you believe an ergonomic mouse pad is not ideal for you, these are the other mouse pads available to office workers and gamers.

  • Textured
  • Gaming
  • Hard


In summary, ergonomic mouse pads help people that use a mouse for hours throughout the day. So whether you’re a hardcore gamer or an office worker, you can’t go wrong buying an ergonomic mouse pad to make your setup more comfortable.

You’ll quickly find that your arm does not feel as tired after a long day, and you can more easily move the mouse around the screen. Many serious problems can stem forms train on our hands and wrists, which often become chronic and permanent.

In our opinion, getting a new mouse pad that could save you years of pain and discomfort is well worth it!


Should I get an ergonomic keyboard?

The answer to this is a resounding yes! Any ergonomic products will work to help you stay comfortable and prevent muscle and bone health issues such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and much more. So if you want to prioritize your long-term health and stay comfy while gaming or working, look for ergonomic products.

Are ergonomic mouse pads expensive?

No, not at all! Many people think you need to spend thousands of dollars for an effective ergonomic setup, but that is not the case. Most ergonomic mousepads cost under $20 and will last you years to come!

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