Best Vertical Monitors 2022: Buying Guide

Vertical monitors are often overlooked but have many benefits to offer users looking for a different computer experience. Vertical monitors are better for some tasks and personal preferences.

Read this article to get an idea of what vertical monitors are, what they’re for, and the best monitor models of 2022 for you to buy.

What Is a Vertical Monitor?

A vertical monitor is a monitor that is set up in portrait mode and displays regular content vertically rather than horizontally. These monitors look more like you are using a giant iPhone, which some people consider better for your eyes are your peripherals do not have to strain. But this idea has not been fully proved through scientific research.

Why Use a Vertical Monitor? 

Some professions find it easier to do their work on a vertical screen, while some use it for multitasking, gaming, and many more reasons. Below are some common reasons one would want to buy a vertical monitor.

  • Dual monitors
  • Computer programming
  • Writing/editing novels
  • Website building
  • Gaming/streaming
  • Data entry/comparison

Best Vertical Monitors 2022

Here are the top four vertical monitors on the market in 2022. Keep in mind that many of these models have horizontal and vertical capabilities. The picture may show a horizontal monitor, but we promise these are all vertical monitors!

1. HP 24mh FHD Monitor

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A stellar vertical monitor from HP that offers 178 degrees of viewability with a full HD display. The FHD monitor is 24 inches of clear imaging and built-in speakers to provide you with powerful sound and power.

Although the built-in speakers are convenient, we recommend getting your own as the sound can be oddly warbly. The monitor has a great pivot adjustment, so you can move the screen to a position that suits you perfectly.

Soe users complain the screening glitches every so often, but for the most part, users are thrilled with the quality and function of the monitor.

2. Dell S2421HS 24 Inch Full HD

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This monitor is an affordable Dell that most people can afford, and everyone seems to love it. It has a 178-degree viewing angle, is 24 inches wide (or tall when vertical), and has impeccable HD quality. We love the sleekness of this monitor, and it fits beautifully on most desks.

We also love the adjustability. This monitor pivots, swivels, and every other movement you can think of, giving you optimal customization. The Dell monitor is fantastic but may not be the most durable, so be careful when installing or transporting.

What we don’t love, is that this monitor does not work well in a dual setup. It doesn’t fit well with other monitors and results in an uncomfortable glare.

3. HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD

hp vh240a

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The HP VH240a is one of the best vertical models because it offers complete adjustability and an excellent HD display. It is ever so slightly smaller than the other two models we’ve discussed, but it’s hardly noticeable unless you hold them right next to one another.

The monitor comes with high-quality built-in speakers, so you don’t need to get your own. The monitor is a bit expensive but worth it for all the functions and features.

However, some users report that after a month of use, the monitor completely died; it just shut off to never turn on again. Manufacturer warranties usually take care of this, but it is still a frustrating inconvenience.

4. Samsung Business S27R650FDN

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If you think bigger is better, this is the vertical monitor for you! At 27 inches tall, it is the largest monitor on our list. The HD display is stunning, and the monitor has a plethora of ports, but they’re not all necessary or functional. Some people report on the HDMI port is useful in running the monitor.

As the name implies, the Samsung Business monitor is designed for business activities like excel sheets and data entry, but the monitor isn’t as great for gaming or playing videos. The monitor has full adjustability, so you can angle it for your comfort.

Advice to Buyers

Keep these aspects in mind when shopping so you can choose the best vertical monitor for you with confidence.


Bigger is not always better, so before you start shopping consider what the ideal size monitor is for you. If you use it for gaming, a bigger monitor may be more fun and immersive. But a smaller monitor can help you focus on a task and be more comfortable with your eyes.

The bigger the monitor, the more likely you will experience glitches or lags. This is not always the case, but something to consider if the size is not your top priority.

Needed Specs

If you are a gamer or an artist, you need to know what specs your game or design software needs. Things like Photoshop, InDesign, and Abstract are design programs that need a certain level of screen resolution and other things. Look up the requirements for any software you use regularly and ensure the monitor you choose can successfully run it.

Intended Purpose

When shopping, make sure you keep in mind what you will mostly be using the monitor for. Are you a writer or designer? Are you a gamer or a programmer? Are you a film-lover or a bok-reader, or both? Consider the main reason you need a vertical monitor and ensure that the one you choose suits your purposes.


Set your budget before you begin shopping. Like with everything, it’s easy to fall in love with the one you can’t afford and then feel like you have to settle for a lesser option. Vertical monitors can cost between $200 and $300. Most of the ones discussed here are around $275, but you can find decent monitors for $175 if you look hard enough.


Vertical monitors can be handy, and these are the best models of 2022. If you are looking to add a vertical monitor to your setup or replace your standard screen, you should consider getting one of these.

Whether you’re a computer programmer or love to play games, these monitors can be a game-changer.


Are there vertical TVs?

Yes, Samsung has just released a TV that can flip to portrait mode, mostly for interactive games and shows for small children.

Are vertical monitors more expensive than horizontal?

Yes, they typically are more expensive. When vertical screens become as mainstream as horizontal monitors, the price will likely drop, but for now, you have to spend a little more for portrait mode.

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