What’s the Best PS5 Gaming Chair? Our Top Picks

If you love playing your PS5 for hours, you may be familiar with the classic gamer sore neck or achy back. Luckily, you don’t have to game in discomfort forever because we’ve done the research to find the PS5 Gaming Chair picks available.

There are so many ergonomic gaming chairs on the market that are comfortable, exciting, and are designed with your body’s health in mind. If you’ve been sitting in a bean bag on the floor, or maybe even on the floor, it’s time you upgrade and gift your body with an elite gaming chair.

Check out our list of some of our favorite gaming chairs and recliners and find your brand new gaming chair.

The Best PS5 Gaming Chairs

Smagreho Massage Chair

PS5 gaming chair

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One of the most high-tech gaming chairs available, the Smagreho chair is something truly unique. Looking at the chair, you might think it’s a giant toddler car seat, but it is a gaming chair for adults that want a luxurious gaming experience, complete with a massage!

The massage feature is an 8-point program that targets parts of your back that become strained from sitting for long periods. The chair also features built-in speakers, a zero-gravity recline mode, and a heated lumbar support pillow. So this chair is an especially smart purchase for gamers actively suffering from neck or back pain.

If the back massage isn’t enough, the chair also massages your arms and legs via compression and even your feet with rollers. The only painful part of this chair is the price, but for everything you get, we still think it’s a good deal.

RESPAWN 900 Gaming Recliner

PS5 gaming chair

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The Respawn 900 recliner is more than just a gaming chair, its an experience focused on comfort and convenience. The recliner can double as a gaming chair as well as your new favorite nap spot. This chair looks like the captain’s seat on an alien ship, so you’ll feel pretty cool gaming in it.

The chair is easy to adjust and works with almost all body types, from heavy and tall, to short and petite. The main downside of this chair is that the cushions are quite firm, maybe even hard. So you might want to add your own soft pillow if the firm seat isn’t ideal for you.

This chair is built with extended gaming sessions in mind. So despite the firm cushions, you should be able to comfortably game and relax in this chair for hours on end.

X Rocker Pro Series 2.1

PS5 gaming chair

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The X Rocker Pro Series chair is a top-of-the-line gaming chair that has a bunch of exciting features. First off, the chair uses ergonomic properties to cradle your spine and body in the most comfortable and healthy position possible.

The chair features high-quality built-in speakers, so you can toss your bulky headset and just enjoy playing your PS5. The chair is super adjustable, so you can recline or tilt forward depending on your gaming style.

This chair uses the best quality materials, from a steel frame to genuine leather to the subwoofer speakers. It’s almost a guarantee that this chair will last you years even with heavy use. And you know it’ll be comfortable just by looking at the soft leather and thick cushions.

Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bag Chair

PS5 gaming chair

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We tend to talk a lot of smack about bean bag chairs because they aren’t very ergonomically friendly and can do serious damage to your spine. However, we know some of you are die-hard bean bag gamers, so we wanted to include this Throne Boss ergonomic bean bag chair.

Technically, this product is just a bean bag cover, so you need a bean bag or buy one separately. We suggest a firm one that won’t sag too much as you play. The bean bag cover features a mold that will help with lumbar support as well as a neck support. If you absolutely have to keep using your beloved bean bag, we urge you to use this cover, as well.

Advice to Buyers


Many gamers tend to neglect their bodies while they game, not realizing the negative impact prolonged sitting can have. One of the reasons we try to discourage gamers from using bean bag chairs is because they lack ergonomic properties like lumbar support and a headrest that can keep your spine healthy.

Try to choose a gaming chair with ergonomic features like armrests or lumbar support. Your body will thank you in the long run.

Gaming Style

Not everyone games the same, so not every chair is ideal for every gamer. If you feel like you need your feet on the floor and like to lean forward slightly, a recliner isn’t right for you. If you like to lay back while you play, then a recliner is probably perfect for you. Consider your behavior and positioning when you game and compare that with the chair features.


Gaming chairs can be quite expensive. It’s best to start shopping once you’ve set a budget for yourself. That way, you know what price range to shop in, and you won’t settle for a low-quality chair or spend more than you wanted on a fancy chair.


Gaming chairs can have a plethora of fun features like massage programs, heating elements, built-in speakers, and more. Before shopping, consider what features are important to you and your gaming experience. If you don’t mind your headset, then you don’t need to spring for the built-in speakers.


This goes without saying, but your gaming chair should keep you comfortable. This is one of the reasons we included the bean bag chair. Not everyone’s idea of comfort is the same, and you may truly feel your best sitting in a bean bag chair. It’s important to remember that your comfort should the number one priority when shopping for a new PS5 gaming chair.

Bottom Line

PS5s are undoubtedly a lot of fun, but back and neck pain isn’t. Even if you think your discomfort is no big deal, you must take steps to treat your body right if you plan to sit for hours.

Our list features a variety of gaming chair styles in hopes that everyone can relate to these gaming chairs and see themselves using them.

We beg you, don’t load up another PS5 game until you get one of these comfy and stylish chairs for your gaming set-up.


Are swivel chairs the best gaming chairs?

In our opinion, gaming chairs that can double as office chairs are the best choice for versatility and mobility. But the recliners and other styles of gaming chairs are fine to use, especially if they focus on ergonomics in the design.

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