What Is the Best Pedestal Gaming Chair? Our Top Picks

When you’re gaming, you want to be more comfortable — plain and simple. This includes having the right posture, having a cushioned seat, and being able to adjust on the fly to meet your needs. You also want that chair to be stylish, to be able to boast a little of your personality while you’re playing. But, with so many different types of gaming chairs out there — where do you start? We guide you through finding the perfect pedestal gaming chair here.

For a lot of players out there, the basic gaming chair looks a whole heck of a lot like your standard office chair. That’s because they’re made to sit comfortably in front of a desk and monitor for long periods of time.

But what about those gamers that don’t sit at a desk to game? Or those gamers that want something a bit different, a bit closer to the ground, and packed with more features like built-in speakers and accessory attachments?

Well, that’s a Pedestal Gaming Chair. They’re like a combination of a rocker, swivel, and reclining chair. They’re a bit lower to the ground (great for console and TV gaming) and rest on a pedestal instead of on legs, which allows the chair to rock back and forth, but also rotate 360º.

So if all of that above interests you, then you’re in the perfect place because we’re going to take a look at the best pedestal gaming chairs on the market. So sit down, buckle up, and get ready for this ride!

Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

 pedestal gaming chair

This is the perfect chair if you’re looking to get comfortable and watch a movie after gaming.

The Respawn 900 racing-style gaming recliner chair hits the perfect combination of comfort and usability with a wide cushioned seat, along with a footrest that curves around the front of the chair. Another added bonus? The reclining backrest.

If accessories are what you’re after, this pedestal gaming chair is packed full of them. The chair includes a built-in cupholder and a removable pouch for your game controller. It also boasts an attractive design with multiple color options available, so there’s something for virtually everyone here.

If the Respawn 900 is checking off the majority of your boxes, but you’re looking for something slightly different, we suggest taking a look at the Respawn 110.

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X Rocker Bluetooth Gaming Chair

 pedestal gaming chair

This chair is the ideal chair for gamers that love to listen to music while they play.

We love this chair thanks to an extremely durable design, breathable mesh surface, and built-in speakers. It’s the absolute perfect chair for long marathon gaming sessions.

Outside of the comfort, the main feature of this pedestal gaming chair is the bluetooth compatibility and built-in speaker system. Not only are you able to play music or in-game audio through your own chair — but you can also pair multiple X Rocker chairs together so you and all your friends can be on the same page.

This chair is truly an immersive audio experience and we can’t recommend it enough. Even when you’re not gaming, you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or anything else you’d like to play while you’re sitting in comfort.

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Best Choice Products 360-Degree

 pedestal gaming chair

This pedestal gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs for under $150. While it may not be packed with a ton of features or accessories like the pedestal chairs above, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great chair.

The Best Choice Products 360º is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market for under $150. It features multiple adjustable positions, so you can sit back and relax while you’re gaming, watching movies, or even taking a quick snooze. The chair also folds to store, which is a huge advantage if you’re gaming in tight spaces or need to create some extra room when you’re not using it.

And don’t sleep on the cleanliness and washability of this chair. It comes with a soft, removable polyester cover that you can easily wash to make sure your chair is as spick-and-span as the day you got it. 

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Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

 pedestal gaming chair

The Goplus Massage Gaming Chair is the ultimate choice for the King of Kings that wants a back massage while gaming.

Yes, you read that correctly: This chair comes with built-in massagers so you can be comfortable all night long while you game into the wee hours of the morning.

The Goplus Massage Chair features four massage spots through the chair: two on the upper back and two on the lower back, near the lumbar area. This is the perfect chair to help you relax even when you’re not gaming.

The massage function allows for eight different modes, depending on the type of strength, positions and time you want to be massaged. And the adjustable backrest and footrest help you adjust to the perfect position while you’re getting those tight muscles loosened up.

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Bottom Line

Regardless of which chair you decide to go with, it’s vital that you have the right kind of gaming chair to support you — or you could end up with some serious problems down the road — especially if you spend more than a few hours a day sitting.

Investing in a solid gaming chair is extremely important and with so many options out there, we know it can be overwhelming. With options like these, though, we know comfort is right around the corner. We’re certain the perfect chair is just a few clicks away.

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