The 7 Best Orange Gaming Chair Picks (2017)

The orange gaming chair is a symbol of fire, energy and modernity. When buying a gaming chair, you need to ask yourself:

What kind of gamer am I?

And if you answer that you are a warrior an a fighter, the orange gaming chair might just be the choice for you. If you simply like the color orange, that’s another good reason to go with an orange gaming chair too.

A gaming chair is much more than merely a chair that sits in front  of a computer screen. It’s a haven, a throne even, where many epic battles will take place. Which is exactly why it’s worth investing in a more suitable gaming chair.

But the big question when searching for an orange gaming chair is… where do you start?

That’s where we come in.

The team here at is 100% dedicated to researching, sitting in and identifying the top rated gaming chairs, office chairs, and any other chair that sits a at a desk for any purpose. You’ve got important missions to accomplish, duties to fulfill and other players to crush.

So why waste your precious game time searching for an orange office chair when all of the best ones are right here and now?

Whether you’re searching for an orange gaming chair, purple gaming chair, or any other computer gaming chair, we’ve got you covered. But enough about us. We don’t want to take up any more of your focus on silly nonsense about our passion for chairs. With that said, our team happily presents a well-researched lists of the best orange gaming chairs available to purchase.

DXRacer Orange Gaming Chair Picks

DXRacer Black Orange Formula Series

Rating: 4.7 | See Price on Amazon

DXRacer is the all time favorite gaming chair brand, and for good reason. It’s easily the most notable gaming chair brand and they make chairs in different styles and all different colors. This DXRacer is the Formula Series, and it is a flat-out fantastic orange gaming chair. It’s comfortable, it’s ergonomic and it looks cool too. Your gamer friends will be impressed if they walk into your game room and see this orange gaming chair. The DXRacer formula series comes along with the following standard features:

  • Comes with a bonus headrest and lumbar support pillow
  • Fitted with a smooth PU vinyl cover for top comfort
  • High back and curved design supporting great posture
  • Adjustable height, tilt and armrest modules
  • Heavy duty aluminum base for a sturdy sitting experience
  • ~200 lb weight capacity

DXRacer Racing Series

Rating: 4.7 | View on Amazon

The DXRacer Racing Series orange gaming chair is another highly rated team favorite. The Racing Series is sleek, sexy and will withstand the test of time when it comes to gaming hours. Although this model has similar qualities and features as the Formula series, the Racing Series has a few key differences. For starters, it looks totally different. I personally like the looks of the Racing Series better, but that’s just me. The other big difference is the weight capacity. The Racing Series is designed to hold up to ~250 lbs whereas the Formula series holds about ~200 lbs. In any case, here are the very similar features of the DXRacing series orange and black gaming chair:

  • Comes with a bonus lumbar support pillow and headrest
  • Fitted with  smooth PU leather
  • High back and curved design supporting excellent posture
  • Adjustable height, tilt and armrest functionality
  • Ensured sturdy sitting experience with a heavy-duty aluminum base
  • ~250 lb weight capacity

DXRacer Iron Series

Rating: 4.8 | See Price Now

The DXRacer Iron Series orange gaming chair is easily the most badass looking gaming chair on this entire list, maybe even the entire website. The Iron Series has a unique chevron design on the back of the chair and is made with the same PU Leather that most DXRacers are made with. It’s perfect for those who are around the 6’1 height and weigh 250 lbs or less. Plus, it seriously is the coolest looking orange gaming chair. The DXRacer Iron Series orange chair comes with the following qualities that make it an excellent choice of gaming chair:

  • Comes with a bonus lumbar support pillow and headrest
  • High back ergonomic design for maximum posture support
  • Adjustable tilt, height and armrests
  • Ensured sturdy sitting experience with a heavy-duty aluminum base
  • ~250 lb weight capacity
  • Unique design that will wow your gamer friends and make them envious of your cool chair


Merax Orange Gaming Chair Picks

Merax High Back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Gaming Chair Reclining Chair Home Office Chair (Orange)

Rating: 4.5 | See Price on Amazon

Although it’s no DXRacer, Merax does make some formidable models that are much less expensive than the top-tier brand. Plus, a lot of the Merax chairs are loaded with nice features that make them a great choice – and you won’t be breaking the bank as much as you would with a DXRacer. Like this chair? Be sure to check out our best Merax Gaming Chair Picks. This orange gaming chair is made from PU leather and has those valuable add-ons everyone loves like a neck and lumbar pillow. Overall, this orange computer gaming chair is a solid choice; it comes standard with the following features:

  • High back ergonomic design
  • Adjustable height, tilt and armrest features
  • Supportive lower back and neck pillows
  • Sweet orange lines that add energy to your sitting experience
  • PU leather fitted over plush, cushy seating

Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair with Footrest and Back Support Reclining (Orange)

Rating: 4.3 | View on Amazon

Don’t you just love a gaming chair with a reclining leg rest? Well that’s exactly what you’ll get with this bad boy. Merax makes a wide range of gaming chairs and this orange gaming chair happens to have a team favorite – reclining functionality paired with the retractable leg rest. Want to take a nap in between games? Or do you want to simply sleep at your computer rather than in bed to maximize gaming time? No problem. Sit back in this Merax orange office chair and pop the leg rest out. Here’s are the following qualities that come with this orange computer gaming chair:

  • high back design with built-in head rest
  • Solid chrome plated metal base
  • reclining capability with extendable leg rest
  • Soft PU leather material
  • Adjustable tilt and height

Merax Ergonomic Racing Style PU Leather Gaming Chair for Home and Office (Orange

Rating: 4.2 | Read More Reviews

Looking for a budget orange gaming chair? If so, this Merax chair might be the one you’ve been looking for. You’re bank account will thank you for purchasing this chair because you’ll get a decent chair without going broke. While you’ll definitely sacrifice some of the nicer features of the previous DXRacers or other Merax orange gaming chair picks, rest assured your money is being well spent. This chair is affordable and a bang for your buck. Here’s why:

  • High back design with PU leather material
  • Padded armrests for additional comfort
  • Adjustable tilt and height

OPSEAT Orange Gaming Chair

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair Racing Seat Computer Gaming Desk Chair (Orange)

Rating: 4.5 | See Price on Amazon

Ahh the OPSEAT Master Series… An excellent orange gaming chair to say the least. It’s got some orange color to it for sure, and besides the DXRacer Iron, it’s the most orange chair on this list. If you’re looking for a goo DXRacer alternative due to price, you should buy the OPSEAT. It’s a fairly unbeatable quality wise for the price you’d pay. Plus, it’s got the sweet features that make a gaming chair stand out. OPSEAT really outdid themselves with this orange gaming chair and here’s what the Master Series brings to the table:

  • Adjustable tilt, armrests and height functions
  • Lower back lumbar and neck support pillows
  • Made with high quality PU leather
  • This chair is super orange
  • Ergonomically designed for essential spine and hip support

Well, that’s all folks. There you have it.

The best orange gaming chair picks money can buy.

We sincerely hope this post helps you throughout your gaming chair purchasing Journey. From all of the team here at, we thank you for reading and as always…

Happy Sitting!