The Best Office Chair Headrest Attachment

If you spend the majority of your time seated behind a desk and working on a computer, you’re in good company. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much time we actually spend with our backs and behinds pressed firmly into some type of office chair. That’s why it’s a good idea to make certain you are plopped down in a desk setting that is designed for the right kind of long term support. Here’s how that can be done.

How to Create an Ergonomic Office at Home

By not situating yourself within a supportive, ergonomically sound office environment, you run the risk of possibly placing bothersome stress on your body. Back and neck pain are common side effects from improperly sitting at a desk for an extended period of time. The compression on your joints can also lead to stiffness and strains — that’s why it is imperative to set up an ergonomic office.

Here are some helpful tips to get started:

  • Keep your eyes level to the top of your computer’s monitor. Your screen should be a full arm’s length away from you.
  • Don’t hunch your shoulders and keep your arms parallel to the floor. You can also rest your arms on a support for added ease, but don’t lean too much to either side.
  • Keep your feet resting on the floor and your upper back straight. Keep your legs at a 90-degree angle from your body.
  • Make sure your office chair fully supports your lower back. Definitely avoid any slouching and keep your hips as close to the back of the chair as possible.

In addition to a properly supportive ergonomic chair, an excellent way to ensure correct seated positioning is upgrading  your chair with a headrest. The more support you can give your body, the better you’ll be able to comfortably remain focused on whatever task you have at hand. A good headrest can provide some truly wonderful benefits for when you’re sitting at your desk for a while, such as:


A headrest helps improve your posture by keeping your head from drifting back too far. You won’t scrunch your shoulders or put extra pressure on certain parts of your back. 


Obviously, through the achievement  of proper posture, your chances of developing painful neck, shoulder, and other body aches are lowered. 


If you ever feel the need to rest your head a bit while working, a headrest lets you lean your head back and still stay ergonomically sound.  


The best types of headrests are able to adapt to whatever task you’re dealing with. You’ll have the peace of mind to know that your posture is being kept in check no matter which way you move.

The Best Attachable Office Chair Headrests

If you are now on board with the beneficial support a headrest can provide, here are some of the best options available. Have a look and take your pick.

Lorell Hi-Back Chair Mesh Headrest

This headrest is crafted out of extra soft and comfortable nylon mesh that provides relaxed support for your head. It installs easily at the top of your chair with included screws. Better yet, you can adjust the headrest’s height with ease for perfect positioning.

Starswirl Chair Headrest Attachment

This headrest features a soft and breathable mesh fabric that fully supports your head and neck. Adjustment is a breeze as its height shifts as high as 1.9 inches. It also includes spin and tilt functions.  It has two installation options: you can attach it easily to your chair’s flat back with a screw for a firm fit, or utilize the fastener to install it on the hard frame of your chair.

Universal Chair Headrest

This headrest features free-moving tilt and vertical adjustment, while the forward and backwards adjustments can be locked to your desired position. Ergonomically designed, it supports your head and neck, helping you stay comfortable, aligned and focused all day. It is equipped with a mesh covered metal installation clip that is both durable and easy to use. 

The Best Office Chairs with Built-In Headrests

If you prefer to have your headrest and office chair as one single unit, there are plenty of good choices out there. Just be aware that the prices for these types of office chairs are obviously much higher than that of a single headrest attachment.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

This chair is loaded with convenient adjustability that includes its height, headrest, armrests, backrest, and seat tilt. You can relax with a smooth reclining feature with five lockable positions. While seated, you get flexible lumbar support at any position. A woven mesh provides for optimal airflow to keep you the perfect temperature all year long.

Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

This chair is packed with comfortable padding, optimized for ultra-soft comfort. It features “Back in Motion Technology” which offers the ability to pivot the lower back section forward to help with your pelvis positioning and keep your back in a neutral position. It’s ergonomic design maximizes support for your spine.

Ergohuman by Eurotech

This chair’s ultra-mesh backing and seating provides maximum breathability.  It features a synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment to ensure you are sitting correctly and getting the right support. The chair’s back, seat cushion, and headrest all adjust to fit your comfort level. 

Bottom Line

You may be very surprised at how good you feel at the end of a work day once your desk setting gets an ergonomically designed overhaul. Keep in mind that a supportive, ergonomically sound office environment adds less stress to your body, which helps reduce soreness and strains. 

In addition, adding a headrest attachment to your office chair ensures full ergonomic comfort from head to toe. 

There are many headrest attachments, as well as office chairs with included headrests, to choose from. Be sure and select the one that perfectly matches your type of comfort and support. 

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