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5 Best High Back Office Chairs for Under $200

If you’re searching for the best high back office chairs for under $200, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality and ergonomics.

There are plenty of high-quality models within this popular price bracket. You just need to weed out the cheap and flimsy chairs on the market. 

To begin with, a high back chair should provide ample support and comfort, with simple and reliable adjustability options. 

The chairs we’ve reviewed in this list will cover the basics and then some, all for less than $200. 

Keep reading to learn the details about each chair and find one that’s best for you.

In a hurry? Here are three great choices:


High Back Desk Chairs for Less Than $200: Top Picks

Top Pick: The Smug Desk High Back Ergonomic Chair

Smugdesk Office Chair, High Back Ergonomic Mesh Desk Office Chair with Padding Armrest and Adjustable Headrest Black

The SmugDesk brand is known for making some of the best ergonomic chairs. So, adding one of their chairs to this list makes perfect sense.

This particular high back office chair helps people with neck pain and people who have suffered years of back pain from bad chairs.

The headrest tilts up and down, and you can adjust the height based on your day-to-day preference. You can even remove the headrest.

When working for 8 hour days, we get so used to our heads feeling heavy.

You’ll find that resting your head inside this cushion will significantly improve your mood.

Considering the pros and cons, the price is incredibly low. Most chairs that support the head and neck properly are relatively expensive, but that’s not the case with this highly effective chair. We are glad that Smug Desk has offered a chair that everyday people with neck pain can buy.

Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable height: 43.5” to 47.24”
  • A headrest that is highly adjustable and removable
  • Back of the chair tilts 120 degrees
  • Breathable mesh design
  • 250 lb weight capacity


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with a small pillow to support the lower back
  • Comfortable for a full workday
  • Padded armrests


  • Wheels might start squeaking
  • The back is a little too rigid for some people

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What Customers Say:

Some people complain about the chair squeaking after a while. You aren’t going to notice too much unless you are always getting up to do something. You can help stop the squeak by spraying anti-rust spray on the wheels.

Another complaint is about personal preference. The back is considered a bit stiff for some, while others found the design to be exactly what they needed. You can lean back and relax when your back gets tired from sitting up properly.

Amazon Basics Leather High Back Executive

AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive, Swivel, Adjustable Office Desk Chair with Casters, Black

This chair is best suited for executives. It belongs at the end of a conference table. It’s the nice leather chair every employee sees their boss sitting in, and the level of sophistication they all aim for. It is the chair that will make you look exceptional and feel comfortable.

The leather is soft to the touch. When you sit in it, you won’t realize that you’re sitting in a chair initially. Instead, the leather and the spaciousness feel more like a couch. The chair leans pretty far back, but not far enough for some people.

The chair will give you the necessary support to talk from the belly and not the chest. This is a matter of intention, rather than an actual problem.

This chair, with its gentle leather and assertive appearance, belongs in meeting rooms, conferences, and schools. It is also incredibly affordable for business owners.

While the chair may not be sturdy enough for the person who works ten or more hours in it, workers love this office chair.

Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable height: 41.34” to 45.08”
  • Back of the chair tilts back
  • Bonded leather and PVC upholstery
  • 275 lb weight capacity


  • Affordable
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • The material is very soft
  • Feels like you are sitting on a couch
  • Three color options: black, brown, white


  • You will have to replace the screws after heavy usage
  • May not lean far enough back for some people
Amazon Basics Executive Office Desk Chair with Armrests, Adjustable Height/Tilt, 360-Degree Swivel, 275Lb Capacity - Black/Pewter
19,449 Reviews
Amazon Basics Executive Office Desk Chair with Armrests, Adjustable Height/Tilt, 360-Degree Swivel, 275Lb Capacity - Black/Pewter
  • Comfortable executive chair upholstered in black polyurethane bonded leather with a pewter metal finish
  • Padded seat, back and armrests for all day comfort and support; perfect for home office, computer desk or executive conference room

What Customers Say:

Shorter people may feel overwhelmed by how long the back is and the depth of the seat. For anyone over 6 feet tall, you’ll find that the high back is supportive and curved in such a way you don’t feel cramped.

The main issue with this chair has to do with the screws. Some people are using this chair every single day for hours upon hours. The screws are not sturdy enough to sustain that amount of pressure over an extended period, and eventually, give in.

For people who like odd projects once in a while, you might not have a problem with this, since all you have to do is replace the screws.

Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair

Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair with Adjustable Arms, Multi-Function and Seat Slider (Black)

Sometimes we want something small but with all the great features of something big. Thankfully, life does not have to be one way or the highway. More often than not, everyone struggles in finding a happy medium. You can stop struggling now because we found this chair specifically for you.

This chair is relatively compact, like a mid-back chair.

However, it offers full supports for your entire back just as high-back chairs should. It doesn’t have a headrest, but you can attach one to it. This allows you to choose a headrest that suits your needs more than what most chairs would include.

Overall, this is an excellent chair for people who don’t have a lot of space and need the extra back support that is common in big chairs.

Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable seat height: 18.25″ to 22″
  • Adjust the seat depth, back tilt, and armrest height
  • Breathable mesh back and a polyester seat cushion
  • 250 lb weight capacity


  • Great for small spaces
  • Greenguard Certified for better air quality
  • The levers to adjust the chair are easy to use
  • Superior overall back support


  • May find the depth of the seat doesn’t go far enough back
  • Armrests are plastic
Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair with Adjustable Arms, Multi-Function and Seat Slider (Black)
1,281 Reviews
Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair with Adjustable Arms, Multi-Function and Seat Slider (Black)
  • Breathable ProGrid Back with Built-in Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable arms provide extra comfort

What Customers Say:

The back is shaped in such a way that it promotes perfect posture. For this reason, some people will find that the seat depth doesn’t go far enough back for them. Others say that this is the perfect typing chair because it helps them sit up instead of slouching.

Tribesigns High Back Desk Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair, Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support, Tribesigns High Back Desk Chair with Breathable Mesh, Thick Seat Cushion, Adjustable Armrest, Backrest and Headrest

Are you looking to sit back and chill out while working? This chair is the one for you! It has the ability to tilt as far back as a full 150 degrees. It also has a headrest specifically meant to support your neck while you lean back.

When we found this high back chair, we had to add it to this list. The support helps prevent people from leaning back in a position that will hurt them.

Yes, you can lean back the wrong way and regret it. This is particularly true for older folks. They simply aren’t able to support themselves in an upright position like they used to.

The chair comes in black and white. It’s a sophisticated-looking chair but caters more towards function than elegance. It’s a chair clearly to support your entire body from your feet to your head.

You might have to take a few minutes to figure out how the lever works, but the manufacturer provides great instructions.

Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable seat height: 17″ to 20.9″
  • A headrest that is adjustable and removable
  • Back of the chair tilts 90 to 150 degrees
  • Breathable mesh and breathable seat cushion
  • 300 lb weight capacity


  • Thanks to how far the back tilts and headrest, it’s easy to relax in
  • The headrest also supports the neck nicely
  • The cushion is thick and won’t sink for a long time
  • Built to prevent sweating in almost every way imaginable


  • The cushion starts to feel a bit hard after a long workday
Ergonomic Office Chair, Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support, Tribesigns High Back Desk Computer Chair with Breathable Mesh, Thick Seat Cushion, Adjustable Armrest, Backrest and Headrest
914 Reviews
Ergonomic Office Chair, Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support, Tribesigns High Back Desk Computer Chair with Breathable Mesh, Thick Seat Cushion, Adjustable Armrest, Backrest and Headrest
  • 【High-End, Sleek Design】Excellent build quality with good balance of metal and nylon construction. Generous seat and backrest dimensions that even tall users will find comfortable, superb lumbar support that moves up/down to cradle your lower back, the large contoured back and headrest that naturally fits the shape of most people. Comfort seat with 6.5cm thick cushion that’s easy to clean. Durable castor wheels that glide over all types of surfaces easily
  • 【◆Upgraded Version◆】Adopts an upgraded strong metal 5-star base to avoid any damage. Equipped with a new lumbar support with high density memory foam, more comfortable and eliminate any pain.

What Customers Say:

Some reviewers felt as if the cushion would start feeling hard at the end of the day. Other reviewers thought the cushion is incredibly comfortable to sit on. So, this comes down to personal preference. If you don’t want to sink into your chair (which you shouldn’t if you are on the older side), then you aren’t likely to have this problem.

Berlman Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Armrest Lumbar Support Headrest Swivel Task Desk Chair Computer Chair Guest Chairs Reception Chairs (Black)

Gaming is a trendy hobby in the modern-day and age. Some people take the hobby to a whole new level and play professionally. Some people sit long hours at a desk for work. No matter who you are, you probably get distracted when your elbow keeps bumping into the armrest.

This chair is incredibly helpful because you can flip the armrest away and not have to worry about your chair cramping your style. But that’s just only one of its many cool features.

The chair is wide which offers a nice amount of comfortable and free space to carry on your duties.

Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable height: 49.6” to 52.8”
  • An attached headrest
  • The back of the chair tilts
  • Breathable mesh material
  • 250 lb weight capacity


  • You can flip the armrests out of your way
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Prevents back issues
  • The seat is wide


  • The parts are less well-built than other chairs
  • Not meant for people with severe back or neck conditions

No products found.

What Customers Say:

Reviewers reveal that this chair isn’t as adjustable as the others. The entire back and headrest are attached, offering less mobility. This tends to bother people with preexisting back and neck conditions. We recommend this chair simply to prevent issues before they happen from sitting for long periods.

So, if you don’t have back problems, then this high back chair is for you. You will sit comfortably and correctly every day. This goes a long way after spending 40 or more hours every week for years in a chair.

What is a High Back Chair and Why is it Beneficial?

High back office chairs are also sometimes called executive chairs. They have higher backs to support both your upper and lower body while you work.

High back chairs are beneficial because they offer full support. Whereas lower chairs (aka mid back chairs)  may only offer partial support, high back office chairs  support the head (with or without a headrest), neck, and full length of the back.

The extended length can also help support posture, which in turn improves back problems and even helps relieve migraines.

You can read this post for a full breakdown of high back vs mid back chairs to learn more.

Features to Look for in a High Back Office Chair

The features may make or break a chair for you.

Here is a shortlist to consider when looking for the best high back office chair for under $200:

  1. Find chairs with headrests if you suffer from neck pain.
  2. Chairs made out of mesh will help prevent you from sweating and keep you cool.
  3. Some chairs tilt back further than others. For example, the Tribesigns tilts 150 degrees.
  4. Notice the weight capacity before buying a chair. If the parts aren’t sturdy and you are close to the weight capacity, then reconsider buying the chair.
  5. Some seats are narrow and others are wide.
  6. The most important factor is what kind of support a chair offers. Some chairs offer a bit more overall support. Others focus on specific pain points.

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